Jordan overhears an important call GH
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At the picnic at the Quartermaine estate, Carly finds Drew acting as the grill master. Elsewhere Nikolas and Ava arrive bickering, and Olivia tells them to kindly fight elsewhere as this is a party. They apologize.

Olivia scolds nikolas and ava GH

Chase arrives and tells BLQ that he could use her help. He needs a partner for the three-legged race, so she agrees. Yuri appears with a potato dish from Belarus, so BLQ leads him to where he can put it.

Yuri and his potatoes GH

In the kitchen, Dante finds Leo concocting his love potion and asks what he’s doing. Before the boy answers, Sam appears, and Dante smiles at her. Sam just came to see if Olivia needed help and rushes off to check with Scout. Leo asks Dante if Sam is mad at him. Dante thinks it seems that way. Leo tells him not to worry as she won’t be for much longer.

Leo mixes the potion GH

On the patio, Dante relieves Drew of grilling duties. Drew suggests to Carly they go sign up for the three-legged race.

Dante and Drew grill GH

In the living room, Willow is about to tell Michael the truth when Michael spots Sonny outside. He quickly heads to the patio doors and tells him that he’s not welcome here. Sonny explains he’s one of the donors to the children’s wing, but Michael thought he’d have the sense to stay home. Michael slams the door on Sonny. Sonny opens it, waltzes in, and says if he ever does that again it will be the last time he closes any door. Willow tries to calm the situation down and says today is about charity, so they should put their personal issues aside. Michael agrees, and Sonny tells them to have fun at the picnic. Sonny walks out.

Pissed off sonny GH

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Michael thanks Willow for being incredible and notes she’s the one who keeps him grounded. He tells her that she is everything to him and he doesn’t know what he’d do without her. He asks what she wanted to tell him, but before she can say anything, Olivia enters with Wiley. Olivia suggests they get outside and have fun. As they depart, Ava appears and seems suspicious.

Michael worried about Willow GH

Sonny enters and Ava thanks him again for helping Trina the way he did. Sonny heard Esme left town but posted on social media, which seems like an amateur move. Nikolas appears and tells Sonny to stop badgering Ava. Sonny and Nikolas begin to argue until Ava drags Nikolas out to the patio.

Sonny and Nikolas fight GH

Outside, Ava asks why he is provoking Sonny. Nikolas says Sonny was out of line and as her husband he has to defend her. She thinks this is about a lot more than Sonny and coming to her rescue. Nikolas swears he will always come to her rescue no matter what because he loves her and will always be there for her.

Nikolas loves Ava GH

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Ned hosts the finales of the three-legged race, which is down to Carly and Drew, and BLQ and Chase. BLQ and Chase stumble, and Chase falls on top of her, leaving Drew and Carly to win. Sam watches as Drew and Carly celebrate and hug.

BLQ chase in love GH

After congratulating Carly on the win, BLQ drags her to the stable and asks if she and Drew are a thing. Carly denies they are anything but friends. BLQ can see the clear chemistry between them and advises they figure out what is going on before feelings develop and it gets too late, or one becomes too afraid to admit their feelings. Carly suggests BLQ take her own advice because it’s good.

Carly calls out Brook Lynn GH ABC

As Michael plays with Wiley, Willow talks with Terry about her decision. Willow has decided to postpone treatment until the second trimester because she can’t lose another baby. Terry guesses Willow hasn’t told her family. Willow has decided to wait until she starts treatment, as Michael will push her to start it now, and she doesn’t want these last few good weeks to be about them fighting.

Willow makes a choice GH

Leo brings a tray of drinks out and puts them on a table. Chase tells him they need someone else on the tug-a-war rope. The boy rushes off, and Chase eyes the tray of red solo cups.

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Back in the kitchen, Sonny chats with Olivia. She can’t believe Nina didn’t come to rub everyone’s nose in their relationship. Sonny wishes people could just be happy for them.

Outside, various unidentified hands grab all of Leo’s drinks. He returns to find them gone. The boy runs inside and interrupts Olivia and Sonny. Leo tells her about making the Sicilian thunderbolt for Sam and Dante. He explains he put it in two of the cups, but he doesn’t know who took them.

At the stables, Chase looks for BLQ, only to find Sam sitting there alone. He thinks she could use a friend. They both have Leo’s drink. Meanwhile, Dante and BLQ run into one another and smile. They both have cups. Elsewhere Ava and Nikolas also have red solo cups, as do Drew and Carly.

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At the hospital, Marshall tells Jordan he blames himself for Tommy’s death and reveals his diagnosis and why he left town. He fears he may have passed down his disease, and Tommy wasn’t in his right mind when he was killed. Marshall asks her to think back as to whether she saw any signs in Tommy of mental illness.

Marshall feels he is to blame GH

Jordan reveals she has dealt with people in the field with schizophrenia and looking back, she didn’t see any signs of it in Tommy. He was suffering from PTSD, and her infidelity pushed him over the edge. She says if anyone is to blame it’s her. Marshall notes that blaming herself won’t bring Tommy back, and he forgives her. She cries, “How can you?” Marshall admits he was angry at first, but he knows life is full of blue notes. They shake hands.

Jordan eases Marshall's mind GH

At the Metro Court pool, TJ spies Curtis proposing to Portia and quickly begins filming it. In the pool, Curtis asks Portia to marry him, and she accepts. Everyone applauds, and they kiss.

Curtis proposes GH

TJ congratulates them, and Curtis thanks him for being here. TJ explains he’s meeting his mom for lunch and has to get back to his table.

Portia says yes GH

Jordan arrives and meets up with TJ. TJ tells her about Curtis and Portia’s engagement, which he had no idea was happening here. Jordan knew it was bound to happen since they bought a house together. Jordan walks over to the couple and tells them that she’s happy for them. Portia thanks her and gives her and Curtis a second to talk. Curtis asks if Jordan is really happy for him. Jordan says all she’s ever wanted was for him to be happy, and she’s trying to learn how to move on with her life as he did. He thanks her for everything she’s done for him, Portia and Trina.

TJ fills Jordan in GH

Meanwhile, at Curtis and Portia’s table, Portia is called away by a call from the hospital. It’s the genetic counseling team, and there is an appointment open in three weeks. Jordan walks by and overhears her on the phone agreeing to the genetic counseling appointment. When asked a question, Portia explains to the person over the phone that the appointment is about her daughter.

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