Nikolas visits Ava GH
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It’s the next day and at the hospital, Nina sleeps on a couch and in Sonny’s arms. She stirs awake, and almost forgot where they were.

Meanwhile, Nikolas demands a nurse give him an update on his wife, but there are no updates. Jordan arrives and attempts to help find out what she can.

Sonny and Nina approach Nikolas, and Nikolas snaps at Sonny. He wants Sonny gone, and Jordan interrupts and hopes they aren’t causing problems or she’ll escort them both out. Sonny and Nikolas cool down, and Jordan tells Nikolas that it appears Ava is in post-op recovery.

Jordan interrupts fight GH

Nikolas leaves to check on Ava, and Jordan follows him. Nina decides to stick around for updates, and Sonny says he’s going to go check on Avery.

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Jordan asks Nickolas to walk her through last night and everything he and Ava did. Nikolas says they talked to a lot of people, and the last time he saw her Ava had left him and Spencer to get a drink. Jordan asks if Ava seemed upset, or if she’s had any recent conflicts or trouble at home. He thinks she should be questioning other people, and she wonders why he’s so resistant to answering her questions.

Jordan grills Nikolas GH

The doctor comes out to speak to Nikolas, and Nina and Jordan join him for the update. The doctor explains they repaired much of the damage and Ava’s in serious but stable condition. Nikolas is taken to see his wife.

Doctor has news on Ava GH

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Liz arrives at Finn’s office and says she got all his messages. He apologizes for what happened, but she doesn’t want to revisit last night. Finn begs her to tell him how to make this right between them. She doesn’t know if he can.

Liz gash on head GH

Finn knows she’s angry with him and asks if she meant what she said last night, that he wasn’t her anything.  He tells her if she wants to leave him then he’ll let her go. He loves her and just wants her to be happy and wants to be on that journey with her. She cries she just needs time. He swears he won’t push anymore, and it’s just hard for him not to try and heal. Liz is about to confess what happened last night with her losing time when Jordan knocks on the door. She has questions for Finn and Liz.

Finn will do anything for Liz GH

In the Quartermaine kitchen, a detective questions BLQ and Drew about their whereabouts last night. Drew asks how many more questions she has. The detective only has a few more and excuses herself. BLQ asks why Drew is so antsy. He insists he is just eager to check on Carly. She knew something was going on between him and Carly, but Drew says Joss was the one who found Ava and he is just concerned. Drew wonders why she is so interested in him and Carly. She admits she doesn’t want to see someone waste as much time as she did.

BLQ and Drew are questioned GH

Drew asks if she and Chase are officially a thing, and BLQ admits they are. He cheers, “About damn time!” That’s why she wants Drew not to let this window close if he and Carly have feelings for one another. Drew says they had a breakthrough, and he’ll take it from here. The officer returns and finishes with her questions. Drew is finally glad to be able to head out, and BLQ suggests he take his cues from Carly. Drew leaves, and BLQ gets a call from Chase. She tells him she was just thinking about him.

BLQ gives Drew advice GH

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In Carly’s kitchen, she thinks back about kissing Drew. Joss enters, and Carly gives her some coffee. They talk about what Joss went through last night. Carly is so proud of her and they embrace. Carly relays there is no news yet, and Avery doesn’t know about Ava. Joss thinks Trina doesn’t know either as she had a PCU meeting this morning. Suddenly Trina knocks on the door.

Carly comforts Joss GH

Trina enters, and she reveals the university dropped all charges against her. Trina can’t wait to tell her mom, and Ava, and thinks she’ll stop by the gallery. Joss tells her that something happened, fills her in, and says she’ll get dressed so they can go to the hospital. Trina asks Carly why Joss didn’t tell her about Ava last night. Carly explains there was nothing she could do, it was late, and she didn’t want her to miss her appointment at PCU.

Trina and Carly chat about Ava GH

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Joss returns with Avery, and Carly plans to fix the girl some breakfast. Suddenly Sonny appears, and Avery wants her daddy’s pancakes. Carly sends Avery off to get dressed, and Sonny fills them in on what he knows about Ava. He says Dex is outside and can take Joss and Trina to the hospital. Joss and Trina head out, and Sonny begins making the pancakes.

Sonny makes breakfast GH

Over breakfast, Sonny and Carly break the news to Avery that her mommy got hurt and is at the hospital. Avery wants to see her, but Carly explains she’s not old enough. She asks if she can see Daddy Nikolas then because he must be worried. Carly tells Sonny to take her.

Carly cleans up the kitchen when Drew arrives to check on her. She offers him coffee, and they both admit they’ve been thinking about last night.

Carly makes Drew coffee GH

Victor bangs on Spencer’s Metro Court room door. Spencer drags himself out of bed hung over, orders coffee, and pops aspirin. He asks Victor what the emergency is, is Ava dead? Victor says she isn’t. Spencer accuses Victor of being responsible for the attack. Victor thinks Spencer is deflecting suspicion from himself and points out Spencer has as much reason to kill Ava as anyone.

Spencer accuses Victor of attacking Ava GH

Spencer reminds Victor that it was his father who betrayed him, not Ava, and he didn’t fillet him. Victor and Spencer both realize neither did it and that it could have been Nikolas. Victor says if the cops come asking questions Spencer can’t implicate his father, just omit what he knows about Nikolas and Esme. He promises Spencer will be rewarded, and perhaps he’ll get his hands on his birthright earlier than expected. Spencer wonders what Ava will say when she wakes up. Victor comments, “If Ava wakes up, and leave Ava to me.” Spencer realizes Trina must know about Ava and rushes out.

Victor worries Nikolas attacked Ava GH

Trina, Joss and Dex arrive at the hospital. Trina is going to wait around for news, and thanks Dex and Joss for what they did. Trina heads off. Joss again thanks Dex for helping as she couldn’t have saved Ava by herself. Joss hates leaving Trina, but she has to meet up with her boyfriend Cam. Dex tells her not to worry as he will stay here until his boss says otherwise. They smile at each other as Joss leaves.

Dex and Joss flirt GH

Back in Finn’s office, Jordan asks Liz about the gash on her head. She explains it was a tree branch. Jordan asks where they were at the time they assume Ava was attacked. Finn accounts for his whereabouts, but Liz spaces out when asked where she was.

Jordan questions Liz and Finn GH

Nikolas goes in to see Ava and has a look of hatred on his face. Trina stands outside the room looking in when Spencer touches her shoulder. Back in the room, Nikolas tells Ava if she had only listened to him that it wouldn’t have come to this.

Ava in the ICU GH

Back in the waiting area, Sonny arrives with Avery and introduces her to Nina. Avery remembers she’s her mommy’s friend. Sonny and Avery wait with Nina until they can see Ava.

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