Stella tells Jordan she's not divorced GH
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Ms. Wu drops by The Savoy and is told by N’neka the bartender that they are closed. Ms. Wu notes the club is always open to her. She orders iced tea, and N’neka exits to make some. Cody arrives, thanks Ms. Wu for meeting with him, and has a proposition for her.

Ms Wu meets Cody

Chase and Gregory hang out with Violet at the Metro Court pool. Finn and Curtis join them, and Chase congratulates Curtis on his engagement. Curtis gets a call from N’neka about Ms. Wu, and he says he’ll be there as soon as he can.

Chase and family at pool GH

After Curtis leaves, Chase and Violet get back in the pool, and Gregory and Finn chat about Liz. Finn confides in his father that she is struggling with a puzzling memory. Gregory suggests if she’s repressed her memories, then it might be because she hasn’t been able to face them just yet.

Gregory and Finn talk Liz GH

Back at the club, Ms. Wu doesn’t know what Cody could have to offer her. He wants in on the next game, and if she backs him with the entry fee, then he’ll lighten the other players’ wallets and give her some of the cut. Ms. Wu tells him she’ll cover his entry fee, but she wants him to follow her guidance. She will tell him who to help win, and who to make sure loses. He quickly realizes she’s talking about more than one game. Ms. Wu promises he’ll be rolling in money and to think it over.

Cody makes Ms. Wu an Offer GH

Later, Curtis arrives to find Ms. Wu is still at his bar. He asks who she met with. Ms. Wu snaps that is not his business, and she stayed to give him a gift. She is upgrading his club’s sound system. He rejects her help flat out. She notes that her players feel safe here, so the future of this club is linked to her business. She also knows Harrison Chase could give the club a name and draw in new talent. She leaves him to think it over. Once alone, Curtis calls someone named Jermaine to ask if he’s found “it.”

Curtis confronts Ms Wu makes call GH

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Stella lingers outside Jordan’s office door and finally remembers swiping the divorce papers. Jordan exits and asks if she’s looking for her. The commissioner invites Stella in, and Stella says she wanted to talk to her about Curtis and Portia’s engagement. Stella beats around the bush for a while before finally confessing why she’s here. Stella reminds Jordan about how she couldn’t recall something after her stroke, and that news of Curtis and Portia’s engagement helped her remember. Stella admits to meddling and taking the envelope with her divorce papers, only to lose it during the stroke. She tells Jordan that she and Curtis are still married.

Stella tells Jordan about the divorce papers

Jordan is in shock and yells that Stella had no right to play God with their marriage. Stella cries she never would have let it go this far, but she lost the memory of what she did until just recently. Jordan asks if Curtis knows. Stella admits he doesn’t as she wanted her to know first.

Suddenly Curtis interrupts with important business and is surprised to see his Aunt Stella there. Stella says Jordan is still family. Curtis tells Jordan he just spoke to his attorney and there is no record of their divorce. He asks how that happens.

Curtis confronts Jordan about divoce GH

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In the Quartermaine kitchen, Brook Lynn tells Ned that she and Chase are dating. He is happy for her. When talk turns to her managing Chase, Ned cautions her based on his past with her mother, and that it can be hard to maintain a business relationship and a personal one. Brook Lynn is sure they will succeed. Ned simply warns that what they love about each other as people could drive them crazy as business partners.

Ned gives BLQ career and love advice GH

Chase arrives later to find Ned alone in the kitchen. They talk about the fact that Chase and BLQ are dating and Ned begins to give Chase the same advice he gave Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn arrives and overhears, only to chase her father out to give her and Chase privacy.

Chase asks Brook Lynn now that they are dating if it is still worth going after Linc. He worries the revenge plan could jeopardize their relationship. Brook Lynn understands he has concerns, but she thinks they can have it all and they will. She insists they have a bond that can’t be broken, especially over a dirtbag like Linc.

Chase and BLQ will survive GH

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At the hospital, Dante asks Liz at the nurses’ station to see the records the night Ava was brought in. He wants to check if anyone else was attacked that night. If not, it would mean Ava was targeted. Liz can’t find any other instances of attacks. Nikolas arrives as Dante asks the nurse if she can think of anything else that happened that night. Liz has nothing else to add, and Nikolas asks Dante if they are any closer to catching who did this. Dante explains it’s still an open investigation. After Dante walks off, Liz tells Nikolas that they need to talk.

Dante asks Liz about records GH

Liz and Nikolas head into a private room. She confronts him about his alibi and suspects it may be to protect himself and not her. She tells him that he’s been acting downright suspicious lately. He claims he’s just frazzled and suggests she’s imagining things. Liz snaps, “You think I’m crazy?” He assures her that he doesn’t and she’s just overthinking. Liz breaks down that her life is out of control right now. He embraces her and says it will be okay. Suddenly Finn walks in on them.

Nikolas leaves them to talk, and Liz explains she lost her cool with Nikolas. She details that she confronted him about his alibi, and knows something shady going on with him. She’s beginning to think she needs to tell the police that she doesn’t know if she was with Nikolas at the time of Ava’s attack because of the time she’s missing from that night.

In Ava’s room, Sonny asks Ava who exactly is he protecting her from. He knows she and Nikolas are having problems, and he asks if she thinks he’d try to kill her. Ava asserts that Nikolas wouldn’t stab her. Sonny isn’t so sure and asks her to come clean about what happened with Esme.

Ava answers Sonny's questions GH

Sonny suspects Ava and Nikolas are hiding something regarding the girl, and whatever it is, pushed Nikolas to attack her. He swears if he finds out Nikolas stabbed her then he can’t let that stand. She promises Sonny that Nikolas won’t get away with hurting her.

Sonny warns Ava about Nikolas GH

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Dante meets Cody in the park. Cody wants to know why Dante’s boss is out to get him and explains Mac is asking questions about him. Cody worries Mac is going to try and pin what happened to Ava on him seeing everyone always blames the new guy when something goes wrong.

BRody asks Dante about Mac GH

Dante has heard nothing indicating Mac considers Cody a suspect. The detective notes Mac was Dominique’s friend, so maybe that is why he is asking around about him. Dante has to get back to work, and he promises he won’t take the fall for Ava’s stabbing. Dante heads off, and Cody makes a call to Ms. Wu. He tells her that he’ll be her ringer.

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