Mac considers the possibility that Cody could be his son GH
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Cody helps Dante move into Sam’s place when Sonny arrives with his homemade lasagna. Dante and Sam take the lasagna and box into the kitchen.

Sonny brings Lasagna GH

Alone, Sonny tells Cody they need to get something straight. Sonny knows he’s a good friend of Dante’s, and something has been going on between him and Spinelli. He doesn’t want to see anything bad befall Spinelli. Cody promises he will not hurt Spinelli in any way.

Sonny has words with Cody

Dante and Sam return, and Cody tells Dante that he has to take off. He congratulates Dante on the new digs and he tells Sonny it was nice to see him again. Sonny also congratulates Sam and Dante and departs.

Sam breaks out some champagne to celebrate. As they drink on the couch, Sam wants Dante to feel like this is his place too. Dante already feels like this is their place together. Dante toasts to the next chapter and they kiss.

Sam feels good things coming GH

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At the Metro Court pool, Lucy hands her lotion to one of the attendants to rub on her back, only for Victor to step in and apply the lotion. He flirts with her as he rubs her down, and insists she go out with him for a meal. Lucy feels the two of them out dining would give the wrong impression if they are spotted, especially to Martin and Valentin.

Victor massages Lucy GH

Victor promises this will be their secret. Lucy tries to make excuses, and but Victor won’t take no for an answer and suggests they make it a business lunch about Deception. Lucy relents and agrees. She tries to run off, but he grabs her wrist. He says he’s very fond of her, and not to waste his time in business or anything else. He kisses her hand, and she pulls away and makes a fast exit.

Victor gives Lucy a warning GH

Valentin crashes Alexis’ lunch at the Metro Court. She immediately assumes he wants something from her and that he’s here on Victor’s orders.  He admits he is and it’s about the perception of their family. Valentin tells her that the police are still looking for Ava’s attacker, and her paper could help steer the spotlight off the Cassadines. She wonders why he cares about being loyal to the Cassadines.

Alexis and Valentin lunch GH

As Alexis prepares to leave, Valentin offers to cover her bill and insists he doesn’t want her to comprise her journalistic integrity, but they have to do what is best for the family. Victor enters and says he couldn’t have said it better himself. Alexis leaves, and Valentin takes off shortly after.

Victor sits down for an important meeting. He’s soon joined by Sonny.

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Anna meets Robert at the cemetery, where Peter’s grave has been defaced overnight. Anna called him because she needs his little black book with the list of all his contacts. She also needs this conversation to stay off the record and under the radar. He insists he’s going to need answers first. Anna tells him that she is taking Victor down. Robert wants in, but she can’t risk WSB involvement as innocent lives are at stake.

anna Robert strike a deal gH

Robert agrees to share his contacts on one condition. He gives her a quarter and says if it goes south, she is to call him. He also advises even if she nabs Victor, there will always be drama with Valentin and his past, and she knows that. Robert heads off.

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Once alone, Anna says, “He’s gone, you can come out.” Lucy emerges from the shadows. Lucy tells Anna she’s out and she’s done with this plan. Anna asks what Victor did. Lucy gasps, “He asked me to lunch!” Anna tells her to take that lunch and get the information she needs out of Victor.

At the hospital, Mac meets with Britt and Austin to question them about Britt’s friend Cody, who was at the picnic but he doesn’t know much about. Austin gets a text and has to go, and explains Britt knows Cody better than he does.

Mac questions Britt and Austin GH

Britt tells Mac that she doesn’t know much about Cody, and asks if he thinks he attacked Ava. Mac doesn’t, but he’s a person of interest. Britt realizes Mac is interested in him and wonders if this has to do with his past with Dominique. Mac curtly says goodbye and exits.

Austin enters an exam room to find Mason there. He questions Mason about taking off after Ava at the picnic, only for her to end up stabbed. He wonders if Mason is here to finish the job. Mason swears it wasn’t him that tried to off Ava.

Austin is angry GH

Mason explains a patient will be coming to the hospital next week, and Austin will take a personal interest in them. Suddenly Britt enters and recognizes Mason from open mic night on the Haunted Star. Austin introduces his cousin to Britt, and Mason thanks Austin for the referral and takes off. Austin also heads out.

Mason makes threats GH

Later, Cody appears and tells Britt he got her text and wonders what is up. She questions what trouble he has gotten into now. Cody asks what he’s been accused of and by who. Britt tells him that Maxie’s father, Mac Scorpio, seems interested in him.

Britt and Cody discuss Mac GH

In the hallway, Austin tells Mason he doesn’t want him here. Mason says if Austin does as he’s told then he has nothing to worry about.

Felicia arrives at Maxie’s place to babysit as her daughter’s sitter canceled at the last minute. Maxie gets a message from Sam that Dante is moving into the penthouse. She was going to help them, but it seems Cody has it covered. Maxie jokes if she wasn’t involved with Austin that she’d give Cody another look. Felicia sternly tells her that would be a very bad idea! Maxie notes that was some reaction, and she believes Cody is a good guy. Felicia explains it’s very likely that Mac could be Cody’s father.

Felicia, Maxie, Bad Idea GH

Felicia fills Maxie in on Mac and Dominique’s past. When Max shows up, Maxie rushes to him and relays that mom was just filling him in on his possibly being Cody’s father. Mac says neither of them has said it out loud until now. However, he can’t be sure without a DNA test.

Mac worries he is Cody's father GH

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Mac speaks of Dominique, who wasn’t the type of woman who would abandon a child. He is certain her scoundrel husband Leopold was involved and did something to her at Shady Brook. Mac and Felicia believe it’s possible Leopold took the baby, then gave it to the Bells, and Dominique never knew she had a son.  Mac says if this is true, then he needs to know more about this guy before blowing his world apart.

On the next General Hospital: Sonny and Victor face-off, Maxie grills Britt for answers, Felicia supports Mac, and Trina’s timing is off.

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