At the Savoy, a divider separates Spencer and Trina. He holds his love letter to Trina, as she smirks
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At the pool, Sonny asks Nina about her conversation with Ava. Nina says, like with him, there are some things in her life that he can’t be a part of. But also she has a lot on her mind, given the date. He asks what she means, as Brook Lynn and Chase interrupt them. Sonny notes BLQ’s big smile and she relays they’re a couple now. Brook Lynn suggests they all go on a double date, but Sonny knows she’s just buttering him up. “What favor do you need,” he asks.

Brook Lynn explains she’s becoming a music manager and asks Sonny to flex his muscle to get Chase some gigs. Sonny knows people who would book Chase as a favor, and agrees to help when Brook Lynn mentions her desire to bring down Linc. Chase interjects. His first love is being a cop, so having Sonny attached to anything he does won’t look good for him. Nina offers to hook him up with Curtis at The Savoy. Chase can live with that. Brook Lynn thanks them and Nina and Sonny leave.

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Alone, Chase shouts that Brook Lynn went way too far and storms off. Brook Lynn follows him and apologizes for putting him in that situation. She promises not to compromise his integrity again while they take down Linc. They hug, and Chase looks off.

Taggert, Portia, Trina, and Rory show up at The Savoy. Trina is blown away and thanks Curtis, who instructs the staff not to serve anyone underage wearing orange wristbands. Cam arrives and congratulates Trina. He thought Joss would be there by now. He texts her as Trina kisses Rory. Spencer eyes them as he enters.

Jordan arrives at the party. She asks if she’s welcome considering her role in Trina’s investigation. Taggert and Portia insist it’s all good. Portia steps away upon spotting Spencer. Taggert suggests to Jordan they put the past in the past. Jordan recalls overhearing Portia’s call about Trina’s paternal line, and wonders if that’s ever truly possible.

At The Savoy, Trina talks to Spencer

Rory and Trina see Spencer across the room. Nearby, Cam notes he had no idea he was planning to come. Neither did Trina. Spencer turns away and looks at the note he wrote Trina, as Portia asks her daughter if she needs anything. Trina insists she’s fine, but she wants a couple of minutes alone with Spencer. She walks over and tells Spencer she needs to heal and she can’t do that with him in her life. She knows he sacrificed his freedom for hers and that’s a big deal. However, they both need to move on. She hugs him and tells him to take care of himself in Pentonville. She wants the best for him. After she walks away, Spencer clenches his jaw and pulls out the letter.

Later, Cam sits with Spencer at a table and asks about the letter. Spencer rants about his stupid idea to put his feelings into a letter, but Cam thinks that’s his first non-stupid idea. Cam tells him that suppressing his feelings only leads to trouble. He leaves Spencer to consider.

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At The Savoy, Spencer looks at a letter

In the alley, Dex jumps into the dumpster with Joss to help look for Avery’s bracelet. She asks about his family history, and he says he doesn’t get along with his siblings. He’s better off without them. If he never moved on, he would never have come to Port Charles and met the people he has. They lock eyes, and she suggests they keep searching. Her foot gets stuck, and they fall into the trash as he tries to help her. They get up, and Joss finds the bracelet. Noting the smell, Dex whips off his shirt to change. She jokes he constantly finds reasons to do that.

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In the dumpster, Dex hovers over Joss, who lies on trashbags

TJ finds a somber Brando on a bench at the hospital. He offers to listen if he needs it. Brando confides that Sasha’s in trouble and he doesn’t know how to help her, or if he even can. He recounts their appointment about a conservatorship. He confesses he was ashamed of what he was asking Sasha to do. Brando suggests he talk to his wife instead of him. He offers to drop him off to meet Sasha on his way to The Savoy.

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At the hospital, Brado takes a deep breath and raises his brow, as he talks with TJ

Sasha meets Lucy at the PC Grill eager to get back to work. However, Lucy suggests Sasha take a step back from the company until she’s well. Sasha understands and will step back from the fall and even winter campaign. Lucy says they’ll need more than that. Defensive, Sasha asks if she’s being pushed out of the company. Lucy says no. But she does want Sasha to put her fiduciary responsibility and financial stake in Deception into a trust until they deem she’s better. If she doesn’t, they will be forced to vote her out.

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Sitting at a table in The Grille, Sasha narrows her eyes at Lucy

Sasha slams her fists on the table and shouts, “Hell, no!” She stands and yells at Lucy. Lucy orders her to stop. She loves her like a daughter, but she won’t let her jeopardize everything she’s worked for. Sasha accuses her of abandoning her like everyone else, and screams, “Go to hell!” A nearby diner films her. Sasha grabs the phone and stomps on it. The manager tries to throw her out as she has a complete meltdown. Brando shows up, and she crumples into his arms. She cries that she needs help.

Back at the Savoy, Taggert talks with Jordan at the bar as Trina dances with Rory. Taggert often wonders where Trina gets her desire to save the world. Jordan glances at Curtis. Elsewhere, Portia talks to Marshall about his diagnosis. He credits Epiphany for her support. He wonders what it would have been like with that kind of support in the beginning.

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Curtis greets Nina and Sonny at the entryway. Nina leaves to congratulate Portia on the engagement, as Curtis acts cold toward Sonny. Sonny questions his attitude. Curtis learned he couldn’t depend on him when he refused to help with Marshall. Sonny declares Curtis has no idea what he’s done for his family. As they debate, Marshall asks if there’s a problem.

Trina sits with Rory, who invites her to a cop banquet if she’s ready for that. She has learned not to be so cautious, so she’s ready to take the leap if he is. They kiss, as Spencer watches from another table. Joss finds Cam and tells him about her dumpster diving. He wishes she called him, so she didn’t have to do it alone. She smirks.

TJ finds his mother at the bar. He mentions Stella is returning from her travels and will be there shortly. He reminds Jordan of the ancestry website that matched Stella with the wrong person in Port Charles before matching her with her cousin in London.

After Rory steps away to get a drink, Spencer walks by Trina holding the letter. He tells her he’s leaving and drops the letter. Panicked, he turns to grab it, but she gets there first. “Spencer,” she asks. “What is this?”

At the Savoy, Trina holds a letter. Spencer purses his lips and runs his hand through his hair

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