Sonny gives Dex new job GH
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Cam, Joss, Trina and Rory arrive at the Metro Court pool. Cam and Joss head to dip their feet in while Trina thanks Rory for joining them before his shift. Trina realizes she never told him why she was looking for Spencer at the station and relays the whole story that Ava told her about Spencer, Esme and his real feelings. Rory asks if this changes things between them. Trina says this doesn’t change her feelings for him, and Spencer still hurt her and didn’t trust her enough to tell her the truth. She wants to be with someone who respects her and is real, like him.

Trina and Rory discuss spencer GH

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Cam and Joss at pool GH

Cam updates Joss on his mom, and she asks if she can help him in any way. He says just being with her helps, and they kiss. Trina joins them later after Rory leaves. Cam goes to fetch Trina and Joss drinks, giving Joss and Trina a chance to talk about Spencer and what he did. Trina insists her feelings for Spencer are gone, and so is Spencer, and she’s moving on with her life. Suddenly Avery texts Joss to thank the best big sister again for finding her bracelet. Trina thinks she shouldn’t have gone dumpster diving alone as it can be dangerous. Joss admits Dex was with her.

Michael meets up with Dex on the docks. Dex fills him in on Sonny’s latest task watching the Wus. Michael vents that it is still a lowly job and he can’t believe he hasn’t earned Sonny’s trust, especially after saving Ava. Michael asks what happened regarding Ava, and Dex gives him the details and how Joss helped him get her to the hospital. Michael tells him the extreme circumstances are what forced him and Joss to work together, but it can never happen again. He hates lying to Joss, so the less interaction they have the better. He wants him to focus on Sonny, and not get sucked into his world. Dex admits he doesn’t hate the guy, but he’s not going soft and can still take him down.

Michael gives Dex new orders GH

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In her room at the hospital, Sonny informs Nikolas and Ava that there has been another attack. He fills them in on Brando, and Kristina witnessed the stabbing. Sonny says the person used a hook, the same one likely used on Ava. Ava thanks him for telling them and is sure he wants to be with Kristina. Sonny does and exits. Outside Ava’s room, Sonny tells Frank not to move from this spot or let anyone in unless Ava says so.

Ava learns about Brando GH

Alone, Nikolas asks Ava if she feels better now knowing it wasn’t him. She says it was unbearable for her to think that he could be capable of attacking her, but he was so angry that night. He still can’t believe that she thought he could try and kill her. She reminds him that he broke their bond and trust. He asks if her trust in him is gone forever, but she doesn’t know. He suggests she rest and leaves her looking dejected. Ava meanwhile wipes tears away.

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Nina arrives to be with Sasha after Sonny called her about the attack. Nina, Sasha, Gladys, and Kristina wait for news when TJ comes out. TJ explains Brando is still in surgery, and the hook shattered his ribs and the pieces pierced his lung. Fortunately, his heart wasn’t damaged, but they need to get every piece of bone out.

Sasha gets updated GH

Sonny finds Kristina and they approach Nina, Gladys, and Sasha. Sonny offers to do anything he can to help Sasha. Jordan arrives to speak with Kristina. She wants to go over her statement again now that she’s had time to gather herself. Kristina explains that she was coming into work when it started to pour. She saw a man in a dark hoodie raise his arm, and that’s when the hook caught her eye. Jordan asks if the person saw her. She doesn’t know, and she started screaming. Kristina becomes upset, so Sonny suggests they take a break.

Kristina is questioned GH

Alone, Sonny asks Jordan if his daughter could be in danger. Jordan doesn’t believe the attacker would target Kristina, and these attacks appear to be crimes of opportunity.

Jordan questions Kristina GH

Rory arrives in uniform, and he and Jordan take a moment to question Gladys about why Brando left Charlie’s. Gladys doesn’t know, but he left right after Dex and Joss left. Jordan thinks they need to get Joss and Dex’s statements. Sonny comes to a realization.

TJ comes out of surgery again and tells Sasha that he’s sorry, but there has been a complication. Brando’s still in the OR, but they had to stop the surgery because his blood pressure spiked. Once it is controlled, the surgery will resume.

TJ talks to Kristina GH

Dex arrives after Sonny calls him. Sonny needs Dex to discreetly keep an eye on Joss for him as she seems to like and trust him.

Back at the pool, Cam returns with drinks when Rory arrives with other officers. Rory tells Joss that he needs to speak to her as Brando was attacked tonight. The cop questions her about being at Charlie’s and departing. She explains Dex exited out the back of the pub and left his glasses. She went after him to give them back, but she never found him. She also didn’t see anything regarding the attack. Rory suggests perhaps Dex saw something.

In the Quartermaine kitchen, Willow enters and finds Drew. Drew offers to make her some tea seeing what her body is going through and how tired she must be. Willow snaps, “Who told you?” He says he already knew she was pregnant, and Willow quickly covers and says she must have pregnancy brain. Suddenly she becomes dizzy, and he asks if she’s okay. Willow claims the baby likes to mess with her equilibrium. Drew tells her to sit and he’ll get her the tea.

Later, Michael returns home and tells Willow and Drew about Brando’s attack. Willow wants to go to be with Sasha. Michael leaves with her, and Drew tries to call Carly to tell her what happened, but she’s still not answering.

Willow is upset GH

In Jacksonville, Carly reads a book at her hotel’s restaurant. A woman tells her it’s so refreshing seeing someone read a book and not their phone. Carly admits she lost her phone. The woman introduces herself as Mrs. Wade Honeycutt but says to call her Peyton, (played by Linda Purl).

Carly introduces herself in return. Peyton joins her at her table, and they talk about Jacksonville. Peyton is a member of the city beautification board. Suddenly she sees a man who is married to a friend of hers, and he’s with a young woman who is not his daughter. Peyton assumes the woman is a call girl and calls her kind trash, a blight on any city, and she’s worked so hard to clean up this town. She already tore down Ruby Anderson’s boarding house, because everyone knows what went on there. Carly reveals Ruby was her great aunt. Peyton asks if she worked there, but Carly says she didn’t and she only met Ruby as an adult.

Payton Honeycut GH

Carly connects the dots and recalls Peyton was married to someone before her current husband Wade, and she lived in the big house in town and drove that cool convertible. Peyton realizes Carly is Caroline Benson. She cries her daughter Reese is dead, and now Carly’s using her nickname. Peyton seethes that Carly betrayed their family and her generosity back then and seduced her then-husband Daniel. She calls Carly trash who wanted Reese’s life and tried to get it by sleeping with her father. When Reese found out she was so brokenhearted, and that is when she got into the car accident that killed her.

Carly defends herself GH

Carly notes she was a teen and her husband was an adult, so he was at fault. She also says she is a grown woman and owes Peyton nothing. Peyton tells her to get on a plane and leave as soon as possible because she doesn’t belong in Jacksonville and never did.

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