Spencer won't tell Trina truth GH
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Frank throws Dex into Sonny’s office, and Sonny excuses Frank and takes over. Dex asks if this is how Sonny congratulates someone on a job well done. Sonny responds, “This is how I treat liars.” Dex is confused, so Sonny brings up the fact that Dex was discharged from the military after assaulting a superior officer, which he kept from him.

Sonny fights with Dex GH

Dex explains he doesn’t know the full story, so Sonny gives him two minutes to explain. Dex relays he came from an abusive home and joined the military to get away from it. After his tour in Afghanistan, he was sent to Germany, where his CO smacked his wife and kids around. No one would do anything until he stepped in and tried to help them. Dex says he was offered a discharge, in exchange for not speaking about the incident. Sonny understands given his own abusive background, but he still lied to him. Sonny needs time to think about whether Dex is worth the trouble. Dex hands him the jury’s vote and walks out.

Dex is called a liar GH

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At the Metro Court pool, Willow tells a concerned Michael that this party is too much and that she has a lot on her mind. As she is on the verge of opening up, Olivia, Brook Lynn, Drew, TJ, Wiley and others all enter the party. Willow thanks everyone for this celebration but excuses herself as she’s having some morning sickness.

In the restaurant, Nina asks Carly, who is carrying the cake for the party, if she can help her because the kitchen is for employees only. Carly explains Olivia gave her permission to pick up the cake for Willow’s party. Nina tells Carly she doesn’t want to fight with her, especially since they’ll be in each other’s lives now that she and Sonny are together. Carly thinks it only took over a year, but she finally got what she wanted.

Nina and Carly fight GH

Nina thinks they need to try at least to get along in public for the children’s sake, including Donna’s. Carly stops her right there and tells Nina she’ll have as much of a relationship with Donna as she has with Wiley, and that’s a non-existent one. Carly gloats that Nina is getting everything she deserves, and she did this all to herself.

Carly calls Nina out GH

Michael finds Willow on the Metro Court terrace in tears. He asks what’s wrong. She says her emotions are all out of whack from the hormones and asks him to go back to the party and explain she’s not ditching them.

Michael returns to the party and fills everyone in on Willow needing a second. Carly appears with the cake, and Olivia hopes she didn’t run into Sonny and Nina. Carly says it was just Nina, who is welcome to Sonny and she’s ready for what comes next. Olivia asks again what’s going on between her and Drew, but Carly insists they are only friends and anything more would be a bad idea. She explains in a world where she doesn’t have Jason, she doesn’t want to lose another friend. Carly insists she is at peace and ready to move on with her life. Drew joins them and says that’s a statement to toast to.

Olivia leaves Carly and Drew to talk. Drew says Mia reached out about a corporate retreat in Aruba and thought she might like to go. Carly thinks it sounds great and asks Drew if he’s going too. He can’t because he has a lot to do at Aurora, but hopes Carly will go.

Back on the terrace, TJ finds Willow, who tells him that she has leukemia. He is sorry but feels she can’t have a better team than Britt and Terry. Willow knows she’s lucky, but she and Michael were so happy about this baby.

Willow keeps secret from Michael GH

TJ asks if she’s going to tell Michael her diagnosis. She doesn’t want to ruin this night, and she’ll tell him everything after her follow-up tomorrow. They embrace as Nina spies them from the restaurant. She watches as they walk off together.

TJ Questions Willow about Michael GH

Willow returns to the party and apologizes for keeping everyone waiting. Nina peeks in as everyone celebrates.

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Outside of court, Ava overhears Curtis telling Portia that Jordan is at Wyndemere and hell-bent on finding Esme. Elsewhere, Cam arrives and asks Joss where Trina is. She explains she’s still in court tying up some loose ends.

In court, Trina asks Spencer why he suddenly believed in her. Before he can say anything, Portia and Curtis enter, followed by Cam and Joss. Portia wants them to head home to celebrate. Portia tells her mom that she’ll meet her at the house and assures her that she knows what she’s doing.

Trina calls Spencer out on GH

After Portia and Curtis leave, Trina asks Spencer what happened with him and the cops. He explains he’s going to Pentonville for three months. She never expected him to testify for her, and she needs to know why he did. Rory enters and thinks this is bad timing. Trina tells Rory it’s not, and says she’s grateful to Spencer, she just wishes he opened his eyes to Esme earlier. Trina leaves with Rory, and Cam asks why Spencer didn’t tell Trina the truth. Spencer finally admits that he loves Trina, and he wanted to be the one to fix things for her.

Outside of court, Rory gives Trina a gift, which he calls corny. It’s the same soda he gave her the day they met at the PCPD. He also would like to see what the future has in store for them. She jumps into his arms and kisses him, just as Spencer walks out. Spencer heads back into court, and Trina asks Rory to walk her home.

In court, Spencer tells Cam and Joss that he didn’t get to tell Trina the truth, and he never will. He doesn’t want to ruin her happiness and begs them not to tell her anything. Joss can’t promise she can keep this from her forever.

Joss doesn't know if she can keep silent GH

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At the front door of Wyndemere, Jordan produces a warrant and tells Nikolas and Victor that she’s here to search the premises for any evidence that will lead to Esme’s whereabouts. Nikolas lets Jordan and the officers in, and Jordan explains Esme is now the main suspect in the revenge porn case. She wants to explore Esme’s bedroom, so Victor leads the officers there.

Jordan serves a warrant GH

Jordan stays behind and has questions for Nikolas. The cop asks if he was the last person to see Esme before she left. Ava enters and declares she was the last person to see her. Nikolas exclaims, “Honey you are home,” and they share a peck. Ava tells Jordan that she wishes she could tell her more, but Esme was aware Oz was a patient at the hospital. She also had a suitcase with her, so she probably was planning on disappearing. Jordan walks around looking at things, as the suitcase remains just outside in the bushes.

Ava comes to save Nikolas GH

Jordan suddenly gets a call and then calls the officers down as she’s ending the search. Jordan reveals Esme posted a rant online about Trina’s being acquitted, and it came from France. She thanks Ava and Nikolas for their cooperation.

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Jordan and the cops leave, and Ava cries if Esme is posting on social media then she’s not dead and could ruin their lives. Victor enters and explains he arranged for Esme’s MySpace to be hacked and the post made. Ava learns Nikolas told Victor everything. Victor thinks the posts won’t hold up but it will give them enough time to destroy the evidence. Later, Victor, Ava and Nikolas burn Esme’s clothes down at the beach.

Portia and Curtis enjoy wine at home, and she thanks Curtis for all his support. Curtis knows Taggert is Trina’s father, but he loves her just like she’s his. They kiss, and Portia looks concerned.

Portia and Curtis talk future GH

Trina and Rory arrive, and Portia invites Rory to stay for their celebration. He thinks that would be great. Joss later arrives, and Portia continues to look uneasy as everyone else celebrates.

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