Spencer has nightmare about Esme
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Chase and BLQ meet up at the Metro Court pool. Chase is happy that they are finally going on a date, and they kiss. Linc walks in on them and yells, “What the hell?” He thinks this is hardly professional for a manager.

BLQ has big plans for Chase GH

Linc tells Chase that he warned him that all BLQ wanted was to get him into bed and reminds him they have a meeting on the books. Chase has decided to cancel the meeting because he’s going to sign with Brook Lynn. Linc threatens to cancel his gig at the Savoy unless he signs with him. Chase says he’s made up his mind and is sticking with Brook Lynn. Linc says he’s a fool and to enjoy his career as a wedding singer. Linc storms off, and BLQ tells Chase, “Step one is complete.” They lay out their plans to get Linc to buy out his contract with her, but first, she must make Chase a star.

Linc gets upset with Chase GH

Dante meets with Sam, who thinks he and Rocco should move in tomorrow. Dante doesn’t want to rush into anything, but Sam thought it would be good for Rocco to move in before the school year starts. They kiss. Dante suggests they pick up a pizza, head to his place, and start packing up.

Dante and Sam talk moving in GH

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Cam meets with Joss in the Corinthos kitchen. Joss fills him in on finding Ava and being uncertain about what to do when Dex appeared to help her. She sings his praises, though feels he’s still an idiot to work for Sonny. Cam wonders where Spencer was during all of this. Joss only knows he got wasted.

Cam and Joss talk Spencer GH

Joss wonders if they should check on Spencer. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a call. Avery calls Joss because she thinks she left her charm bracelet at GH. Joss decides to head there to find it, while Cam takes off to check on Spencer.

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At the hospital, Michael arrives and spots Dex talking to Sonny. Michael approaches them and asks if there is an update on who attacked Ava. Sonny asks how he should know. Michael notes that violence always follows Sonny and asks if Sonny was involved. Sonny tells Michael that his only connection to Ava is that she’s Avery’s mother, and this happened on his other family’s property. Michael walks off, and Sonny orders Dex to the ICU to stand guard at Ava’s door.

Michael blames Sonny GH

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Terry finds Willow in the hallway appearing on the verge of fainting and orders her into her office. Terry gives her some water and tells Willow that if she wants to take a medical leave that her job will be waiting for her. She thinks she needs time to fight the leukemia, especially given she’s not telling Michael about it. Willow snaps this is her choice. Terry knows this decision is hers and hers alone, but if people don’t know she’s ill then it will fall to her to take care of herself. Willow apologizes and says she feels fine, and she’s just lacking energy.

Willow is dizzy GH

Michael asks the nurse at the station where Willow is as they were to meet and go to dinner. She says Willow was in Terry’s office.

Michael knocks on Terry’s door looking for Willow. Terry lets him in, and Willow tells him that she’s glad to see him as she has a decision to tell him. She explains she is cutting back her work hours because of the baby, which Michael fully supports.

Willow continues to lie GH

Michael and Willow head out, and she asks if they could skip the Metro Court and trade it for a nice dinner at home.

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Nina sits with Ava in her room and asks where Nikolas is. Ava admits she told him to stay away. Nina asks why she doesn’t want to see him. Ava cries that he betrayed her in the worst way. Nina asks if Nikolas attacked her. Ava doesn’t believe so, but he did cheat on her with Esme. Nina notes it’s not like Ava to walk away without getting payback.

Nina bods with Ava GH

Ava begs Nina not to tell anyone about Nikolas and Esme as she is so ashamed. Nina promises to keep her secret and assures her that Nikolas is at fault. Ava explains Nikolas tried to convince her that they still need one another, and part of her believes him. Sonny enters as Nina asks Ava, “Why do you have to stay with him? What did you do?” Sonny wonders if he’s interrupting and just wanted to see how Ava was doing. Ava cracks jokes but admits she doesn’t know who did this to her and worries if that person is still out there then they may want to finish the job.

Sonny interrupts GH

Dex finds Joss searching around outside Ava’s room as Sonny’s man Frank arrives. She explains Avery lost her charm bracelet and she is looking for it. Dex notes the janitor took some garbage away. He checks with the janitor and later tells Joss that he has already taken the trash out. She asks where the dumpsters are.

They head out back and Dex is stunned that Joss is going to climb into a dumpster to get the bracelet. She asks if he’s going to help her or what.

Joss and Dex dumpster dive GH

Back in her room, Frank checks in with Ava, and he assures her that he will make sure nobody not on the list will get in to see her. When she learns Nikolas is on the list, she asks him to take him off.

Spencer returns to his room at the Metro Court still hung over. He lies down to take a nap, only to have a nightmare of finding Esme at the Savoy before Trina’s party. Esme taunts him that all his hard work in saving Trina was for nothing.

hung over spencer GH

Esme laughs that not only has he lost Trina, but she took his father away. Spencer damns her and notes he only lost Trina because she doesn’t know he was always on her side. She goads him that he hasn’t told Trina the truth because he knows Trina still won’t want him. He screams at her to shut up, and she vanishes.

Spencer Esme nightmare GH

Spencer stirs awake trembling. He begins penning a note to Trina explaining everything, including that he believed in her from the moment she was arrested.  When Cam knocks on the door, Spencer hides the note and lets him in. Cam wanted to check on him seeing as he got plastered.

Cam checks on Spencer GH

Spencer calls it a fitting sendoff to prison. Spencer laments he’s screwed his life up for nothing. Cam reminds him that he was helping a friend so that is what matters. Cam fills him in on PCU dropping charges against Trina, and that she’s having a party to celebrate. Spencer is happy and tells Cam to get out of here and go have fun. They hug, and Cam swears he’ll come to visit him.

Later, Spencer puts on a suit, signs the letter he wrote, and heads out.

Back at the pool, Chase asks BLQ how they will get him in front of a crowd. Sonny and Nina arrive, and it gives Brook Lynn an idea.

Chase BLQ make me a star GH

Meanwhile, Sonny asks Nina what he walked in on, and what were she and Ava discussing.

On the next General Hospital: Trina tries to enjoy her party. Sasha gets more bad news. Chase warns BLQ she’s gone too far. TJ gives Jordan interesting information.

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