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Trina and Rory hit the Metro Court pool for a drink. She’s trying to figure out what really happened in the courtroom and, more important, what it meant. “I don’t know how to feel about Spencer yet,” she says, before correcting herself to mean she doesn’t know what to think about what Spencer did, not to mention the fact she and Rory kissed. As they talk, she assumes that he’s going to pull away from their relationship, what with her perhaps prison-bound and him being a cop. They can just be friends, if that’s what he wants, but maybe he doesn’t even want that? Gobsmacked, Rory admits he is 100 percent into her. Why, she asks, is he willing to listen to her talk about Spencer? Rory says he’d be thrilled if Spencer “fell into a hole” and was never seen again, but if what Trina needs is to talk about the guy, then he’ll listen. Trina admits she’s preparing for the worst, meaning time in prison. But he points out what a wonderful job she did on the stand, saying she showed the jury who she really is. And who is that? Someone he wants to know much better, he says, leaning in for a kiss. He makes it clear that he plans to stick by her, through thick and thin.

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Nina greets Sasha at the Metro Court restaurant and asks how the young woman’s doing. “I feel like I should be wearing a sign around my neck saying ‘Nobody has to worry about me!” says Sasha to Nina, who understands completely the desire to slap those who ask. Sasha says she’s out for a drink and meeting her friend, Sienna. Sasha shares that Brando has been stifling her of late, and Nina suggests the younger woman see things from his perspective and realize that he’s simply worried about the woman he loves. Meanwhile, Sienna’s meeting with sleazy reporter Smoltz and agreeing to tape her conversation with Sasha. Sienna is curious why he’s going to so much trouble, given that Sasha isn’t all that famous. But he says she will be… maybe even infamous.

Sienna arrives and, as Smoltz listens in, suggests that Sasha head to the bathroom first, she’ll follow, the clear implication being that they’ll meet there to do drugs. Sasha declines, so Sienna suggests they order drinks and turns the conversation to Sasha’s meltdown on live television. Every time Sienna tries getting Sasha to say something incriminating, Sasha manages to deflect. Smoltz, meanwhile, fears that Sienna’s clumsy attempts to steer the conversation will give away what’s really going on. Sure enough, Sasha soon beats a hasty retreat.

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Brando tells Sonny that Sasha’s been ghosting him. And while he wants nothing more than to track her down, the sad-eyed hunk suspects that might be the very last thing he should be doing, given that they just fought about him attempting to control her. Sonny’s advice? Give Sasha the space she’s asking for. Brando asks if perhaps Sonny can spare a guy to keep an eye on Sasha, from a distance. Eventually, Sonny manages to convince Brando that he needs to go and find Sasha. By the time he arrives at the Metro Court restaurant, Nina says that Sasha was clearly troubled, but has left. Meanwhile, as Sienna is being told by Smoltz that he’s not paying her unless she gets the dirt on Sasha, the subject of their conversation finds them together in his car!

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Joss catches Cameron up on what went down in court, saying that Spencer testified and, as a result, was arrested for having “broken out” of Springridge. “At least he stepped up for Trina,” acknowledges Cam. Surprised that Joss isn’t having much of a reaction to the chain of events, Joss asks why and is shocked to learn that her boyfriend had been in on Spencer’s secret plan. “All this time, Spencer’s been playing Esme?” she asks. Cam says no one could know, to which she responds, “No one… except you!” This does not go over well, obviously. “I don’t care what he made you promise,” she snaps. “I am your girlfriend, and I had a right to know!” He keeps saying he wanted to tell her, but Joss isn’t hearing it… at first. Eventually, she calms down and says that from here on out, they need to work together to bring Esme down.

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Nikolas tells Ava there’s no sign of what went down between his wife and Esme. There’s no body, and all that’s been found in one of the missing girl’s shoes. He goes to comfort Ava, but she pulls away, saying he has touched her for the last time. “I’m better off on my own than with a man who betrayed me!” She keeps insisting that thanks to his tryst with Esme — and the lie he told afterwards — there is no “we.” But Nikolas insists that they absolutely have to keep up appearances in order to prevent her from looking guilty if Esme’s body washes up. They’re interrupted by Spencer calling to say he’s been arrested. Even Ava appears to be moved by Spencer’s decision to put his own freedom on the line to try and clear Trina’s name. But she wants nothing to do with him, saying anyone dumb enough to sleep with his son’s manipulative girlfriend is a liability. “I can take care of myself,” she resolves. “This is not my first rodeo!”

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At the station, Jordan tells Spencer she’s “not completely cold-hearted” and will let him wait for his dad in the interrogation room. Spencer explains to her how he escaped, why and that he convinced Trina not to turn him in. “Why confess now?” she asks, and his answer is simple: For Trina. Nikolas arrives with Martin, telling Spencer he suspected this would happen. Spencer tells Nikolas he has one request: make sure Esme doesn’t leave town. As long as she’s in town, there’s a chance of her clearing Trina’s name. Leaning in, Nikolas says there’s something his son needs to know, explaining that Esme left town. Although Nikolas hopes to take Spencer home, Jordan insists the young man spend the night in a cell.

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Meanwhile, Sonny — fresh off his talk with Brando — is surprised when Ava arrives, saying that she needs his help. “I need you to be sure that Trina’s acquitted,” she requests. He suggests that the easiest way would be for him to “deal” with Esme, but Ava makes it very clear that nobody will be able to find Esme in time. “What did you do, Ava?” She doesn’t come clean, but Sonny promises that he will find a way to make sure Trina’s name is cleared. Once Ava exits, Sonny places a call to Dex, saying he has “an assignment” for him

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