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At the Metro Court pool, Nina tells Scott and Obrecht if they want to go to the picnic to go, but they decide to stay with her. Suddenly a woman runs up to Nina frantic about a disaster on their hands. The woman explains the new chef Jamika threatened to quit when a huge delivery of pre-made desserts arrived which she saw as an insult. Nina tells her to tell Jamika this was a mistake, and it won’t happen again. She soon realizes the desserts were for the Quartermaine picnic. Obrecht suggests Nina use this to ride to the rescue herself, and they will owe her for saving the day. Scotty agrees with Obrecht. Nina realizes they have a point, and they all depart.

Nina, Obrecht and Scott discuss picnic GH

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At the Quartermaine picnic, Drew and Carly share a passionate kiss and end up moving into the boathouse for privacy. Drew tells her that she has no idea how many times he’s thought about this. She admits she has as well. Outside, the unattended grill begins to blaze.

Drew and Carly kiss GH

In the kitchen, Sonny finds Olivia on the phone in a frenzy as all her frozen desserts have gone missing. Yuri enters and says there is still no delivery truck. Olivia learns the desserts were sent to the hotel by mistake. Yuri offers to go clear things up, but she tells him she will call the hotel. Suddenly the security app on her phone indicates a fire at the boathouse. Sonny says he’ll go check things out, and Olivia follows.

Olivia dessert disastor GH

Olivia and Sonny arrive at the boathouse and find the grill flaring. Sonny begins throwing dirt on it, and inside Carly and Drew hear Olivia screaming. They run out and find Olivia and Sonny standing there after putting the fire out.

Olivia Sonny grill fire GH

Back in the kitchen, Nina arrives looking for Olivia and only finds Leo. Yuri enters and tells Nina that Olivia is at the boathouse. Leo adds that she’s putting out a fire with Uncle Sonny. Concerned, Nina races to the boathouse.

Nina looks for Olivia GH

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At the boathouse, Drew apologizes and says he got distracted. Olivia says what matters is that everyone is safe. Suddenly Nina races in and jumps into Sonny’s arms after finding him okay. Nina flashes back to the Tan-O fire but sees she overreacted. Nina tells Olivia she wasn’t crashing her party and explains she brought her desserts. Olivia, Sonny, and Nina depart to unload them.

Carly and Drew busted GH

Carly insists on helping Drew clean up the mess they made. She admits she didn’t want what was happening in the boathouse to stop, but she also feels the fire gave her a chance to breathe and ponder whether they should risk what they have for something new. She compliments him and says he’s one hell of a kisser, and he returns the sentiment. Carly leaves to think.

Carly thinks things over GH

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Elsewhere, Nina asks Sonny if he noticed what was going on between Drew and Carly. Sonny says whatever they are doing is their business. He would rather discuss the fact that she’s here and he likes that. They kiss.

Sonny Nina enjoy one another GH

In the stables, Nikolas finds his son sulking. Spencer feels like he failed to save Trina, who has moved on, and thinks nobody will miss him when he goes to Pentonville. Nikolas tells him that’s not true, and he’ll miss him terribly. He feels they have come a long way since he came home. He won’t give up on Ava or him.

Nikolas Spencer try to bong GH

Liz and Finn enjoy the grounds and share a kiss. Terry happens upon them and is glad to see they are getting along. Liz apologizes for coming down hard on her the other day, and she and Finn are in a great place now. Finn recalls leaving a message for a Dr. Webber about Liz. Liz changes the subject to Terry and her love life. Terry says it’s non-existent, but she’s happy for Chet and his new job. She tells them to enjoy the picnic and walks off.

Liz Finn and Terry talk love GH

Yuri and Terri run into one another on the grounds and smile. There is a flashback to them both drinking Leo’s concoction. Yuri and Terry introduce themselves to one another, and he leads her off on his arm.

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Ava finds Victor making a martini in the living room, and he offers her one. They discuss her and Nikolas’ issues. He knows she’s been horribly wronged and he’s deeply disappointed in his nephew. However, anger must be tempered, and when she attacks one Cassadine then she attacks them all. He says they can either be enemies or family. Ava asks if that was a threat. Victor says it’s not a threat, but should her secret about Esme come out, no one can help her but Nikolas. He advises she get things back in order with her husband.

Victor threatens Ava GH

Nikolas arrives and asks what is going on. Victor explains he and Ava were just having a friendly drink. Victor decides to head out and enjoy a cigar but notes on an evening like this anything is possible, including new beginnings. Alone, Ava tells Nikolas that Victor ordered her to stay in this sham of a marriage or else. Nikolas thinks it doesn’t have to be a sham, and he loves her and thinks she loves him too.

ava friend or foe GH

Victor runs into Spencer on the grounds and advises his great nephew to use the time he has left to stop feeling sorry for himself and think about how him leaving will affect his father.

Victor gives Spencer advice GH

Back in the living room, Ava reminds Nikolas he cheated on her and with someone she detests. Nikolas owns the terrible mistake he made but wants to try and move forward and remember how good they were. He pulls her into a kiss, but she pushes him away. She yells it’s too late, and he broke them the moment he had sex with Esme. They turn around to find Spencer standing there in shock.

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Finn and Liz head into the stables, and begging kissing. Finn tells her that she means so much to him, and he only wants her to feel safe and happy. She says she does and it’s because of him. A shivering Liz thinks there must be a blanket somewhere around here, so Finn leaves to look for one. His phone is left behind and begins ringing. Liz picks it up and see’s it’s from her sister Sarah.

Finn and Liz get cozy GH

On the next General Hospital: Terry feels sparks Yuri. Liz has an important flashback. Britt refuses to discuss her father with Cody. Mason threatens Austin. Spencer learns the truth.

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