MArshall and Curtis chat at pool GH
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Dante, BLQ and Michael help Olivia get ready in the Quartermaine kitchen for the picnic, while Leo sits in the background. Dex arrives at the patio door and Dante recognizes him as Sonny’s man. Michael answers, asking what Dex’s doing here. He explains he’s brought an espresso machine and a year’s supply of coffee from Sonny for the raffle. Olivia invites Dex in to grab something to eat seeing as he works for Sonny. BLQ excuses herself to deal with the sound system, and Dante departs to set up the grill.

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Once alone, Michael reminds Dex he is not to come here. Dex explains this was an emergency and Sonny is furious at him. Dex thinks Michael’s plan is about to blow up in his face.

Michael Dex chat SOnny GH

Michael and Dex depart to talk privately. Dante, BLQ, and Olivia return to the kitchen and continue working. Olivia pushes Dante out to go hang out with Sam on the lawn, which he does. BLQ asks Olivia what her pushing Dante was all about. Olivia brings her up to speed on Dante asking Sam to move in, but she’s uncertain. Olivia thinks they need to be hit by the Sicilian thunderbolt. Leo wonders why they would want Dante to get electrocuted. Olivia and BLQ explain it’s an old family recipe, a drink to help people realize they love one another. Leo thinks it sounds like a love potion and asks his mother how it works. Olivia is sure she has a recipe in her hope chest, but BLQ says it’s just some fresh fruit, herbs, and a blessing. It also needs a freshly picked cupid carnation.

Olivia explains the love potion GH

While everyone remains busy setting up, Leo finds the flower and recipe for the drink. He wants to make sure Dante and Sam are happy.

In the stables, Dex tells Michael that Sonny learned he was almost court-martialed. Michael feels given Sonny’s own abusive past he’ll only trust Dex more. Michael is sure Sonny will cool down and gives Dex his next orders.

Michael gives Dex orders GH

Ava and Spencer meet at Kelly’s to discuss his inheritance. However their talk turns to Trina, and how badly Spencer’s lies hurt her. Spencer thought he was doing the right thing. Ava rants he’s just like all the other Cassadine men, they hurt the people they claim to love and say they didn’t mean it. Spencer points out that Ava is the least honest woman in the world. Ava blurts out, “If you want the truth then I’ll give you a dose of the truth!”

Ava and Spencer butt heads GH

Nikolas interrupts and suggests Ava not say anything she may regret. He sits down and reminds them both that what is important is that Esme is gone. Spencer wishes she could have only paid for what she’s done. Spencer asks what this truth Ava was about to tell him was. She says the guards can’t help him behind bars, and not even Sonny can protect him. Spencer thinks she almost sounds like she cares.

Ava snarky with Spencer GH

After Spencer leaves, Nikolas thanks Ava for not telling Spencer about Esme. He also reminds her that should Esme’s body resurface, their marriage needs to look solid, so she needs to move back to Wyndemere today. Ava agrees to continue to play the part of his loving wife, but only outside the castle walls. Nikolas is glad she sees his way of thinking and tells her they need to put in an appearance at the Quartermaine picnic.

Nikolas warns Ava to play nice GH

Portia and Curtis relax in the Metro Court pool. Curtis feels with the trial over that it’s time they started talking about their future. Suddenly they are interrupted by Marshall. Marshall explains he landed a gig at the Metro Court gardens next week and is ironing out some details. They congratulate him and invite him to join them. He has a checkup at GH to get to but thinks he can sit for a minute.

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Curtis tells Marshall that he and Portia were talking about the future, and they want him to be a part of their future family. He thanks them but admits he’s still afraid something could go wrong and his meds could one day stop working. Marshall asks Curtis if he’s looked into the idea of genetic counseling. Curtis admits he’s been busy, and Portia points out Curtis would have shown symptoms by now so he’s probably in the clear.

After Marshall leaves, Portia and Curtis return to discussing their future. Curtis suddenly claims there seems to be something in the pool and dives in.

Portia and Curtis toast GH

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Sonny and Nina take a walk in the park, and he invites her to be his date at the Quartermaine picnic. She wonders if asking her is his way to stick it to the Qs, and goes down the list of reasons why it’s not a good idea.

Nina says no to Sonny's invite GH

After Nina heads back to work, Dex locates Sonny in the park and apologizes for their misunderstanding. Sonny screams it wasn’t a misunderstanding and he lied to him. Dex confesses he didn’t think his past was relevant. Sonny yells that knowledge is power, and to not keep anything from him again. Dex asks if he still has a job. Sonny says he’s not fired, yet, and he will spend every day proving to him that he didn’t make a mistake in keeping him on.

Sonny meets with Dex

At General Hospital, Willow runs into TJ in the hallway before her appointment with Britt. She admits she hasn’t told Michael the news yet. He feels she needs all the support she can get. Jordan arrives, and Willow heads to her appointment.

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TJ asks his mom what brings her by. Jordan explains she was following up on a case and thought they could have lunch. He suggests they meet at the Metro Court. She feels he’s trying to get rid of her, and he admits he is. He explains Marshall is coming in for an appointment, and they haven’t seen one another since Marshall came to town. Jordan feels it’s time she and his grandfather cleared the air.

TJ and Jordan talk Marshall

Marshall arrives and finds TJ speaking with Jordan. TJ introduces his mother to Marshall. Marshall admits he has been waiting for this day. Jordan tells TJ that she’ll see him at the Metro Court, and she and Mr. Ashford will be fine. TJ leaves them, and Marshall tells Jordan that she didn’t do right by his son. However, he admits neither did he. Jordan expected him to be angrier with her. He explains there is a lot she doesn’t know, and he cries that he may have been responsible for Tommy’s death.

jordan chats with Marshall. GH

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Willow meets with Britt in her office. Willow did some research and everything she found indicates starting chemo now could harm or cause her to lose the baby. Britt admits that is true. Willow thinks the chemo can wait given it’s early on. Britt advises cancer can be unpredictable, and if it spreads, she could lose her baby and her life.

Willow comes to see Britt GH

Britt warns her that if she delays treatment, there is no chance cancer won’t make it so she can’t carry the baby to term in the end. She could go through all of this and still lose her child. Britt’s advice is that she not delay treatment. Willow asks if she’s ever had a patient in this situation. Britt admits she did a few years back, and the baby survived, but the mother died. Willow thinks she needs time, but Britt says that’s the one thing she doesn’t have. The longer she waits, the fewer options Willow has. Willow realizes she finally needs to speak to Michael.

Britt gets real with Willow GH

After Willow departs, Spencer arrives to apologize to Britt again. He wasn’t able to be fully honest with her before and fills her in off camera about his plan to help Trina. Britt asks Spencer what Trina said when she found out what he did for her. Spencer says she doesn’t know, and never will. Spencer thinks Trina needs to forget him and be happy.

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Willow returns home to the gatehouse and tells Michael that they need to sit down as she needs to tell him something.

Back at the Metro Court pool, Nina overhears TJ on the phone with Molly, which she doesn’t know, explaining that he’s accepted they may never share another public meal again. She flashes back to seeing TJ with Willow on the restaurant terrace.

Meanwhile, Curtis springs out of the water, approaches Portia, and pulls out a ring.

Curtis proposes to Portia GH

On the next General Hospital: Willow has a talk with Michael. Portia gets news about Trina. Olivia makes her feelings about Sonny and Nina known.

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