Dex and Joss rush to save Ava
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In the Quartermaine kitchen, Joss gets off the phone with Michael and spots Nina. She tells Nina that this may not be her house, but she can still kick her out. Nina explains she’s only here to deliver desserts to Olivia. Sonny enters and asks what the problem is. Joss says she’s looking at the problem, and the only reason she’s not slapping Nina into next week is that Sonny tried to help Trina.

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Joss storms out, and Nina thinks she should leave. Sonny won’t let her do that. He calls the way Michael and Joss treat her rude and sad. He explains Dex is on the way with some papers, and after he gets there they can go to his place for a nightcap.

Joss snaps at Ava GH

Anna interrupts Sonny and Nina and apologizes, but she needs to speak with Sonny. Nina excuses herself, and Sonny asks how he can help her. Anna knows Sonny keeps an eye on illegal activities in Port Charles and wonders if he has any information on what Victor is doing here. Sonny would offer any information he has on Victor if he had something but doesn’t. He tried to get Spencer to turn over Victor as the one who helped him escape Spring Ridge, but the boy wouldn’t tattle.

Anna needs to talk to Sonny GH

Outside the stables, Felicia and Mac discuss Dominique never telling them she had a son and the fact that Mac and Dominique were far more than friends.  Felicia wonders if maybe she didn’t know about Cody. She reminds her husband that Leopold had Dominique committed to Shadybrook — what if she was pregnant and he took the baby? However, Mac wonders why Leopold would want to hide his own child because it would have given him a hold on her fortune, which is what he wanted all along.

Felicia and Mac discuss Dominique GH

Inside the stables, Britt slaps Cody after he kisses her and he asks what the hell is wrong with her. She thinks he only kissed her to distract her from his interrogation and demands to know why he’s so fascinated by her father and brother. He just wants to get to know her, and he doesn’t understand why she’s so defensive. He doesn’t know what is so God awful about the two of them being into one another. Britt scoffs, “Who says I’m into you!” Cody reponds, “My bad, I won’t bother you anymore.” Britt reluctantly agrees she is attracted to him and sometimes she likes him. He wonders what the problem is. She confesses that she’s terrified of liking someone.

Britt likes Cody GH

Britt tells him about Jason. She says she slapped him because the kiss made her feel something, and when she feels something good it only leads to pain. Cody thinks maybe if they kissed again, perhaps she wouldn’t feel anything. They pull in for another kiss, and after she admits she’s still scared. However, she agrees to risk another date.

Britt Cody clear air GH

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Finn and Valentin run into one another while searching for Liz and Anna, only to discover a very drunk Spencer on the porch. They take him into the living room and Spencer goes on and on about the drama between him and his father and how it all started with Valentin.

Finn and Val find drunk Spencer GH

Valentin apologizes for hurting Spencer and walks out. Spencer admits to Finn he wishes he could blame Valentin for everything, but he didn’t force his dad to play dead, marry Ava, or… Finn asks if Nikolas upset him. Spencer notes it doesn’t matter, and the father he worshiped either changed or was never real. Speaking from experience Finn tells the boy that fathers are human and screw up, and it doesn’t mean they love their kids any less.

Spencer blames Valentin GH

Victor interrupts and insists he can take care of Spencer. Finn leaves, and Victor admits he knows why Spencer is upset, and that Nikolas slept with Esme. Spencer couldn’t believe it when he heard Ava say it. Victor is in shock that it was Ava who told him. Spencer wants to head out, but Victor won’t let him go drunkenly spill the secret about Nikolas and Esme’s affair. Spencer wouldn’t do that because it would look bad for him, and he’s not that drunk. Victor asks if he honestly remembers the last few hours. He admits he doesn’t recall much, and he prefers it that way.

Victor lectures Spencer GH

Nikolas finds Liz lost in thought on the grounds. She doesn’t remember what happened and has a gash on her forehead. All she remembers is arguing with Finn at the stables, and now she’s here. She explains Finn went behind her back and called Sarah because he thinks she’s losing her mind. She rants that Finn is fixated on her parents and acts as if she’s hiding some dire secret. Liz flashes to the memory of fighting with someone on a staircase. She comes out of another trance state and realizes she just lost a small moment of time again. She cries she’s having a memory that doesn’t make sense to her, and if Finn would stop pressuring her then this would all go away. She asks how she has a relationship with someone she can’t trust. Nikolas admits she can’t.

Liz has a wound on her head GH

Liz realizes they are talking about Nikolas and Ava now. Nikolas admits Ava hurt and betrayed him and was vindictive and didn’t care who she destroyed in the process. Nikolas states they are over.

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Finn finds Liz with Nikolas and asks what happened to her head. She claims it’s just a scrape. Finn asks to speak to Liz alone, but Nikolas thinks now isn’t a good time. Finn apologizes to Liz for going behind her back and he just thought he was helping. He asks her not to shut him out.

Outside the boathouse, Ava lays on the docks with blood gushing everywhere. She tries to scream for help but can’t. Joss stumbles upon Ava, realizes she doesn’t have her phone on her, but says she will get someone. Ava begs Joss not to leave her alone. Joss realizes she has to stop the bleeding, rushes into the boathouse, and returns with a towel. Ava passes out as Joss yells at her to stay with her.

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Bloody Ava after attack GH

Joss begins screaming while putting pressure on the wound. Dex arrives, and Joss asks for his phone and calls for help while he continues to apply pressure to Ava’s wound. He notes her pulse is weak, and if they don’t get her to the hospital in 20 minutes then she’ll be dead.

Joss helps Ava GH

Dex grabs a towel from the boat house and tears it up to create a pressure bandage. Joss questions how he knows how to do this. He explains he was a soldier in Afghanistan. They work together to tie the towel around Ava tightly. He says they need to carry Ava to his car and get her to the hospital.

Olivia finds Mac and Felicia still discussing Cody outside the boathouse. She explains she just got a call from the PCPD and someone has been attacked on the property. Olivia says whoever found them took them to GH, and she doesn’t know who the victim is. Mac calls into the PCPD for information on the attack.

Back in the kitchen, Jordan calls Anna, who is still chatting with Sonny, and tells her about the attack.

Anna reconnects with Valentin in the living room and briefs him on the attack. She’s planning to wait for Jordan to assist her, and she wonders if Victor was involved. Valentin doubts that. Anna gets a text from Jordan revealing Ava was the victim.

Meanwhile, Sonny hears from Frank about Dex and relays to Nina that Ava was attacked and taken to the hospital. Nina wants to get to the hospital to be with her.

Mac, Felicia and Olivia find what’s left of the crime scene at the boathouse. Mac calls the forensic team to the attack site. Later, Liz, Finn, Nikolas, Spencer and Victor stumble upon the scene. Mac gets news it was Ava who was attacked, and Nikolas wants to go to the hospital to be with his wife. Mac refuses to let anyone leave without getting their statements.

Mac takes over the scene GH

Ava is brought into the hospital and is prepped for the OR. Dex and Joss, covered in blood, watch as she’s taken away. Joss says if Ava lives it’s because of Dex. Dex insists it will be because of both of them.

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