Cody punches Scott GH
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Maxie and Spinelli go to the nail salon for a day of pampering. After his pedicure, Maxie asks Spinelli how he feels. He feels this was a life-affirming treat and doesn’t know why he’s never pampered himself before. She says he’s been busy, and then asks why he didn’t tell her that he had a crush on Britt. Spinelli claims it was a recent development. Maxie loves Britt, but she is so not his type, so how did his algorithm pair them?

Maxie has questions for Spinelli

Spinelli says his code is not to blame, as he didn’t use it on himself. Maxie wonders when he was going to tell Britt, but he was never going to because Britt doesn’t share his feelings. Maxie suggests she use his algorithm to find the love of his life, but he refuses as he fears it will match him with someone he can’t have. They are interrupted by a call from Austin, which Maxie takes as Spinelli stares at her with puppy dog eyes.

Spinelli still has secrets GH

At Charlie’s, after their kiss, Nina tells Sonny she almost forgot what that felt like. He kisses her again to remind her. Sonny asks if she’s free tomorrow night. She is and is also available tonight. She can tell by the look on his face he has plans and tells him no explanation is needed. Sonny walks Nina out.

Sonny and Nina kiss GH

At a table, Martin calls Lucy and says he’s on his way to see her. Anna stops him and says she doesn’t want to keep him from his hot date with Lucy, but she can make things much more worth his time. They sit down, and Anna needs his services regarding Valentin.

Anna has questions about Valentin GH

Anna knows Valentin is hiding something, and Martin tells her that Valentin is his friend and he should tell him about this act of betrayal on her part. Anna responds. “Like you betrayed your three ex-wives by hiding money from them?” Martin agrees to hear Anna out, given how insane his ex-wives are. Anna explains Martin is in a position to find out what Valentin is hiding, and she’ll coach him on how to get it out of him. She tells him that if he comes through for her, she’ll protect him from his exes. Anna leaves him to consider it.

MArtin gets grilled by Anna GH

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At the Metro Court pool, after shaking Scott’s hand, Cody punches him and he goes down. Obrecht rushes to him and asks if Scott is okay. Scott thinks Cody broke his nose. Cody announces he should break a lot more. After examining him, Obrecht tells Scott that his nose is bruised, but not broken. Obrecht then knees Cody in the groin for messing with her man. Scott is furious as he doesn’t even know Cody. Cody remarks in another life he may have called him dad. Britt asks, “Are you saying you’re Scott’s son?”

Cody punched Scott

Cody says Scott isn’t his father to the best of his knowledge, but his mother was Dominique Stanton. Scott refuses to believe that as Dominique only had one child, their daughter Serena. Scott tells Cody that Dominique’s death was long and hard, and he has a lot of nerve claiming her name. Cody says he didn’t claim her name, he got the name Bell from the people who raised him when Dominique couldn’t or wouldn’t.

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At the Metro Gardens, Ava tells Nikolas if she must choose between living with convicts or Cassadines, she’ll choose the convicts. Alexis appears and says, “We aren’t all bad.” Ava excuses herself, and Alexis wonders what Nikolas did this time. Nikolas claims it’s just marital strife, and he and Ava will sort this out. Nikolas asks why she’s here, and she explains it was his assistant who called a meeting between them. He denies arranging such a meeting. Victor appears and reveals he arranged it.

Alexis warns Nikolas to watch his back GH

Victor wanted them to discuss Spencer’s situation as he is being sent to Pentonville today. Victor wants to keep Spencer out of prison by using the power of the press. Alexis points out that if she ran a story about Spencer, a white boy who committed a crime going free while Trina, an innocent black girl possibly going to jail, it wouldn’t look good. However, she can print a story pointing the finger at someone else. Victor assumes she means Esme.

Nikolas reveals Esme left town. Alexis can’t believe the star witness in this case just left town, but this is something she can work with.

Alexis gives Nikolas advice about Ava GH

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In the restaurant, Valentin asks Drew what they need to get straight. Drew wants to take ELQ off his hands, but Valentin laughs that’s not happening. Drew knows his family is always causing trouble and asks what it would be worth to him to have one less Cassadine around causing problems. Valentin admits Drew has piqued his curiosity.

Drew makes Valentin a deal GH

Drew offers to take down Victor for him in exchange for ELQ. Valentin asks what his plan is. Drew won’t disclose that because Valentin could run to Victor and sell him out if it worked to his advantage. Drew asks Valentin to decide what it is worth to know Victor couldn’t be a threat to those he cares about. Valentin warns Drew that his father is ruthless, and if he suspects Drew is working against him then he will target those closest to him. Valentin says. “Trust me, I know.”

Ava arrives at the bar and orders a martini. Nina soon joins her and is on cloud nine. Ava asks what has her so sunshiny today. Nina tells her about her and Sonny’s big decision. Ava is happy for her but advises not to congratulate herself too soon as certain gnats might cause her to re-evaluate how important Sonny is to her.

Ava warns Nina not to celebrate GH

Nina asks Ava what’s going on with her and Nikolas. Ava responds, “The better question is, what hasn’t happened?” Nina offers to listen, but Ava says she doesn’t want to make her an accessory.

Nina advised not to celebrate yet GH

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In the PCPD interrogation room, Spencer refuses to answer Dante’s questions without a lawyer. Dante explains he’s here to feed him, and Cam sent food over. Dante also says Martin has been talking to DA Scorpio so his situation may be improving. Dante questions him as to why he took so long to come forward about being with Trina. Spencer asks if it would have changed things. Dante doubts it. An officer interrupts and tells Dante someone has come to see Spencer.

Dante gives Spencer good news GH

Dante finds Sonny in the squad room. Sonny heard about Spencer’s arrest, and he’s here to help. Sonny heads in to talk to Spencer, who explains he has to serve his one-month sentence over again but in Pentonville. Sonny is here to prepare him. He tells Spencer the word will spread on the inside that he’s under protection. He tells Spencer to keep his head down and do what the guards say. Sonny also says he’s proud of him for what he did for Trina.

Sonny helps Spencer GH

Spencer admits Jordan thinks if he turned rat on the people who helped him escape, it could keep him out of prison. Sonny notes in his line of work, being a rat is the lowest of the low, but Spencer isn’t in his line of work. He must take into account all his options.

Spencer jail sentence good news GH

Back in the squad room, Dante is told by a fellow officer that there is a fight at the Metro Court pool, so Dante heads out.

At the pool, Scott recalls that Dominique and Katherine Bell were sisters, and Cody admits he only found out about his mother after she was dead and her money was gone. Scott assumes he’s after her inheritance, but Cody knows it all went to Serena and she spent it saving the whales.

Dante arrives and explains he was called about a fight. Britt comments it was hardly a fight. Obrecht reveals Cody punched her Scott, so Dante is forced to arrest him. As he takes him off, Cody tells Britt he’ll have to take a rain check on date two.

On the next General Hospital: Martin suggests to Lucy they run away together. Sonny asks Spencer if he’s going to sacrifice himself or not. At the pool, Evan makes a call to someone with information they should know about. Maxie asks Austin if he’s canceling the weekend with her kids. Jordan confronts Portia and Curtis, knows what they are up to, and can’t allow it.

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