Oz wakes up but won't talk GH
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At the hospital, Rory, Curtis and others call into the elevator, where Jordan tells them she’s stuck. Liz and Finn approach the scene, and Liz tells them the elevator went down yesterday too. Liz gets back to work, and Finn asks if she is sure she’s okay. Liz says she’s not the one stuck in the elevator. She heads off to start her shift.

Liz and Finn check on Jordan GH

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Meanwhile, Trina wonders where her mom is. Curtis reminds her she had a patient, but Trina feels there is something she’s not saying.

The diversion with the elevator allows Portia to enter Oz’s room and she calls to him, “Oz Haggerty, can you hear me?” She ponders whether she can do what needs to be done, but eventually injects him with the drug. The monitors begin to beep, and Portia slips out of the room.

Portia calls out to Oz GH

Liz comes running to Oz’s room, and she and Portia enter to check on him. Liz says Oz appears to be waking up. Oz opens his eyes, and Liz asks him questions that he’s able to answer. Liz departs to get his doctor, and Portia begs Liz to give her a few minutes to talk to him. Liz says it might take her a while to locate the doctor with the elevators out. Portia thanks her.

Oz opens his eyes GH

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Portia introduces herself to Oz, begins recording on her phone, and asks who did this to him. He wonders why she cares. She explains she believes Esme drugged him to keep him from testifying that he sold her a black-market phone. Portia reveals the man who rescued him said he claimed she gave him something before he passed out. Oz blurts out, “That little bitch!”

portia tapes OZ GH

Meanwhile, the hospital workers get Jordan out of the elevator, and she and Curtis nod to one another. Trina’s phone rings and it’s Diane, who tells her the jury is in and she needs to get to the courthouse. Trina leaves a message with her mom to call her back immediately. Curtis assures Trina that he’ll find her mother, and Jordan orders Rory to drive Trina home to change her clothes and then take her to the courthouse.

Jordan is rescued GH

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Liz finds Jordan and tells her about Oz. Jordan, with Curtis, heads to his room and finds Portia recording him and screaming, “Please tell me who did this to you!” Jordan orders Portia to step away and let her do her job. Curtis informs Portia the jury is in, so they need to be there for Trina. He steps out of the room to call Diane to see if she can get a continuance based on Oz waking up. Jordan asks Oz what happened to him, as she wants to bring his would-be killer to justice. Portia begs him to name a name because he can save her daughter. Oz simply states he wants a lawyer.

Finn heads to Terry’s office to talk about Liz. Finn tells her that Liz seems physically fine, but he can’t get her to open up. Finn fears Liz’s issues stem from more than just sleeping pills. The doctor notes every time someone mentions Liz’s parents she shuts down. He asks if Terry can think of anything from her past that upset her. Terry just thought Liz was a rebellious teen, but there was a whole part of her life she wasn’t a part of.

Finn and Terry Talk Liz GH

Liz shows up to see Terry, only to find Finn with her and assumes they are discussing her. Finn admits he’s worried about her, and he was expressing his worries to her friend. Liz also says she is their boss, and she feels he is second-guessing her. Finn thinks something is still going on, but she insists it’s over and wants to move on. He comments, “The way you moved on from your parents?” She becomes irritated and says he knows her parents have been out of her life and she doesn’t talk about them. She tells him if he brings this up again then they are done because she can’t be with someone who doesn’t respect her boundaries. He understands, and she departs. Terry feels if this has to do with her past and family, she has little to no hope of Liz opening up about it. Finn thinks they need to talk to someone else then.

Liz is annoyed with Finn GH

At the Metro Court pool, Joss meets up with Cam and tells him that the jury could be coming back today with a verdict. They discuss what Spencer did for Trina, which Joss admits she hadn’t been able to tell her about yet. Cam wants Trina to know that Spencer was on her side all along.

Dex approaches them and asks Joss if Trina is okay. Joss introduces Dex to Cam and tells Dex that they haven’t heard anything yet. Dex hopes things work out and walks off. Cam questions Joss about Dex, who he suspects is interested in Joss. Joss tells him Dex works for Sonny, and she saw him talking to one of the jurors in Trina’s trial. Cam realizes he was tampering with the jury and thinks if it helps Trina… Joss agrees but feels the jury should see she’s innocent on their own. Joss gets a text from Trina that the jury is back, so they head off together. Dex watches them leave hand and hand.

Dex checks on Joss GH

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At Wyndemere, Spencer reveals to Victor and Nikolas that Martin secured a plea deal, but he turned it down because he would have had to name who helped him escape Spring Ridge. Nikolas is displeased that Spencer is covering for Victor.  Victor however commends Spencer for his loyalty and for facing the consequences of his actions like a man. Spencer asks Victor for just one thing while he’s in prison, to find Esme.

Spencer fills Victor and Nikolas in GH

Trina arrives in court and meets with Diane. She explains Curtis and her mother will be here shortly. Spencer enters and Trina asks why he admitted to leaving Spring Ridge. He had to if it could have helped her. She wonders how long he’s believed she was innocent. Taggert arrives and orders Spencer away from his daughter before he can say any more.

Trina arrives to court GH

Diane gets a call from Curtis about Oz as Joss arrives. Joss explains to Trina that Cam had to go rescue Aiden who got stranded somewhere. The judge takes the bench and the bailiff asks everyone to rise. Diane informs the judge that new evidence has come to light that is pertinent to the case and will prove Trina’s innocence. The ADA objects because the jury is ready to rule. Diane explains Oz Haggerty, who has been in a coma, has just come out of it and can reveal to who he sold the black-market phone. The judge however refuses to hear new testimony because Diane hasn’t even interviewed him herself. The judge orders the jury to be brought in.

Back at Wyndemere, Victor asks Nikolas why he turned white after Spencer asked him to find Esme. He wonders what Nikolas is hiding and where Esme is. Nikolas claims he paid her to leave town, but Victor feels he owes it to Spencer to find her.  Nikolas blurts out he’ll never find Esme because she’s dead.

Nikolas hides truth from Victor GH

Back at the hospital, Curtis and Portia are about to take off for court when Portia exits Oz’s room after speaking to him privately. Portia asks if Oz will help them.

In court, Trina stands as the jury prepares to announce their verdict. Joss notices the jury foreman and Dex exchanging looks.

Jury annoucnes verdict GH

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