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At the Savoy, Marshall warns Sonny that they don’t want trouble — this is a celebration. Curtis says it’s not the time for him and Sonny to talk. Later, Curtis assures Marshall that he can handle Sonny but his father knows Sonny’s kind and warns that they have to deal with the situation now.

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Selina approaches Sonny and invites him to have a chat. She brings up his business with Curtis but Sonny insists he can handle his own. He asks about her and Curtis’ business and Selina says he’s been more than accommodating. Nearby, Curtis gives them a sideward glance.

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Elsewhere, Taggert assures Portia that Sonny and Curtis will work out their problems. Her attention is directed to Trina’s other trouble — Spencer. Across the room, Trina demands to know what’s in the letter and takes Spencer outside to explain. Though Trina sees her name on the envelope, Spencer corrects her —he addressed it to “Trina, his friend” and according to Trina, that’s not her. She apologizes but reminds him how toxic their friendship became. She hopes he understands. Spencer does and says since they’re sharing, he has something to share too. He’s sorry he wasn’t up front with Esme and says how he should have told Esme about his feelings for Trina. If he had, maybe none of this would have happened… maybe they would have… Spencer claims that’s what’s in the letter. He’ll always regret messing up her life. Rory interrupts, causing Spencer to leave. Rory apologizes and asks if Trina wants to head out but she wants to enjoy her party and spend it with him.

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Back inside, at a table, Jordan and TJ talk about how Stella found her cousin in London when they all thought the person was in Port Charles. TJ admits the whole thing never felt right to him. The reputable DNA company they went through wouldn’t have made such a “technical error.” Stella arrives and catches up with Jordan and TJ. When Portia appears to say hello, Stella spies the engagement ring and asks, “What is this?” Curtis and Marshall join the group. Stella hugs Portia and welcomes her to the family. When Curtis and Portia ask Stella to marry them, Stella thinks back to taking Curtis and Jordan’s divorce papers before they were filed. Stella agrees but instructs that they need to provide proof of their divorces. Curtis doesn’t remember getting proof so Stella warns, “You better look into that.” Curtis goes to Jordan and asks if she received anything but she doesn’t remember seeing any paperwork about their divorce — but maybe she overlooked it. She agrees to check and realizes that he needs it in order to get a marriage license.

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Cam approaches Joss and after joking about her dumpster diving, he reveals that Spencer wrote Trina a letter filled with his true feelings. He hopes Spencer comes clean because it’s long overdue.

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Back inside Trina assures Taggert that she and Spencer are no longer friends, they just needed to clear the air. He couldn’t be happier. Jordan joins them as Taggert hugs Trina and says what a great daughter he has. When Taggert leaves, Jordan talks to Trina about Stella and the genealogy test then asks if Trina’s ever done one. Trina admits she took one for a school project once. Just then, Curtis interrupts from the mic and introduces Cam and his band. Cam dedicates a song to Trina and the crowd dances as Cam and the band rocks out.

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Outside, Spencer burns the letter to Trina.

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At home, Willow has a nightmare and hears a baby crying. She jumps out of bed and runs downstairs to see Carly and Michael dead on the floor — with Nelle (played by Chloe Lanier) standing over them, holding Wiley’s hand. Willow can’t believe she killed them but Nelle corrects her — she didn’t kill them, Willow did! Willow looks at her hands and sees blood, as Nelle taunts her about taking her son — the son that was taken from her. Willow protests but Wiley says goodbye to Willow and Nelle takes her son away. Suddenly, Willow wakes up with a scream.

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Downstairs, Carly and Michael talk about how much Willow has been working. Suddenly, Willows runs down the stairs and into Michael’s arms. He wonders what’s wrong. “Nelle,” she replies. Once she’s calmed down, Willow relays her dream about Nelle and the blood on her hands. Carly admits she had some intense dreams when she was pregnant. When they learn Willow is cutting back at work, they agree to help keep her stress levels in check. Later, Willow gets dressed and says she has to go out. Michael wants to go with her but Carly makes excuses to keep him there. Once she’s gone, Carly warns her son that Willow needs time alone. Michael is worried about Willow — how random was it that she had a dream about Nelle. Carly reminds him that Nelle died two years ago today then recalls everything leading up to Nelle’s death. Michael calls Willow but gets voicemail. He worries Willow went to Nelle’s grave and that she is going to run into Nina. Carly thinks back to learning that Nina is Willow’s mother. He goes to head out but Wiley appears and begs him to stay. Carly agrees to go check on Willow and vows not to let anything happen to her.

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Nina arrives at Nelle’s grave and places flowers near the headstone. She apologizes for not coming sooner. Nelle appears and says it’s not a problem — she’s clearly running around in her head — “Hi, Mom.” Nelle jokes about the Lord’s work Nina did in Nixon Falls, as Nina cries about missing out on her daughter’s life. Nelle’s just happy her mom broke up Carly and Sonny. Over talk of Wiley, Nina assures that she doesn’t want anyone hurting him. She cries, “If I would have been your mother, your life would have been different.” Nelle cruelly feeds into Nina’s sorrow and holds her mother close. She could have learned from the best and together they really could have made Carly and Michael suffer. Nelle’s words devastate Nina, who cries that she didn’t want any of that for Nelle… She was her baby. Nelle assures Nina that they have a connection but Nina couldn’t recognize that she was her daughter. She testified against her, she pushed her away! Nina places her hands over her face and cries, “I didn’t know.”

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Suddenly, Willow appears. Nina admits she was talking to Nelle. Willow can understand that, Nina’s still grieving. Though Nina thinks she’s there for Jonah, Willow corrects, “I’m here for Nelle.” Things take a turn when talk of Nelle’s crimes come up and Nina seethes that Willow can’t acknowledge anyone’s pain but her own! Carly appears and screams at Nina that Nelle was a kidnapper and a murderer and the only reason they are all safe is because Nelle is dead! Carly tells Willow to head home. Willow realizes it was a mistake to come there then leaves. Nina reams Carly out for ruining her visit to Nelle’s grave. Carly thinks Nina and Nelle are just alike. Nina would think that Carly would understand since it was her adoptive father who ruined Nelle. But Carly counters that Nelle used someone’s dead infant as a prop and says, “How proud you must be.” Carly storms off and Nina cries, “It didn’t have to be this way.”

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