Cody threatens to reveal Spinelli's crimes GH
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At the Metro Court, Nina meets with Chef Jamika Pessoa (playing herself) and tries to woo her into becoming a celebrity resident chef at the hotel. Nina is looking to create a menu focused on fresh locally sourced foods, and she wants this restaurant to be the best on the East Coast. Jamika says she’ll consider her offer and get back to her.

Nina celebrity chef Jamika GH

Obrecht arrives and she and Nina grab a table. They discuss Carly, and Obrecht says Nina needs to stop apologizing for falling in love with Sonny. Nina agrees, but knows Carly will always be in their lives and Sonny feels she needs to find peace with that. Obrecht asks if she still wants Sonny. Nina admits she does, more than ever. Obrecht points out that wanting Sonny and having him to herself are two different things. She reminds her that Carly and Sonny always get back together, so where will that leave Nina if it happens again? Nina hears her warning loud and clear. They embrace before Obrecht takes off.

Obrecht advises Nina GH

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At the Metro Court Gardens Sam and Maxie question Cody about why Spinelli doesn’t like him. Cody claims he has no idea, and perhaps he’ll go talk to him. He departs, and Sam asks Maxie what is going on with Spinelli. Maxie tries to deflect and turns the conversation to Sam and Dante. Sam reveals that Dante asked her to move in, but it’s just in the idea phase. Sam does her own deflection and claims she can’t get Cody going after Spinelli out of her head, so she rushes off to help him.

Sam Maxie question Cody GH

At the pool, Spinelli pleads with Britt not to see Cody again. She asks him what he knows about Cody that she doesn’t. Cody arrives and laughs that his ears are burning. Britt says Spinelli is warning her away from him. Cody thinks they should put all their cards on the table and tell Britt what is going on. Sam and Maxie arrive, and Cody claims Spinelli doesn’t want him and Britt to be a match as he wants Britt for himself.

Cody lies about Spinelli GH

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Elsewhere, Dante confronts BLQ and feels this music business is less about Chase and more about sticking it to Linc. BLQ swears she’s doing this to help Chase with his career. Dante feels Chase deserves better than her and Linc fighting over him.

Dante calls BLQ out GH

Meanwhile, Linc tells Chase he can see through BLQ. She is looking for love and thinks she’s found it in Chase. Linc warns him not to make the mistakes he did, he let his heart rule his brain when he signed her. He argues it’s another reason Chase should sign with him. As Linc lays out his plans for Chase, BLQ approaches and suggests they call this competition off. She doesn’t want Chase to feel exploited. Linc laughs and tells Chase that he told him so, and walks off.

BLQ offers call it off GH

BLQ asks Chase what that was about. Chase reveals Linc said she had feelings for him, and can’t separate business and romance. BLQ asks if he doesn’t see what that means. She cheers that their plan is working, so they should keep it up as they are close to winning.

BLQ Chase plan working GH

Dante joins Sam and the others and asks what he missed. Maxie fills him in on Cody’s ridiculous theory about Spinelli. Cody suggests he and Spinelli talk it out and hauls him off. Britt assures the others that Spinelli is not into her, and he has a woman he’s already interested in named Brandy. Maxie and Sam don’t think there is a Brandy and he’s trying to make her jealous. Sam suggests she not worry about Spinelli and focus on Cody.

Dante Sam Maxie talk to Britt GH

Cody drags Spinelli to the Metro Court and thinks he owes him a thank you because the alternative to his story is that Spinelli reveals he is behind Society Setups. Cody also knows the algorithm Spinelli uses data mines classified systems and digs up information on people who aren’t even signed up for his matchmaking system. He thinks the NSA won’t take that lightly. Cody notes Spinelli has two options, come clean about Society Setups, or pretend he’s crushing on Britt.

Cody threatens to reveal Spinelli crimes GH

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At Charlie’s, Sonny finds Kristina playing hardball with a supplier on the phone. After the call, he tells her that he is proud of her and sees why Phyllis promoted her to manager. She sees him as a business role model to look up to. He thanks her given Michael sees him as a traitor, and Dante is caught in the middle. Kristina will never turn her back on him as he was there for her when she got caught up in Dawn of Day, and the whole Parker scenario. Sonny thanks her but feels she’s going out of her way not to mention Nina. He knows Nina hurt the family, and it’s okay not to be okay with her. Kristina admits she’s not okay with Nina keeping him from them for six months. She doesn’t like what she did, but who is she to throw stones? She isn’t judging Nina or him.

Sonny and Kristina talk GH

Kristina still feels guilty about sending Carly to find him at the Haunted Star that night, which broke up his marriage. Sonny tells her that wasn’t her fault, and they all have choices to make. Kristina wants him to be happy, so if that means it is with Nina then so be it. They embrace.

Kristina okay with Nina GH

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Michael and Dex meet in Michael’s car. Dex wants a raise given Sonny had him intimidate a juror in the Trina case, which is a felony. Michael explains Trina is innocent and a friend of his sister Joss. Michael promises Dex that he’ll get his bonus, but he can’t tip off the authorities about Sonny’s jury tampering.

Michael Dex car meeting GH

Dex can’t believe Michael as he just gave him a way to take down Sonny. Michael won’t put Trina and Joss through another trial. Michael tells Dex the silver lining is he’s proven himself to his dad.

Dex wants a raise GH

At General Hospital, Willow logs into her file and rants, “Damn!” as the test results aren’t in. Ava arrives and asks if something is wrong. Willow says she’s just wrapping up graduating from nursing school. Ava thinks they are lucky to have her here as a nurse. Willow assumes Ava is fishing and wants something. Ava jokes she’s perceptive and explains a member of the Wyndemere household went missing and thought if she was in an accident she may have been brought here. Willow looks at the admit list and tells her no Jane Does were brought in last night. When Willow is called away for a second, Ava glances at the names on the screen and doesn’t see Esme’s.

Ava Willow Chat GH

After talking about kids, Willow rushes off quickly, and Ava follows her and asks if something is wrong. Willow explains it’s just morning sickness, and Ava congratulates her on being pregnant. Willow cries she’s the luckiest woman in the world and begins to sob. Ava embraces her and asks if something is going on other than the baby. Willow says she is fine and just emotional.

Michael arrives and finds Ava with Willow. He can see Willow is upset and immediately asks Ava what she did to her. Willow assures him that Ava did nothing, and her hormones just got the better of her. Ava tells Willow not to forget to take care of herself too, along with that baby. Ava walks off, and Michael wonders what Ava meant by that. Willow explains Ava made her see that she needs to do whatever it takes to protect their child.

Ava gets a phone call from Nikolas, answers it, and asks what he wants. She tells him he has no right to know where she spent the night. She also tells him that Esme wasn’t admitted to the hospital, so she could be anywhere.

Dex arrives at Charlie’s looking for Sonny. He briefly meets Kristina and then asks Sonny about where the jury stands. Sonny says from what he’s heard, the jury is still out. Nina enters, so Sonny dismisses Dex. Kristina excuses herself to check on something in the kitchen and gives them some time alone. Nina thanks her and is shocked Kristina didn’t tell her to take a hike. Sonny explains he’s always had a different relationship with Kristina. He asks why she’s there since Phyllis isn’t here. Nina tells him that he’ll do just fine.

Dex needs an update GH

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