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At the Savoy, Drew drops by before hours and chats with Portia and Curtis. They give him the news they are engaged and Drew is thrilled for them. Eventually, Portia heads out to check on patients before the party for Trina tonight. Alone, Curtis asks Drew really stopped by. Drew fills him in on what went down between him and Carly at the picnic. However, when he talked to her today, she thinks she needs to sort her own life out first before jumping into a relationship. Curtis thinks she may be right, and he should likely do the same.

Drew Curtis talk Carly GH

Curtis tells Drew that since he came back to town he’s so busy trying to fix the wrong of his own past that he’s not moving forward. Curtis asserts that if Drew thinks he and Carly have something special, to help Carly realize that, even if it takes a while. Drew feels he can give Carly the time she needs to figure her feelings out.

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In Ava’s room at the hospital, her monitors beep and Trina runs out into the hall and yells, “She needs help!” After the doctor checks on Ava, he explains to Nikolas that Ava’s blood pressure dropped, but she’s sedated and should regain consciousness soon. Nikolas heads in to see her, and Spencer and Trina go to the vending machines.

Ava needs help GH

Jordan snags Victor and has some questions for him. She asks where he was last night and who he was with when Ava was attacked. Victor claims he was with Spencer who was ill, but Jordan points out another witness said Spencer was alone, and Nikolas was with Liz, so can anyone confirm his whereabouts? Victor quips that his family needs him right now and he trusts she will find the person responsible for this crime.

Jordan questions Victor GH ABC

Back in Ava’s room, she stirs awake, sees Nikolas, and appears frightened. Jordan knocks at the door, but Nikolas guards it and says now isn’t a good time. She pushes her way past Nikolas to ask Ava some questions. Ava is stunned to learn she was stabbed and wants to cooperate with the commissioner. She admits she didn’t see who attacked her. She remembers going to the Quartermaines boathouse for a moment alone. She thought she was alone at least, and then she felt pain in her side. She asks who found her. Jordan tells her it was Joss and Dex who saved her.

Jordan has questions for Ava GH

Jordan asks why she needed a moment alone. Ava admits she and Nikolas fought a fight about Spencer. Nikolas again feels this is irrelevant, but Jordan points out Ava’s answers contradict his that he and Ava had no conflicts. Nikolas explains the Cassadine family fights are usually eccentric, and he deeply regrets fighting with Ava and he never should have left her side. Ava comments, “It’s the thought that counts,” and relays that she’s getting a little tired. Jordan says they’ll pick this up later, and she’ll speak to Nikolas again too.

Ava wakes up afraid GH

Alone, Nikolas tells Ava he was so scared when he heard about her attack. Ava recounts they said a lot of ugly things to one another last night. Nikolas asks, “You don’t think I did this to you?” Nikolas swears he’d never do anything like this no matter how angry he was. Ava says she’s tired and wants to be alone. Nikolas leaves her.

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Portia arrives and Trina runs to her. Trina cries that she was with Ava when the alarms went off, and she was so afraid. She asks her mom if they can cancel her party as this isn’t the best night for one. Portia says she can, but she feels she deserves a night to herself, and the Ava she knows would insist Trina have the party as planned.  They are interrupted by Jordan and told Ava is awake.

Portia arrives for Trina GH

Meanwhile, Victor vents to Spencer about being caught up by Jordan who will be sorry if she doesn’t stop interrogating their family. When Victor reveals Nikolas has an alibi and was with Liz, Spencer feels then there is no reason not to tell Jordan about Esme and the affair. Spencer believes this information could help Jordan find Esme, which would give Trina closure. Victor can’t believe he’s once again going on about Trina and tells him if he changes his story again about what happened last night who knows what trouble he’d be inviting in, and he’s in enough trouble already.

Victor upset with Jordan GH

In Finn’s office, Finn asks Liz why Nikolas didn’t come forward about being with her earlier. She admits that Nikolas is lying, and was covering for her. Liz confesses she lost time again and she doesn’t know where she was when Ava was attacked.

Liz confesses truth to Finn GH

Liz tells Finn about the memory she’s having of herself as a teen and she’s shouting at a woman, but it’s nobody she recognizes. After discussing how often it occurs, Liz realizes it’s when anyone confronts her about her past. Liz cries she can’t push this memory down anymore and she has to face it. Finn assures her that they’ll find the answers together.

Finn promises protect Liz GH

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In his Metro Court room, Valentin tells Anna he knows she has Lucy trying to get information on him. Anna believes Charlotte is in danger, and he admits Victor has her. Anna cries she wanted to be wrong about this, and this is a new low for Victor. He explains Victor transferred her to boarding school while he was in the clinic. He can only text Charlotte, but not visit her. He has to do everything Victor says or he’ll hurt her.

Anna confronts Valentin GH

Anna holds Valentin and says she knows what he’s going through. Anna promises to bring Charlotte home but to do that they have to take Victor down. She knows he’s been working for Victor and asks what he had to do. He admits to being the French naval officer, and he swears he doesn’t know why Victor is doing all of this. Anna tells Valentin he doesn’t have to carry this burden alone, and they’ll find a way to keep Charlotte safe. Once Charlotte is safe, she promises they’ll put an end to Victor.

Valentin confesses all GH

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Bobbie drops by Carly’s kitchen where she finds Carly a million miles away in her head. Carly tells her about Ava, and that she can’t leave Avery for the seminar right now. Bobbie thinks she’s using Ava as an excuse not to go and wonders what the real reason is. Carly confides in her mother that she has feelings for Drew. Bobbie jokes, “Oh please, everyone knows that!”

Bobbie listens to Carly GH

Bobbie asks if Drew returns her feelings, and Carly says he does and fills her in on what happened in the boathouse. However, after everything that has happened these past few months, she worries getting involved with Jason’s brother might be a mistake. Bobby says Jason was her safety net, and nothing she could do would drive Jason away. However, Drew might not be as forgiving of her impulses. Carly flashes to knowing the truth about Willow. Bobby points out, “Like whatever you are thinking about now.” Carly just doesn’t want Drew to be a crutch, but Bobbie doesn’t see Drew being a rebound for her. Carly fears she can’t afford to lose another friend.

Bobbie comforts Carly GH

Carly gets a text from Joss that Ava will be okay. Bobbie affirms that now she can go to that seminar and focus on the next part of her life. Bobbie thinks perhaps losing the Metro Court was a blessing in disguise, and she can find a new career and a new man. Carly tells her mother she’s trouble, but she loves her and sees her out. Alone, Carly looks at the brochure for the seminar.

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