Carly is taking it easy on the sofa waiting for Jason to come over so she can take a home pregnancy test. Jax calls from his jet and can tell that something is wrong with her. She tells him that she fell and twisted her ankle last night and it's a little puffy, that's all. Olivia stops by with coffee, so Jax feels comfortable hanging up after promising to come home soon. When Olivia hears about Carly's fall she can't believe that Carly didn't take the pregnancy test yet. Carly promises to take it soon and says that she's seeing Dr. Lee next week. Olivia offers to wait while she takes the test, but Carly says that she has to do it a certain way because she's superstitious. She promises to take it today.

Jason is working with Spinelli on the computer. Any trace of Jerry is now gone and Spinelli fears that he knows that he was discovered. They decide to look at Jax's records for a clue to Jerry's whereabouts but Jason orders Spinelli to leave Carly out of it.

Claudia comes downstairs and finds Sonny at home, finally. She asks why he didn't come home last night and he has a request of his own, "Tell me about your dealings with Jerry Jax." Claudia doesn't appreciate an interrogation before she can finish her coffee, but offers that she thinks her father dealt with Jerry. Sonny says that Spinelli found proof that Jerry is alive and is helping himself to Devlin's bank accounts. He adds that Ric's story is starting to make sense. Claudia begs to differ and hopes that he's not willing to kill his wife based on something that Ric Lansing brewed up. Sonny says that Jerry is alive and that he'll tell everything he knows before he is killed because Michael deserves justice. "If you were involved in any way, you know what I have to do," he adds.

After Sonny has left, Johnny shows up and Claudia tells him about her confrontation with Jerry. She says that he promised that the DVDs are gone but he will use what he knows whenever he wants. She admits that everything is closing in on her and wants Johnny to promise that he won't kill Sonny after it's all over. She explains that Jason would turn around and kill him. Johnny doesn't deny that is exactly what he would do and urges her to skip town before it all happens. She says that she knew the odds going in and it was her risk to take. She begs him to honor her by keeping himself safe. Johnny can't believe that Jerry would have the nerve to show up in town. Claudia points out that Jerry doesn't want this to play out either because it'll negatively affect Jax.

One of Patrick's patients had a rough night and Liz tells Patrick that it looks as if he had one, too. He says that he was up with Emma most of the night because Robin's not up for that just yet. Matt joins them at the nurses' desk and calls Patrick out for making such a scene at yesterday's grand opening. Patrick gets in his face until Liz tells him to take a walk and get some air.

Robin goes to her appointment with Dr. Brown and apologizes for acting like a bratty teenager. She says that if she doesn't get it together she'll lose everything. Dr. Brown asks why she's had such a fast turnaround? Robin tells her about her fight with Patrick at work yesterday but says that it cleared the air at least. She says that they love each other and need to get their lives back on track. Dr. Brown asks why she hasn't spoke of her daughter yet? She asks when the last time was that Robin even looked at Emma. Robin admits that she's not taking care of Emma just yet, but it'll change. She says that she feels too heavily medicated to function, but the doctor points out that the meds shouldn't make her feel drugged up. She's quick to point out that Robin is functioning effectively at work. Robin suggests that she continue with therapy but wants to stop taking the meds. The doctor objects and says that when she's ready, she'll need to gradually withdraw.

Maxie goes home and finds Lulu, and all of her things, on the right side of their recently divided living room. Lulu says that Maxie either needs to move out or stay out of her way until she does. Spinelli comes over and Maxie gushes all over him, but he simply asks why she called. He matter-of-factly checks out her computer and Lulu points out that Maxie is just manipulating him. Spinelli tells her to contact Crimson's tech support from now on because he's no longer available.

Patrick bellies up to the bar at Jake's and Coleman is surprised that he just wants coffee. Patrick gets into all of his domestic problems and Coleman takes it all in. When he hears what Robin did in Rochester, he automatically believes that she 'did' the guy. Patrick defends his wife and explains what PPD is like. He says that he thought he would be the one to stray, but he actually likes being married with a kid as long as Robin is acting like herself. He says that he's not ready to give up on his wife.

Sonny is over at Jason's house trying to figure out how to find Jerry. Jason asks the million dollar question, "If Ric turns out to be right and Claudia hired Jerry and Devlin to take the shot, what will you do?" Sonny explains that she would be taken care of just like anyone else.

Robin goes back to work and ends up apologizing to Liz for the problems she has caused. She says that she'd love to have lunch together, but backs off a little when Liz offers a play date in the park with the kids. Later, she walks past the trashcan and throws her pill bottle away.

Olivia is back at The Metro Court when Jax calls for a report on how Carly is. He picks her brain for what's going on, but Olivia remains pretty close-lipped. He says that Jerry has disappeared and he's still wondering if he needs to tell Carly the truth. Olivia only says that Carly has a lot going on and that he needs to come home as soon as possible.

Jason goes over to Carly's and finds her dozing on the couch. She explains that she needs him to help her read the pregnancy test. She says that if it's positive and she ends up having the blood disorder, she doesn't think she could terminate. After she comes back down the stairs she hands the test stick over to Jason for the result. He hesitates, but sees that he has no choice but to read it for her.

"Michael you were such a wonderful young man but you've suddenly become a lot of trouble," Jax hears Jerry say as he steps into Michael's room.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly is pregnant.

Jason supports Carly's decision not to tell Jax until she tests for the blood disorder.

Jax finds the pregnancy test stick.

Claudia sighs in relief when her pregnancy test is positive.

Claudia comes up with a new plan to act as if she wants to terminate her pregnancy.

Jax confronts Jerry.

Robin and Patrick's personal problems interfere with their abilities in the OR.

Nikolas is suspicious of Rebecca.

Alexis boldly pulls back Rebecca's hair and reveals plastic surgery scars.

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