Trina mentions name Ava reacts GH
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Anna meets with Victor at the Metro Court pool. She notes ever since Valentin has returned he’s been a new man, and she believes Victor is behind that. Victor states Valentin has simply realized that he has a family who needs him. Anna points out that when Valentin left town, he was barely speaking to Victor, but now they suddenly have this bond.

Anna and Victor chat GH

Victor again says Valentin has always been a family man. Anna knows Valentin adores Charlotte and asks how she is. Victor waxes about how she loves her boarding school and the horses and begged her father to stay for the summer because of the new equestrian school. Victor needs to depart and is glad they had this chat. He leaves, and a light bulb goes off in Anna’s head.

Victor bluffs Anna GH

Lucy shows up at Valentin’s room at the Metro Court to talk to him about Deception. She feels their brand is tarnished, and for the sake of their company, Sasha has to go. He doesn’t understand why she’s coming to him as he is not involved in the day-to-day stuff. He also notes Martin said… Lucy realizes he talked to Martin and asks where he is. Valentin asks, “So you are worried about Martin?” Lucy says she is, but he doubts that seeing how she’s fawned over Victor.

Lucy and Valentin face off GH

Lucy swears her loyalty to Martin hasn’t wavered. Valentin tells her that if she doesn’t want Victor, she was trying to honeytrap him for information, so what did she hope to learn? Lucy tells Valentin to let her worry about Martin and Victor, and he should focus on what she said about Sasha. Lucy departs, and Valentin takes off after her.

Valentin is onto Lucy

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Sasha and Brando show up for a meeting at General Hospital. Brando feels this will help show the judge that she’s taken responsibility for her actions and is getting the help she needs. Sasha knows if it doesn’t work that she could go to prison.

Sasha and Brando arrive for meeting GH

Brando and Sasha meet with  Dr. Rubin and head into her office. Brando and the doctor explain Martin came up with the idea to appoint him as her guardian. Sasha feels Brando has stopped believing in her, but he assures her that isn’t the case. The doctor says her only choices are prison or conservatorship. Brando doesn’t want to lose her to prison, but Sasha says Brando would be totally in charge of her life. She sees that as no better than prison and storms out to get some air.

Sasha blindsided at meeting GH

In Finn’s office, the doctor tells Jordan he was speaking with Maxie at the time of the attack. Liz says she took a walk alone, she needed to clear her head. Jordan asks if something happened to upset her. Finn admits he was a jerk, and she left before one of them said something they regretted. He explains he went looking for her, but he and Valentin ran into a very drunk Spencer, and then Victor arrived. Jordan asks Liz about her walk, and if it took her by the boathouse.

Finn and Liz are questioned GH

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Outside Ava’s room, Spencer tells Trina that he’s sorry Ava got hurt, mostly because it hurts her. Trina asks if he’s here for her. He admits he is, and he also needs to support Ava as she is family as his uncle says. Trina asks about his father, and Spencer rants, “To hell with him.” Trina thought things had changed between him and his dad. He says things haven’t, he is the same old Nikolas. Trina realizes Nikolas hurt Spencer, touches his hand, and says he can talk to her. He tells her it’s not her problem anymore. She decides to check on Ava.

Spencer Trina have a heart to heart GH

In Ava’s room, Nikolas seethes that it wouldn’t have come to this if she had only listened to him, and now it’s too late. He hates to see her suffer and then stands over her.

What is Nikolas doing to Ava?

Trina walks in and asks what Nikolas is doing. Nikolas claims he’s fluffing her pillows. Trina doesn’t know why this would happen to Ava. Nikolas says whoever did this must hate her. Trina points out that it could also be someone who used to love her. Nikolas departs to give her time with Ava. Trina sits by Ava’s side and cries she needs Ava and begs her to open her eyes.

Trina catches Nikolas GH

Back in Finn’s office, Liz can’t recall where she went to Jordan, and Finn doesn’t want Liz to say anymore without a lawyer. Suddenly Nikolas appears and says he can help Jordan understand where Liz was. He says they were together at the time of the attack. Jordan is satisfied with the answers, for now. However, she may need to speak to Nikolas again. She departs when she gets a call.

Nikolas gives Liz an alibi GH

Alone, Finn asks what that was all about. Nikolas reminds Finn that he found them together. Finn is paged to deal with a patient and departs. Liz asks Nikolas why he lied because she had no idea what happened to her that night before he found her. He says they both know she didn’t do it, and the PCPD should be focusing on the real criminal. Finn returns, and Nikolas leaves to check on Ava. Finn can’t help but wonder if Nikolas wanted to help her or if was he helping himself.

finn wonders what that was GH

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Victor arrives and asks Spencer about Ava. Suddenly Jordan approaches them with new information. She knows for a fact Spencer was puking in the guest bathroom according to the housekeeper around the time of the attack, and given his state if he saw anything he wouldn’t be a reliable witness. Nikolas appears, and Jordan comments “Apparently it runs in the family.” Nikolas rants that he’s tired of her harassing his family instead of looking for the real culprit. Jordan answers, “Or maybe we are closer to finding them than you think.”

Jordan and Spencer's alibi GH

Back in Ava’s room, Trina tells Ava her family is here and waiting for her to wake up, even Spencer. Suddenly, the machines Ava’s hooked up to begin to beep.

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Back at the pool, Anna makes calls to Charlotte’s school about the new equestrian center and who funded it. Lucy arrives, and Anna calls her over. Lucy yells at Anna that she is over this espionage as Valentin is questioning what she’s doing with Victor. Anna tells her that she’s getting close to figuring out what Victor has over Valentin. Lucy tells her to hurry up and storms off. Valentin spies from the background.

Valentin spies on Anna GH

Valentin confronts Anna and notes, “We aren’t being as honest with one another as we claim to be, are we darling.”

Meanwhile, Sasha appears, and a woman approaches and asks if she’s the face of Deception. Sasha confirms she is and wonders if she wants a selfie.

In Carly’s kitchen, Drew and Carly talk about what happened between them last night. Drew feels they are on the brink of something incredible, and he wants it and he wants her. Carly wants it too but admits she is afraid of ending them before they start.

Drew Carly get real GH

Carly laments that her husband, her job, and Jason were the three things that defined her, and now they are gone. Carly feels she must figure out who she is before getting into a relationship with him because she would hate it if she messed things up. Carly explains, “I need to try this on my own thing for a while.” Drew doesn’t think that is what is going on. He believes there is something underlying that scares her, and she doesn’t have to fear him. He pulls her into a kiss. After the kiss, Drew leaves.

Drew and Carly get closer GH

On the next General Hospital: Liz confides in Finn. Anna and Valentin make a deal. Drew talks to Curtis. Victor is forced to answer Jordan’s questions.

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