Trina questions Spencer GH
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At the hospital, Jordan tells Portia and Curtis that Robert Scorpio agreed to Oz’s requests and he’s being prepped to be taken to the courthouse.

In court, the jury foreman stands and prepares to read the verdict when Robert bursts in and demands the proceedings stop. The judge asks what this is about. Robert explains Oz’s name has come up in testimony, and he has information related to this case. Robert reveals Oz has agreed to testify for the defense and is being brought here at this moment.

Robert interrupts court

Soon Portia, Curtis, Jordan, and Oz arrive. Oz takes the stand and testifies that he saw Joss and Trina at the Highsider, but it was well after the video was released. Diane asks about Esme, and he admits he knows her, and he sold the black-market phone to her. He identifies her in a photo. Diane asks if he’s ever sold a phone to Trina Robinson, to which he answers no.

Oz testifies for Trina GH

Robert whispers something to the ADA, who stands and announces that they’ll be dropping all charges against Trina. After the court is dismissed, Dex sees the foreman drop the jury vote behind. Trina embraces her parents and can’t believe she’s free. Meanwhile, Dex retrieves the vote and slips out.

Diane and Trina celebrate GH

Joss sits with Spencer and is sorry his plan didn’t work. Spencer is just glad Trina is free. Joss asks what he will tell her because Trina has no idea why he switched back to her side.

Spencer did a good thing GH


Trina’s friends and family surround her and congratulate her. Taggert thanks Jordan for what she did. Jordan says now it’s time to find and bring Esme down.

Trina has a bright future GH

Spencer sees Rory talking to Trina. The cop has to get back to work, so Trina asks Rory to text her later. After Rory heads off, Spencer tells Trina that he’s glad she was exonerated. Trina never would have believed Spencer would say that a few days ago and wants to know what changed for him. He replies, “Everything.”

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Meanwhile, Ava overhears Portia asking Curtis where Jordan went. Curtis tells her she likely went to Wyndemere to find Esme. Ava panics.

Willow arrives at Terry’s office at the hospital where Britt is also waiting. Terry tells Willow they have a lot to discuss. Willow sits and Terry confirms she has leukemia.

Terry gives willow bad news GH

Willow begins to space out, and Britt knows this is a lot to take in. Terry reveals fortunately they caught this early but Willow asks what this means for her baby. Britt admits her case is tricky, and most times chemo would be postponed until the baby was born because the treatment can be detrimental to the fetus. Willow asks about her own prognosis. Terry explains they caught this early, but they need more information. She wants Willow to make another appointment so they can finalize a treatment plan.

Britt answers questions for Willow GH

Willow takes a moment and then promises to follow up with Britt tomorrow. Terry doesn’t like the idea of her being alone and asks if there is someone they can call for her. Willow insists she’s okay and will be in touch tomorrow. She rushes out but pauses in shock.

willow left speechless GH

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At the Metro Court bar, Nina texts Sonny, who shows up and surprises her. She thought he had plans. He explains he moved things around and asks her to have dinner. Nina thinks she can get them a table. Suddenly Olivia appears and blurts out, “Hell no!”

Olivia throws a fit GH

Olivia tells Nina that just because she’s the new co-owner doesn’t mean she can demand a table, and claims they are filled up. Sonny suggests they just eat at the bar. Olivia storms off, and they take a seat at the bar. As they talk about their relationship, Sonny’s phone rings, and it’s Brick calling with information. Sonny tells Nina that he’s sorry, but he has to deal with a situation.

Sonny and Nina's date GH

Sonny explains there will be dates he has to cut short, and she’ll have questions he can’t answer. She understands and wouldn’t dream of asking those questions. He gives her a kiss and heads out. On his way through the lobby, Sonny calls Brick back and asks what he found out about Dex.

Nina is all in GH

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At the pool, Michael and Carly work on the surprise graduation party he’s throwing for Willow. Drew shows up, and Carly puts him to work. Later Olivia enters and tells Carly that they have a situation in the restaurant and she won’t like it. She reveals Nina and Sonny are on a date. Carly thinks it will happen more often, and she’s moved on and has everything she wants here. Olivia notes one of those things is a handsome friend. Carly insists they are only friends, and anything more would be awkward. Olivia realizes she’s given it thought, and she feels Drew thinks of her as more than a friend too.

Olivia tells Carly about the date

Meanwhile, Drew speaks with Michael and believes he has a way to get Valentin to relinquish control of ELQ. Michael is so happy to have him back and as a partner in this.

Drew and Michael talk Valentin GH

Drew checks in with Carly and Olivia to find out what he should do next. Olivia is distracted by a call from Leo and runs off. Carly says they need to get the cake, but she can handle that.

Later, Willow shows up at the pool, and Michael wasn’t expecting her. He thought they were supposed to meet at the restaurant. She asks what this is, and he explains it’s her graduation party. Willow’s expression worries Michael, who asks what’s wrong.

Back inside the restaurant, Carly grabs the cake, and runs into Nina, who asks, “Can I help you?”

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In an alley, Dex meets with Sonny and says he has news. Sonny has some news too about Dex, and it’s not good.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Victor that Esme’s dead, and he killed her. Victor demands to know exactly what happened so he can make sure they all come out of this unscathed. Nikolas explains the staff called him upon hearing Esme and Ava fighting. Esme wanted to leave town, and Ava wanted her to confess to the tape. He arrived before Esme could tell Ava that they slept together, they struggled, and he pushed her off the parapet. When Victor asks about the body, he admits he hasn’t found it.

Victor demands the truth GH

Victor feels his story doesn’t add up and asks who he’s trying to protect. Pushed, Nickolas admits Ava knows about him and Esme and it was the two of them who fought. He saw Esme go over the parapet, but Ava swears she didn’t push her. Nikolas says that’s why it’s best everyone believes Esme skipped town.

Nikolas lies to Victor

Victor is concerned Nikolas could be implicated in this coverup should Esme’s body be found and warns him to turn Ava in, or he will. Nikolas says if he throws Ava under the bus then it will come out that he slept with Esme, and Spencer will never forgive him. Victor realizes he’s right and asks Nikolas to retrieve whatever evidence is left of Esme. Nikolas leaves and returns with Esme’s suitcase and shoe. When the doorbell rings, Victor drags them out back and throws them in the bushes. Jordan is at the door with the PCPD to discuss Esme. When Victor rushes back and says it’s not a good time, she flashes a warrant and explains this isn’t a request they can ignore.

Jordan has a warrant GH

On the next General Hospital: Trina asks Spencer, “What changed?” Jordan tells Nikolas they have a warrant to search the premises. TJ asks Willow if she’s going to tell Michael. Joss says, “I can’t promise to not tell her!” Carly rants at Nina that she’s getting everything she deserves. Sonny tells Dex, “This is how I deal with liars.”

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