Liz falls into another trance GH
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At the hospital, Liz checks in on Scott, who has come in for a follow-up on his nose. Britt enters and jokes with Scott about giving him a new celebrity nose, maybe Pinocchio? Scott jumps on the subject of liars and advises she stay away from Cody. Britt hasn’t made up her mind about Cody but won’t confer with him when she does. She decides to leave Scott in Liz’s capable hands.

Scott warns Britt not to trust Cody GH

Alone, Liz asks Scott what that was about. Scott fills Liz in on Cody’s family relations and thinks he’s a money grubber just like Katherine. Scott grumbles that if Cody’s mother wasn’t Dominique he wouldn’t have cut him any slack. She mumbles, “You can’t control who your parents are.” Scott mentions Jeff and Carolyn and asks how Liz is doing. She snaps, “Like I need people to stay out of my business, including you!”

Scott upsets Liz GH ABC

Liz quickly apologizes and says she’s just sensitive right now. Scott says they all just care about her, and she can stay away from her folks all she wants, but not to write the rest of them off. Scott tells her to keep her chin up and exits. Liz heads to pick up a glass collection tube and suddenly goes into a trance. She has a memory of her younger self, at the top of a staircase, telling another young woman, “Stay away from my father!” When Liz snaps out of it she sees she’s crushed the tube in her hand and it’s cut her.

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In the hall, Maxie runs into Britt and tells her while it’s true Spinelli has a crush on her, he won’t be pursuing her. Maxie quickly moves on to the topic of Cody. Britt brings her up to speed on Cody’s family history and decking Scott. Maxie suggests she give Cody the chance to explain as he might appreciate it. Britt thanks her for the good advice and takes off.

Maxie fills Britt in GH

Finn, Gregory, Chase, and Violet hang out at the Metro Court pool. Chase explains Dante feels it doesn’t look good for him with the review board, and he has a meeting with Brook Lynn to discuss his new career.  Gregory tells his son no matter what he does, he’s going to succeed at it. Chase heads out.

Finn talks to Gregory about Liz GH

Later, Finn and Gregory chat about Liz. The doctor wants to believe Liz has worked through her issues, but she keeps giving him reasons to doubt it. Finn fills him in on the latest issue in Terry’s office, and he’s thinking about contacting her family. Gregory points out that disregarding Liz’s wishes could cost him this relationship. He knows, but if it means helping her get better, he will be okay losing her in the end.

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Down in the restaurant, Lucy finds Anna eating with Victor and Valentin. Victor invites Lucy to join them, but she can’t stay. Valentin asks Lucy where her beloved Martin is these days. She says he had to take a trip, but rest assured he will explain everything when he returns. Lucy says, “Ta!” and walks off. Victor calls Lucy a charming woman, but Valentin says she’s trouble in heels. Anna excuses herself when she claims she’s getting a call.

Victor and Valentin argue

Alone, Valentin and Victor argue about Anna. Victor says their family is under siege and they must be on the watch, especially with those who can’t be trusted like Anna.

Valentin bickers with Victor GH

Around the corner, Anna confronts Lucy and demands she tell her where Martin is. After arguing for several minutes, Lucy finally admits she doesn’t know where Martin is. Lucy also has no idea what Valentin is up to, but suggests it’s Victor Anna should be looking into. Anna says with Martin gone, Lucy is her new proxy given she works with Valentin, and she better not run out on her too.

Lucy Anna fight over Martin GH

Anna returns to the table and claims Emma, who just finished her first year in college, was calling. Victor asks Anna what the story on Lucy is, and why Martin would run out on her. Anna teases Lucy is someone who can’t stand to be alone for long.

Lucy walks by and runs into Scott by the elevators. He was about to call her and talk about Britt’s new boyfriend, whose name is Cody Bell. She gasps, “Bell?”

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In the Quartermaine stables, Cody and Olivia talk about the old days. Olivia tells Cody that she wishes he had been around these last few years as Dante could have used a good friend. Cody admits he has something to tell her that might change her opinion. He fills her in on his biological family and thinks perhaps he should find another residence given Katherine and Ned’s history. Olivia won’t hear of it. Dante enters, and Olivia exits, but not before telling Cody that he’s expected at dinner.

Cody comes clean with Olivia GH

Alone, Dante tells Cody he feels like he is still hiding something.  Cody says there is nothing else, and he won’t put his family in danger. Dante knows Cody went to bat for him back in the day, and he never thanked him for what he did. Britt enters and asks what Cody did. Cody and Dante joke it’s a guy thing, so she lets them keep their guy secrets.

Dante doesn't trust cody GH

Dante leaves them, and Britt doesn’t know why she’s even here. Cody asks if she’s come to say he blew it and their date is off, or that he’s worth a second chance. She’s going to need him to explain a little more about that punch he threw before they talk about a second date.

Britt gives Cody a chance GH ABC

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In the Quartermaine kitchen, BLQ shares photos of Ned as Eddie Maine with Leo, and he giggles over them. Ned wonders why she’s dragging all this out. She admits she is looking for inspiration for her new musical act. Leo exclaims Brook Lynn is going to make Chase a star!

Ned and his rocker days GH

Ned hopes she doesn’t quit her day job. She insists this it’s just a side job, and Chase is already booked to perform at the Savoy. Ned is surprised she booked him already, but she admits that was Linc’s doing. Ned can’t believe she’s still trying to turn the tables on Linc and thinks this could backfire spectacularly. She asks him to just support her on this. He asks what he can do. She needs another pair of eyes.


Chase enters and asks what is going on. Leo shouts, “Fashion show!” Chase responds, “Oh no, no, no!” Olivia enters and thinks a fashion show sounds like fun. Chase tries on various rock outfits that BLQ picked out while everyone votes, giving him several thumbs-downs. Chase thinks this is hopeless, but Ned notes maybe not. Ned gets an idea and takes off.

Chase's fashion show

Chase telld Brook Lynn that wants to help her out, but doesn’t know about performing. She assures him that he’s an artist and he has to share his gift with the world. He asks if she believes in him. She insists she does. Ned returns with a garment bag and tells Chase to come with him.

BLQ believes in Chase

Ned later returns and introduces Chase, who steps out in one of Ned’s vintage rock outfits. He gets a round of thumbs up from everyone. Olivia then yells, “Lose the shirt!”

Chase's new look GH

Later, Dante talks to Olivia, who is packing up what’s left of the fashion show. He can’t believe she supports BLQ and is sure she’s up to something. He also thinks Cody is still hiding something from him. Olivia advises he needs to turn his cop brain off at times.

On the next General Hospital: Dante admits he messed up with Sam. Sam thinks if it isn’t broke then why try and fix it? Finn informs Gregory that he can’t look the other way. Liz says someone deserves to know the truth. TJ asks someone if that creep upset them. Maxie wonders if Spinelli is holding out on her. Britt asks Cody if that’s a compliment or a cheap shot.

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