Spencer makes a decision on the deal GH
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At the PCPD, Spencer tells Sonny that he can’t rat out the people who helped him escape. Spencer is determined to serve his sentence, and he’ll deal with whatever comes his way. Sonny is proud of him. Spencer knows Sonny has always stood by him, which is why he hopes he’ll do one more thing for him.

Sonny wonders if Spencer will be the sacrificial lamb

Spencer knows Esme can exonerate Trina, and his dad said she took off. He needs Sonny to find Esme and bring her back. Sonny mentions Ava asked the same thing. Sonny assures him that he’s doing everything he can for Trina.

Spencer needs a favor GH

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At the hospital, Portia and Curtis head to Oz’s room only to find Jordan in the hall and Rory posted outside. Jordan assumes they want to talk to the patient, but they don’t know when he will wake up. She’s assigned Rory to watch over him and let them know when he wakes up.

Portia gets caught GH

Jordan pulls Curtis and Portia aside to speak privately. She tells them that Esme is nowhere to be found. She explains even if Oz names Esme as the one who drugged him, it may be hard to bring Esme to justice. She suggests the two of them do something, get some fresh air and sunshine, as Rory will make sure nobody gets passed him.

Jordan confronts Curtis and portia

Portia and Curtis head to her office and can’t believe Esme has skipped town. They know Oz is their only option, and Portia thinks there has to be some way to get into that room. As a doctor, Portia notes Rory will have to let her in, and she can administer the drugs. Curtis reminds her it could kill Oz, and that would mean her career is over.

Jordan and Curtis plor GH

Jordan meanwhile speaks with Rory about his closeness to Trina and her family. She chose him to guard this patient because she trusts him, but wonders if this assignment will be a problem for him. Can he put his badge above his feelings for Trina?

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Lucy finds Martin at Charlie’s and teases him with what’s underneath her dress. He suggests they get out of here, but Lucy is starving. Martin suggests they take off to someplace like Toronto or the Dominican Republic for lunch and forget the chicken wings. She is suspicious and asks what’s gotten into him. He admits he’s being coerced by Anna to break Valentin’s attorney-client privilege. Lucy offers to help him pack. However, she can’t go with him because of what is happening at Deception.

Martin asks Lucy to run away

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Martin heads to the PCPD to speak with Spencer about Scorpio’s deal. Martin tells him if he names his accomplices, he will spend ten days at Spring Ridge. If not, he will spend three months at Pentonville. Martin already knows Victor helped him get out, so what will it take to get him to flip on his great uncle? Spencer refuses to take the deal, and his mind is made up. He signs the papers rejecting the deal.

Martin tries to get Spencer to sign a deal GH

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At the Metro Court pool, Trina and Joss try and relax before the verdict comes in. Trina admits this pool day isn’t working. Just then Dex exits the pool. Trina tells Joss, whose mouth is hanging open, not to let her stop Joss from having a good time.

JOss and Trina gawk at Dex

Dex walks over and says hello to Joss. He brings up yesterday, and that he hopes they can forget about what happened. Trina asks, “Forget about what?” Trina introduces herself to Dex, who states his name in return. He only came to say hello to Joss and lets them get back to things.

Dex introduces himself to Trina

Trina asks Joss who Dex is. Joss explains that he works for Sonny, so Trina wonders what happened yesterday. Meanwhile, Dex makes a call and tells someone there is something they should know. Later Sonny arrives, and he and Dex discuss what Joss saw yesterday and whether she’s told Trina.

Shirtless Dex GH

Back at their lounge chairs, Joss says she’s run into Dex a few times, but would rather talk about Trina and Rory. As Trina tells her about her romantic evening at the pool with the cop, Sonny approaches. He says hello and tells Trina that there are a lot of people pulling for her. Sonny calls Dex over to keep Trina company while he speaks with Joss.

Sonny and Joss step away, and Sonny tells her not to concern herself with Dex’s errand. Joss knows he’s been tampering with the jury. Joss will never forgive him for what he did to her mother, but she’s grateful for what he did for Trina.

Joss sees Dex GH

At the Metro Court Gardens, Maxie and Austin discuss their weekend trip, which in part is for Austin to get closer to Georgie, who he is convinced hates him. Austin booked a place at a local family resort. When his phone rings, Austin excuses himself to take the call. He returns to the table and tells Maxie that was his property manager in Pautuck and there are several issues with one of his cabins. He has to head there immediately. Maxie asks if he’s canceling the weekend with her kids.

Austin cancels Maxie date GH

Austin is hopeful whatever this is, he’ll be done and get back in time. She offers to bring the kids to him, but he tells her not to waste the time driving up there. He’ll be distracted by other people’s problems, and doesn’t want to let her down by not giving her his full attention. Maxie tells him the only way to let her down is to not be honest with her, so what is this trip really about? He swears there is an incident at one of his cabins, but he doesn’t know the details. He’ll call her and bore her with the details.

Maxie upset with Austin GH

Lucy arrives as Austin takes off. Lucy asks Maxie where the good doctor is headed. Maxie fills her in on the story Austin gave her. She’s worried Austin is having second thoughts about this relationship.

Back at the hospital, Austin knocks on Portia’s office door. She tells him to come in, and he asks about the cop on guard and what is going on as the nurses are all abuzz. Portia explains the patient is the victim of attempted homicide. Austin leaves, and Curtis notes now everyone’s eyes are on that room. Portia gets a call from Diane, who can’t get ahold of Trina. Diane thinks the jury is close to a verdict. Portia realizes she must wake up Oz right now.

In the hall, Austin takes a call from Mason and says, “You win, you all win, tell her I’m on my way.”

Back at the pool, Trina and Dex’s conversation is interrupted when Trina’s phone beeps. She sees she has a voicemail and listens to it. Seconds later, Dex interrupts Sonny and Joss and tells Joss that her friend probably needs her right now. Joss heads to Trina, and Dex tells Sonny the word is the jury is coming back soon.

By the poolside, Joss asks Trina what is happening, and she says Diane feels the jury could come back today. Trina thought she’d have more time. Joss hugs her.

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