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In Jordan’s office, Curtis tells her and Stella that it doesn’t make sense that someone didn’t file their divorce papers, and he wants someone to pay for this mistake. Before Stella can say anything, Jordan blurts out that she knows what happened. Jordan confesses that she signed the papers and was going to take them to the courthouse. However, she got busy, and they must have gotten lost under her stacks of case files.

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Curtis notes if she still has them then they can still file them. Jordan explains this was before she spent months in Albany recuperating, and they probably got tossed out with old mail. Curtis says he’ll have new papers drawn up, and Jordan promises to sign them right away.

Curtis upset about papers GH ABC

Curtis heads out, and Stella asks why Jordan covered for her. Jordan sees no reason to cause problems between her, Curtis, and Portia. Stella thanks her and says she will always be family. Jordan appreciates that as she doesn’t have much family. Stella suggests she take a DNA test as she did, and she sends her an email of the site she used. Stella says aside from that glitch that matched her with someone in town, who disappeared, she’s learned a lot about her family.

Stella on the spot GH

Later, Jordan calls the DNA test company and asks how it’s possible to have a DNA match suddenly disappear from your list. She’s told the other person must have deleted their information from the system.

At the Metro Court pool, Drew dries off after a swim and spots Marshall. He races after him to apologize for setting him up on that fake job interview. Marshall knows he was just trying to be a good friend to his son, and they shake it out.

Drew apologizes to Marshal

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In Finn’s office at the hospital, Liz worries that the reason Nikolas gave her an alibi might have been to protect himself. Finn points out that with Ava’s attacker on the loose, she’s still in danger. Liz feels Ava deserves to know the truth.

Liz isn't sure what to do GH

In her room, Ava awakens after a nightmare of the attack. Portia arrives to check on her, and Ava notices the giant ring on her finger. Portia reveals that Curtis proposed, and she didn’t think it was the time to share the news with Ava given what she’s gone through, and that she’s blocked Nikolas from seeing her. Ava admits she wonders if Nikolas stabbed her and if Liz would lie to the cops to give him an alibi. Portia doubts Liz would lie, but Ava says she may have been manipulated by Nikolas, who is capable of very bad things. She tells Portia before she marches down the aisle, remember that those who love you the most can hurt you the most.

Portia visits Ava GH

Sonny and Nikolas run into one another in the hall. Sonny warns him to stay away from Ava’s room. Nikolas scoffs that Sonny has no jurisdiction over his wife or this hospital. Sonny notes Ava thinks he attacked her, and if he finds proof that he did it then not even Victor will be able to help him. Sonny exits, and Nikolas makes a call to someone and tells them he needs their help.

Sonny threatens Nikolas GH

Back in Ava’s room, Portia tells her that Curtis is nothing like Nikolas. Ava apologizes and didn’t mean to insinuate that. Suddenly they hear Nikolas outside arguing with Frank and telling him that he’s going in to see his wife.

Portia steps out to find Nikolas with his own muscle, demanding to see his wife. Portia tells him that Ava doesn’t want to see him. Curtis appears and advises Nikolas to leave unless he wants the police involved. Nikolas swears this isn’t over and departs.  Portia heads back to see Ava, who doesn’t think she’s going to get any sleep now.

Nikolas tries to see Ava GH

Later, Portia asks if Curtis talked to his attorney about the divorce papers. Curtis relays Jordan’s mistake and the fact that he’s still married to her. He swears his attorney is expediting new papers as they speak. She senses something is still bothering him. He wonders if Jordan deliberately made sure the papers weren’t filed.

Curtis gives Portia News GH

Finn and Liz go to see Ava, and Liz tells Ava the truth that she wasn’t with Nikolas the whole time the night she was attacked. Liz promises she’s going to the police, but she needs a little time to find out some more details. Ava thanks her and asks them to send Frank in on their way out.

Liz confesses to Ava GH

Frank enters and Ava asks him to do something for her. Later he brings Nikolas to see her. Ava asks Frank to step out as she needs to have a chat with her husband.

Ava questions Nikolas GH

Finn and Liz return to his office. Liz needs more information on this memory she’s having before going to the police, and she knows what to do to get it.

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In a legal office, Sasha is told there will be no prison time if she gives Brando full guardianship and attends outpatient therapy. Brando advises she can still change her plea and go to trial. Gladys points out it’s not permanent, and Brando says they’ll decide together when to terminate the guardianship. Sasha agrees to sign the papers.

Sasha signs legal papers

Joss meets Carly at Charlie’s before her mom heads to Aruba for her leadership seminar. As they talk, Dex enters. Carly asks if she wants to go say hi to him, but Joss says they’ve talked since everything happened with Ava. Dex gets a table on his own, and Carly worries this is a bad time to go away with Ava still in the hospital. Joss tells her mom that it will be fine and that she needs to stop stalling and focus on herself and her career. Carly admits she wants to go and get her life back on track in every way. They hug before Carly heads out.

Carly going on trip GH

Carly runs into Sonny as she leaves Charlie’s. He thought she was supposed to be headed out. Carly explains she was just giving Joss some information on the girls before she leaves. Sonny assures her it will be fine and wishes her luck.

Sonny meets with Dex and asks him to keep his eye on the docks and make sure the Wus are sticking to their deal. Brando, Gladys, and Sasha enter, so Sonny goes over to say hello. Gladys goes to the bar to put in an order, and Sasha excuses herself as well. Brando fills Sonny in on the guardianship deal. Sonny knows Brando will do right by Sasha and they embrace.

Brando and family GH

Gladys joins Brando at his table after Sonny steps away. She tells him that he’s such a good man and she is proud of him. She is sorry she wasn’t there for him when he needed her and is grateful he let her back into his life. Brando tells her the past is the past, and she stepped up for him and Sasha.

Brando and Gladys bond GH

Sonny runs into Sasha elsewhere in the bar and knows about the guardianship. He tells her that Brando is family, so she’s family, and he is here if she ever needs anything. Sonny and Sasha then join Brando and Gladys at the table.

Sonny and Sasha are family GH

Joss grabs food to go from the bar and heads over to see Dex. She thanks him for helping her find Avery’s bracelet, and admits she judged him and was wrong about him. She admits she didn’t tell anyone about him helping her, not even Cam, and she asks him to keep this between the two of them. He assures her that he will.

Joss and Sonny talk to Dex GH

Dex departs, and Joss notes he left his glasses behind. She grabs them to chase after him. Brando spots Joss take off after Dex and decides to follow.

Outside it’s pouring, and Joss can’t seem to spot Dex. Suddenly a person in a raincoat brandishing the hook begins to follow Joss. However, they turn when they note Brando’s presence. They raise their arm and bring the hook slashing down at Brando. Whodunit? Right here, we unmask the would-be killer based on the evidence we have so far.

Joss is in danger GH

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Carly boards her plane to Aruba. Before they depart, she tries to call Drew, but only gets his voicemail.

Back at the pool, Drew sees he has one missed call from Carly. He listens to her message, which asks him to call her back as she’s been doing some thinking. He returns her call and leaves her a message saying to call him when she is ready to talk.

Back on the plane, the airline attendant comes over the speaker as the plane begins to rock back and forth. She tells everyone to prepare for an emergency landing.

On the next General Hospital: Carly’s plans hit a snag, Drew and Sam discuss their relationships, Jordan and Dante investigate a crime scene, and Nikolas pleads his case.

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