BRando attacked by hooker GH
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Carly’s plane lands in Jacksonville, Florida, where her flight to Aruba is delayed due to the weather. Carly vents to herself about missing the conference, and sits next to an elderly woman in the airport waiting area. The woman says Carly seems unsettled, and Carly explains she grew up in Jacksonville and doesn’t particularly have good memories of the place. Carly goes to check the weather on her phone only to realize she left it on the plane.

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Carly asks the attendant at the desk about getting back on the plane to find her phone. The woman tells her that the plane has been moved, and she’ll have to wait until it’s turned in. She sits back down next to the woman to chat some more. Later the attendant at the counter updates the Aruba passengers that their flight has been canceled.

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At the Port Charles Grill, Drew leaves Carly another voicemail after finishing up a business meeting. Sam and Scout arrive and Drew is glad to see them. Sam explains Scout has her first day of school tomorrow so she brought her here for a treat. Sam sends Scout to their special table to play an electronic game and tells Drew she heard him leaving a message for Carly. He tells her that she’s going to an executive leadership conference in Aruba. He switches the topic and congratulates her on Dante moving in, and he’s happy for her.

Sam grills Drew GH

Sam calls Drew out on his good mood and knows it has to do with Carly. He asks if Carly said something to her, and Sam assures him that she didn’t. She just sees the spark and connection when they are together. Drew hopes it won’t be an issue for her, and Sam reassures him it’s not. Sam relays that she and Carly have become closer in Jason’s absence. Drew eventually says goodbye to Sam and Scout, and tells Scout he’ll see her tomorrow for her first day of school.

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At Charlie’s, Sonny tells Sasha that her situation could be a lot worse, and she can trust Brando. Sasha knows that.

Sonny gives Sasha advice GH

In the alley outside, the hook killer slashes at Brando, who tries to fight them off. Kristina sees the attack and begins screaming, and the killer runs off. Sonny rushes out and finds Kristina with Brando, who is on the ground shivering and bleeding. Kristina calls for an ambulance as Sasha and Gladys appear and begin screaming when they see Brando. They both go to his side as an ambulance is heard approaching. Sasha begs Brando to stay with her and says that she loves him so much. The paramedics arrive and begin working on Brando.

The hooker hits again GH

Sonny pulls Kristina aside and says she did good but asks what happened. Kristina explains she was on her way to work when she saw someone with a hook swing it at Brando. She didn’t see their face because it was raining, the person was in a raincoat, and it happened so fast.

Meanwhile, the paramedics say they are losing Brando, causing Sasha to cry out in pain. They manage to get a pulse back, and Sasha and Gladys accompany him in the ambulance to the hospital.

In Jordan’s office, on the phone, she asks the DNA service if there is a way to find an individual who has removed their account information. They explain it’s not possible because of confidentially policies. Dante arrives as Jordan asked to see him. She asks if anything was missing from the boathouse, and he says one of the fishing hooks was. Jordan says the report on Ava says she was not stabbed with a knife but something large and barbed. Jordan tells Dante he should go home and be with Sam, as she can burn the midnight oil on this case. Before Dante can leave, Jordan gets a call about Brando’s stabbing and they rush off.

Jordan talks with Dante GH

Back outside of Charlie’s, Sonny and Kristina answer a cop’s questions. Dante and Jordan arrive, and Sonny and Kristina ask if they can go to the hospital to check on Brando. Jordan tells them they are free to go. Dante and Jordan discuss Kristina’s statement about the hook, and Jordan doesn’t understand how the attack on Brando relates to Ava. She worries this individual will strike again.

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At the hospital, Curtis feels there has to be a reason why Jordan didn’t file the divorce papers. Portia suggests perhaps it’s because Jordan didn’t want a divorce. TJ interrupts them and tells Portia a patient needs her. Portia says she’ll be back as soon as she can, and Curtis asks TJ how his mom is. He says she’s working around the clock. Curtis wonders why she hasn’t moved on. TJ explains she doesn’t share her personal life with him, and wonders why he is asking. TJ notes their divorce was over a year ago and asks, “Do you know something I don’t?”

Portia and Curtis talk Jordan GH

In Ava’s room, she tells Nikolas that she knows his claim that he was with Liz was a lie, and she asks if he tried to kill her. He swears he didn’t, and he lied to protect Liz because she had a blackout that night and it would have looked suspicious. Ava doesn’t believe Liz attacked her, and Nikolas agrees. However, he didn’t want her dealing with the cops. Ava wonders if the alibi was to protect Liz or save himself. Nikolas tells her no matter how much they hurt one another, he’d never try and kill her. Nikolas tells her that if she loves him, then she knows him well enough that if he was going to kill her then he’d do it with his bare hands.

Nicholas pleads with Ava GH

Ava blurts out, “Finally an honest conversation!” Nikolas believes they are made for one another. He admits he is a scoundrel, but it’s one of the reasons she was drawn to him. Ava cries she still wants him, though she doesn’t want to. Nikolas feels something good can still come out of this nightmare if they move forward together. She admits when he’s honest it almost makes her trust him. He goes to kiss her, but she stops him and says “Almost.”

Ava hates wanting Nikolas GH

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TJ and Curtis’ conversation is interrupted when Brando is brought in, and TJ and Portia work to save him. Portia notes his lung is collapsing, and TJ says they have blood being flown in for a transfusion. Later they get word the OR is ready.

Curtis stays with Sasha and Gladys, who linger outside the room where Brando is being worked on. He tries to assure them that Brando is in good hands. Sasha cries that she needs Brando, and he can’t die. Gladys meanwhile says prayers with her rosary. As Brando is wheeled out and to the OR, Sasha breaks down crying and yells to him, “I love you so much.”

Sonny arrives at Ava’s room and is furious to see Nikolas. Ava tells him she asked Frank to bring him to her. Nikolas again insists to Sonny that he didn’t attack Ava. Sonny replies, “I know you didn’t.”

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