Finn worries about Liz GH
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Alexis meets up with Kristina, Sam, and Molly outside of Kelly’s for some Davis girl time. They grab a table and the women press Sam about Dante. Sam confesses things were going well until he suggested they move in together. However, she shot the idea down, because if it isn’t broke then don’t try and fix it.

Davis girls talk GH

Molly and Kristina feel it will only make her relationship stronger, while Alexis asks what the real issue is. Sam confesses every time she goes into that house she sees Lulu’s kitchen, her furniture, and her things. Alexis suggests Dante may be keeping it that way for Rocco, and she can see they make each other happy. Sam is paged and must go, but thanks her mom.

Sam if it aint broke GH

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In the Quartermaine kitchen, Dante finds his mother on the phone working out the final details of the first annual Quartermaine picnic. It’s tomorrow to support the hospital’s children’s wing. Oliva reveals that Leo’s drama troop is putting on a small show, and Cody is helping them. Dante asks if he can help, and she says he could man the grill. She also saved tickets for him and Sam to go to Leo’s play.

Olivia and Dante talk sam GH

Olivia can tell by Dante’s expression that something is wrong. He admits he messed up. The cop explains that he invited Sam to move in, but she thinks he needs to work through his feelings for Lulu. Dante admits part of him thinks he should have been able to save Lulu. Olivia embraces him and says what happened was Cyrus’ fault.

Dante made a mistake GH

Dante assures his mom that he loves Sam and wants to trust and support her, and try and make her happy. Sam appears, so Olivia heads off to do more picnic preparations.

Sam inquires if Dante’s excited about the big picnic. He says that depends on whether she’s going with him. Sam says of course she’ll go with him. Dante tells her that he doesn’t want them to rush through this, and they can take it slow like she wanted to. They embrace.

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In the stables, Britt grills Cody about the fact that their fathers knew one another. Cody explains that he didn’t know who his parents were until recently. She still can’t forget his initial interest in her father’s name when they first met. Cody says when Dante told her that she was Faison’s daughter, his first instinct was to run as that name is trouble. However, when she took care of him in the alley, he saw another side of her and he liked her. He says if it’s not good enough for her, then she can go back to Society Setups.

Britt insulted or complimented GH

Britt confesses her mother thinks they may have a lot in common. Cody says he likes her mom and asks if her dad ever talked about his father Leopold. She says he didn’t and suggests he not go digging up those skeletons.

Cody charms Britt GH

Cody can’t stop thinking about the odds that he of all people would parachute into that pool and knock into her. They banter back and forth and even crack smiles at one another. Cody invites her to the Quartermaine picnic, which isn’t a date given all the people who will be there. She accepts, and they shake on it.

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At the Metro Court pool, Maxie meets with Spinelli. As they chat about the dating service, Austin appears and exclaims he is back to stay after finishing up his business. Maxie notes his timing is perfect as tomorrow is the first Quartermaine picnic fundraiser and she invites him to go with her.

Austin returns GH

Suddenly Mason appears and asks Austin if he’s going to introduce him to his friends. Austin introduces his cousin Mason from Pautuck. Spinelli asks how long Mason is in town, and Mason says until he can convince Austin how much he means and is needed by the family. Maxie invites him to the Quartermaine picnic tomorrow, and Mason accepts knowing that family is royalty around here. He snarks it’s too bad his cuz missed out on the family jewels. Austin explains he’s made his peace with his father’s family. He suggests to Maxie they get out of there, but Spinelli grabs Maxie to talk childcare first. Alone, Austin tells Mason he’s not going to the picnic. Mason answers, “Watch me!”

Mason crashes the party GH

By the pool, Finn gives Violet a book to read while he continues talking to his dad. He reveals he told Liz that he loved her, which is why he can’t keep looking the other way. He believes something deeper is going on with Liz that involves her parents. Eventually, Finn heads out, and tells Violet he’ll see her back at home.

Finn takes a risk GH

Gregory and Violet head into Kelly’s where Violet recognizes Alexis from the park. Alexis invites them to join her and her girls. Violet manages to innocently push some buttons between Alexis and Gregory causing sparks to fly.

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In an exam room at General Hospital, TJ finds Liz holding the broken vial in her bloody hand and asks what happened. Liz doesn’t know and says the tube just seemed to shatter. TJ insists he look her over. He bandages her hand and offers to call someone to come get her, but she insists she is fine and she’ll just call a ride share.

TJ worried about Liz GH

Liz and TJ leave the exam room. In the hall, Liz becomes fixated on the door to the stairwell and goes into a trance. She heads through the door and stands at the top of the stairs. Suddenly she faints and tumbles down them. However, it was all in her head. TJ snaps her out of her state and says radiology can see her now.

Liz freaky stair dream GH

Later, Finn arrives at work and notices Liz’s hand is bandaged. They go into an exam room to talk, where she claims she was distracted and her anger over him talking to Terry about her just overcame her. He wonders if she is angry about something in her past, maybe something she can’t even remember. Liz suggests he leave the psychiatry to Kevin. She doesn’t want to fight anymore, kisses him, and takes off. Finn makes a call and leaves a message for Carolyn Webber. He needs a consult about someone they have in common.

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