Portia sneaks into Oz's room GH
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At the hospital, Portia tells Curtis that Diane feels the jury will be back with a verdict by the end of the day. Portia realizes she must wake Oz up now. Curtis reminds her that they are in this together and convinces her to go with his plan for him to cause a distraction so she can slip into Oz’s room.

Curtis convinces Portia of his plan GH

Outside of Oz’s room, Rory assures Jordan that it’s because of how he feels about Trina that he will do his job of protecting Oz. He swears no one not on the list will enter this room and interfere with Oz’s recovery.

Jordan questions Rory GH

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Elsewhere, Trina asks TJ if Oz is coming out of his coma. TJ explains it’s a slow process to bring him out of the coma. Trina fears her time is almost up and asks if there is a way to bring him out faster. She realizes TJ’s lack of an answer means there is a way. TJ admits there is, but it could make Oz worse or kill him. He admits he was almost about to do it when her mother convinced him it violated his oath as a doctor.

Trina questions TJ about Oz GH

Portia and Curtis find TJ talking with Trina. They guess Diane got a hold of her. Trina worries she might not be coming home to dinner tonight. TJ excuses himself so they have time alone. Trina knows her mother stopped TJ from waking up Oz for her, and she’s proud of her for doing the right thing. Curtis tells Portia she should check on that patient, and he’ll keep Trina company.

Curtis supports Trina GH

Elsewhere, Jordan asks TJ what he’s studying so intently on his tablet. He’s looking at Oz’s chart and trying to see how long it could take for him to wake up. He confides in his mother there is a way to force Oz to wake up sooner, but Portia made him realize that was the wrong path to take as it was too risky.

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Portia stops by Oz’s room and wants to check on him, but Rory tells her that he can’t let her in because she’s not on the approved list.

Rory guards Oz

Portia returns to Curtis and Trina and says her patient’s condition remains unchanged. She tells Trina that she’s lucky to have a friend in Rory, and he’s not letting anyone in that room not on the list.

Rory meanwhile calls Jordan to tell her that Portia stopped by to try and see Oz. He says she just wanted to check on Oz, but he didn’t let her in as she’s not on the approved list. Jordan tells him that calling her was the right thing to do.

Jordan happens upon Portia, Curtis and Trina discussing the situation. She doesn’t let them see her. Portia hugs Curtis and whispers she needs to give it another try getting into Oz. Portia tells Trina that she loves her and will catch up later, but she needs to get back to her patients.

Trina asks Curtis if she goes to prison to please take care of her mother. Curtis promises he will, but not to think about the worst-case scenario. Jordan continues to spy.

TJ approaches Jordan and wishes there was more they could do — if only Oz would wake up. TJ gets back to work, and Jordan heads into the elevator. Jordan keeps thinking about what TJ told her about waking Oz up early, and Rory’s call about Portia trying to see Oz. Jordan pulls the elevator alarm, which causes all the cops, including Rory, to head to investigate. Portia uses the opportunity to slip into Oz’s room and give him the drug.

Portia sneaks into Oz's room GH

Dante brings Cody into the interrogation room at the station and asks how long he’s been hunting Scott Baldwin. The detective wonders if this is why he came to town. Cody swears it’s not and he didn’t know who Scott was until a few months ago and didn’t want anything to do with the piece of trash. However, seeing him today, and knowing what he stole from him, he just lost it. Dante is confused, so Cody explains he only found out who his mom was recent. Cody fills Dante in about growing up in the servants’ house with the Bells and looking up at the house on the hill where the beautiful Dominique and Leopold lived.

Dante scolds Cody GH

Cody continues that a few months ago he got the call from the woman he thought was his mom, who was dying. He headed home to say goodbye, and his mother couldn’t die without telling him who his birth mother was. Cody explains Scott stole everything that should have gone to him. Dante asks if he’s mad at Scott, or his mother for what she did to him. Cody admits it’s easier to blame Scott. He says the life he was supposed to have went to Scott and his daughter, who his mother clearly loved more than him.

Cody tells his story GH

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At Charlie’s Scott swears to Britt and Obrecht that he’s never seen Cody before, and if Dominique had another kid then she would have told him. Obrecht suggests perhaps keeping the secret from him may have been a way to protect him. Scott says, “Or to protect herself.” Scott notes Dominique’s first husband Leopold was a social climber and a scoundrel. Obrecht adds he also had dealings with Faison. Scott could understand if Cody is Leopold’s that Dominique would have given him to the Bells to protect him.

Britt, obrect and scott talk about Cody GH

Britt offers to arrange a DNA test, but Scott sees Dominique’s eyes in Cody, and the hunger to find meaning in his life. He rushes out, but not before giving Obrecht a kiss. Britt asks why her mom didn’t stop Scott. Obrecht is proud of him, and the fact that he was able to love someone like Dominique so strongly means he can love her even more. She never had faith in love in the past, but she found it with Scott. She is also sure that love is waiting for Britt. Britt doesn’t think so and feels Jason was her last shot and she’s damaged goods. Obrecht laughs that they are all damaged in one way or another.

Scott believes Cody GH

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Back at the station, Dante escorts Cody to the cells when Scott arrives. Scott tells Cody he believes his story, so he’s dropping the charges. Dante contacts the DA’s office and is allowed to release Cody. Scott tells Cody that he did not know Dominique had a son, and she must have had her reasons for not telling him. Cody thinks that is a load of BS. Scott walks away, and Dante tells Cody that he thinks Scott is telling the truth.

Scott frees Cody GH

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