Ava tells Trina the truth
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At Maxie’s, Mac tells her and Felicia that he’s unsure about finding out if he is Cody’s father. Maxie feels it’s Mac’s chance to have a child with his own DNA. Mac explains if Cody is his son with Dominique, then knowing that may be too high a price given what it could do to their family. Felicia doesn’t understand what the risk is to them. Maxie has an appointment to get to and leaves them to continue their discussion.

Felicia and Maxie confused by Mac

Felicia asks Mac what he’s afraid of. He replies, “Change. I love the life we’ve built together.” He feels they finally have some peace after all they’ve been through. Felicia says just as he took Maxie and Georgie in as his own, she has no problem welcoming Cody into the family. Mac notes he’s still a stranger and they know nothing about him. Felicia suggests he get to know Cody as a friend first.

Mac unsure if he wants to know the truth GH

Felicia tells him it’s his call whether to find out if Cody is his son, but he can’t stop Maxie from stealing DNA samples to find out. She knows Maxie won’t be able to resist meddling. Mac notes there is no telling if Cody would want to get to know him. She says he won’t know if he doesn’t try.

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At the hospital, Britt tells Cody that Mac was asking about his movements at the party. Cody assumes she gave him an alibi, but she says it might not have come up. Cody declares, “I give up, every time a stranger comes to a new town they get accused of murder.” Britt wonders if this has happened to him before. Cody says he’s done a lot of things, but he’s not a killer. He thinks it may be time to pull up stakes and get out of dodge. She says, “If you have something to hide.”

Britt wonders why Cody is so upset GH

Cody turns to the door and says, “See ya.” Britt’s surprised he would leave town. The doctor says he could stay and fight, and even sucker punch Mac like he did Scott. Maxie arrives and is stunned to overhear Cody saying, “Sounds like that guy deserves it.” Maxie enters and asks why he wants to hit Mac. Cody tells her that Mac thinks he attacked Ava, but Maxie can assure him that he doesn’t think that. Maxie explains he’s talking to everyone at the party, and to just answer his questions.

cody talks to ned gh

Cody tells Maxie no offense, but her stepdad is treating him like a suspect and he’s not sticking around for it. He leaves, and Maxie tells Britt, “Maybe I was wrong, maybe Cody is wrong for you.” Britt wonders what is up with her as she just liked Cody an hour ago. Maxie thinks it’s obvious that Cody is up to no good.

Maxie changes her mind about Cody GH

In the hall, Cody calls someone and leaves a message. He says they met recently, and he clearly didn’t make a good impression, so he’d like a chance to make a better one.

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Nikolas tries to see Ava, but Sonny’s man Frank who is standing guard at her door, tells him that he’s not on the list per Ava’s choice. Trina arrives and Frank tells her that Ava is expecting her, and she can go in. Nikolas asks Trina to relay to Ava that he’s going to see Spencer off to Pentonville, and maybe she’ll change her mind when he returns.

Trina goes in to see Ava and they embrace. Trina inquires about Nikolas and why she won’t let him visit her. Ava would rather not discuss him and asks how she’s been celebrating her freedom. Trina tells her about the party, and how an unexpected guest showed up. Ava guesses it was Spencer. Trina rants that she doesn’t get him, and recounts the letter he wrote her and how he took it back.

Ava comes clean with Trina GH

Ava tells Trina she deserves to know the truth. She says according to Spencer he always believed in her and only stayed with Esme to prove her innocence. She says he’s carried a torch for her for a long time. Trina realizes that is what was in the letter. Trina says Nikolas is at the PCPD seeing Spencer off and wonders if she should go see him. Ava replies that only she can decide, and she needs to think about what she needs. Ava advises her that whoever she chooses needs to be worthy of her and act in her best interest. Trina thanks her and rushes off.

Trina is happy about Ava's news GH

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At Sam and Dante’s place, Dante gets a call from his old neighbor, who saw he was moving and wants to make an offer on his house. Dante is stunned and tells Sam this feels like a decision he should be making with Lulu. Sam suggests he sleep on it and decide later.

Sam and Dante get serious GH

Their discussion turns to Cody, and Sam wonders what Sonny was talking to him about. Dante has no idea but Sonny isn’t the only one keeping an eye on him. She tells him it’s okay to be cautious about him, but she likes the vibe between him and Cody. He jokes maybe she just wants to be able to pawn him off on his friend when she needs space.

Dante crack jokes GH

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At the Port Charles Grill, Sonny meets with Victor and wants to know what he’s going to do for Spencer who is going to prison to protect him. Victor assures Sonny that he can protect his family. Sonny snaps, “Like you did Ava?” Sonny asks if everything is okay between Ava and Nikolas. Victor assures him that Nikolas is devoted to his wife, but Sonny knows Ava was staying at the Metro Court and had no reason to now that Esme has vanished.

Sonny threatens Victor GH

Sonny warns Victor if he learns that either he or Nikolas hurt Ava then they’ll answer to him. Victor states they don’t have to be adversaries, but Sonny won’t like it if he ceases being a gentleman. Sonny tells Victor it was good to see him and heads out.

Victor is not thrilled with Sonny GH

At the PCPD, Jordan tells Rory he needs to process Spencer’s transfer to Pentonville and maintain a level of professionalism. He heads into the interrogation room where Spencer is waiting. Rory orders him to put his belongings into an envelope and says his CO buddy is going to try and get him a job in the library. Spencer thanks him but doesn’t need the help.

Rory advises Spencer GH

Before leaving, Rory tells Spencer that when he ran into him and Trina at the party, he felt things were left unfinished. Spencer assures him that he has nothing to worry about, they are both moving on. Rory isn’t worried, he just doesn’t want Spencer haunting them from prison.

Spencer assures Rory GH

Nikolas arrives to see his son, but Jordan wants to ask him questions about Ava’s attack first. He says he’ll answer them after he sees his son. She tells him that Spencer is in interrogation, but he should leave his information with the desk sergeant. She advises he have his lawyer present when they conduct this interview.

Nikolas argues with Jordan GH

Nikolas walks into the interrogation room, and Spencer demands he get out. He warns his father if he doesn’t leave then he will tell Jordan exactly what he and Ava were arguing about. Victor enters and overhears their argument and yells at Spencer that he will not sell his father out. Victor tells them he knows things are sticky right now, but it’s nothing he can’t fix if they pull themselves together.

Rory returns to the interrogation room and tells Spencer the transport is here and it’s time to say goodbye. Spencer exits and looks around, and hoped there would be more people here.

Later, Nikolas and Victor head to the Port Charles Grill. Victor warns him that Sonny is asking questions about Esme.

Sonny visits Ava in the hospital to check on her. She thanks him for the security detail. He asks if she has an idea who attacked her. She doesn’t, but he feels she’s not telling him something. Sonny asks who he’s protecting her from.

Back at the station, Trina arrives and realizes she is too late to say goodbye to Spencer. Rory tells her that he’s gone.

Spencer is locked up in his cell alone in Pentonville.

Spencer goes to jail GH

On the next General Hospital: Stella delivers bad news, Sonny shares his suspicions with Nikolas, and Cody meets with Selina.

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