Cody meets and punches Scott
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At the Metro Court pool, Cody gets Britt a drink. She asks what was going on with Spinelli, and Cody assures her that he won’t be bothering her anymore. As Cody asks where their second date will be, Obrecht arrives and wants to be introduced to her daughter’s friend. Britt introduces him to her mother, and Obrecht gives Cody the impression that her daughter is going on so many dates lately. Britt tells her mother to stop and asks Cody to go for a walk so she can speak to her mother.

Cody meets Obrecht GH

Cody excuses himself to get Obrecht a drink, and Britt blasts her mother for lying to Cody. Obrecht thinks there is no harm in letting him believe he has competition and asks how they met. When Britt reveals she met him through Society Setups, Obrecht cheers. Britt tells her mother that Cody is far from perfect. Obrecht says she doesn’t have to marry the man, just have some fun.

Britt upset with Obrecht GH

Cody returns with a drink for Obrecht and overhears her noting that Society Setups got this one right, which is the least they could do after that parachute incident. Cody admits that was him, and he’s a professionally trained stuntman. Obrecht finds that fascinating. She reveals she’s meeting her sweetheart Scott, and she would ask them to join them if their plans could accommodate them. Cody says, “Maybe for the third date!” Obrecht leaves to find her boyfriend, and Cody tells Britt that he really likes her mother.

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In the Metro Court, Drew meets with Mia to discuss what went wrong with the merger, which he frames as a setback and not a failure. Valentin enters, interrupts their meeting, and introduces himself to Mia. He says her reputation is well known, and fortunately, he has never needed an executive coach. Carly soon arrives, walks over to the threesome, and asks if she’s interrupting. Valentin is surprised to see her here. Carly says it’s still Port Charles’ premier restaurant. Valentin excuses himself to meet with Victor. Drew introduces Mia to Carly, and Carly reveals she has an appointment with her.

Valentin interrupts Mia meeting GH

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Drew excuses himself so Mia and Carly can talk. Mia asks Carly what her goals are. Carly wants to get everything she lost back and more. Later they agree to meet again next week, and Mia heads out. Drew returns and joins Carly for a drink.

Mia meets with Carly GH

At the bar, both Dante and Sam agree that Britt doesn’t seem to be Spinelli’s type. Sam thinks she should call and check in on Spinelli. Dante stops her and asks if she’s really that worried, or if she is trying to avoid talking about moving in together again. Sam admits she’s been thinking about his question a lot, and she has some questions of her own. She wonders first where they’d live. Dante feels there is more room at his place, and it’s closer to the school. Sam admits she’s not comfortable at his place because it’s Lulu’s home. Sam says while Lulu may be his ex, he loved her for years and they have so much unfinished business. Dante knows the coma left a lot hanging, but reminds Sam that he and Lulu were over before the bombing, and Lulu had moved on.

Dante Sam discuss Moving In

Dante tells Sam he can be patient, and he wants her to let him know when she’s ready to move in. He loves her and wants a life with her. She says she loves him too. They kiss, and Dante is paged by the station. After Dante leaves, Sam looks over and sees Drew and Carly together and laughing.

sam unsure about moving in GH

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Valentin finds Victor in the alcove on the phone discussing Spencer’s legal troubles with the governor and convinces him to give Spencer’s predicament more thought after he threatens to withhold his sizable donation to his campaign. Valentin sits down, and Victor tells him about the nice conversation he had with Charlotte. Victor says she’s thriving in that school and sees no reason she shouldn’t stay there indefinitely.

Victor deals with Valentin GH

Valentin tells his father that he has done everything he’s asked of him, but Victor points out that Laura is still alive. Victor also wonders if Anna is still asking questions. Valentin states he has covered with Anna and the situation has been dealt with. Victor isn’t completely convinced. After Victor leaves, Drew confronts Valentin to get a few things straight.

Victor is unconvinced GH

At the Metro Court Gardens, Ava welcomes Scotty back and they grab a table. Scott asks what is going on with her and Nikolas, and if the divorce is off since he hasn’t seen any signed papers come across his deck. Ava says things have changed, but the divorce is happening.

Ava fills Scott in GH

Nikolas interrupts, and Ava reveals she’s decided to give him that divorce. She signed the papers and pushes them at him, but he refuses to sign. He tells Ava he needs to speak to her alone because he has bad news about Trina’s trial.

Scott leaves them, and Nikolas tells Ava they absolutely can’t get a divorce. He explains that since Esme has not resurfaced, she’s most certainly dead. When her body turns up, if they are divorced, questions will be asked about the circumstances and he could be called to testify against her. Ava reminds him she’s innocent, but Nikolas states so is Trina. He begs her to let him help her.

Nikolas makes pitch to Ava GH

Scotty returns and asks what the verdict is. Ava says they are not getting divorced, for now. Scotty leaves and Ava asserts to Nikolas that this is only to protect herself. He asks her to come home, but she refuses to live in that house with him. He asks how they’ll explain that. She says that’s his problem.

Scott listens to Ava GH

After finding her boyfriend, Obrecht returns to the pool with Scott and introduces him to Cody. Cody recognizes Scott as the lawyer who advertises on the benches and says he’s wanted to do this for a long time. He decks Scott, leaving Obrecht and Britt stunned. What’s their connection? This just might be the answer.

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At the yoga studio, Felicia and Anna work out while chatting about what they’ve been up to. Anna brings her up to speed on Valentin claiming he got sick and had to transfer to a different facility, which is why he left the clinic. Anna wonders if her curiosity about what he may be keeping from her could simply be her looking for an excuse to dump him.

Felicia and Anna exercise GH

Anna asks Felicia what she thinks she should do. Felicia tells her to trust her instincts and asks if she is satisfied with Valentin’s explanation of why he didn’t come home earlier. Anna admits she’s not, so Felicia pushes her to find out the truth. Anna knows she needs to know what Valentin is hiding.

Anna doesn't trust Valentin GH

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At Charlie’s, Sonny tells Nina that she’s worth it to him, and needs to know if he’s worth it to her. Has she made a decision about the two of them? Nina waxes on about how their relationship has changed, and they aren’t in Nixon Falls anymore. Sonny agrees but feels they can build on that time in their lives going forward as long as she’s willing to take a chance on them.

Sonny wants Nina GH

Smoltz arrives and tries to get a comment from Sonny and Nina on Sasha’s arrest. Nina has to hold Sonny back several times from clobbering him, and eventually, Smoltz runs off.

SMoltz interrupts and angers Sonny GH

Sonny again presses Nina for an answer. Nina says if this is going to work, they must be themselves. She is proud to be with him, and she’s his if he’ll still have her. He wonders what took her so long to decide, and they kiss.

On the next General Hospital: Valentin admits Drew has piqued his curiosity. Cody explains that was a long time coming. Dante informs Nikolas that his situation may be improving. Alexis advises Nikolas to watch his back.

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