Jordan arrests Spencer GH
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At Wyndemere, Nikolas arrives and hears Ava and Esme struggling over the envelope on the parapet. He rushes out to see Esme go over and into the water below. He asks if Ava pushed Esme. Ava explains Esme was trying to leave, and she had a letter she didn’t want her to see which they fought over, and she just went over the side. Ava runs inside to get her phone and call 911, but Nikolas stops her because the police will believe she did this. He orders her to hide in the master bedroom and he’ll clean up the room and get rid of Esme’s suitcase.

Ava and Nikolas on the parapet GH

Ava heads to the bedroom and Nikolas later arrives. He found the spot where Esme would have hit, but only found one of her shoes. Ava says they both know that fall isn’t fatal as she’s exhibit A. However whether Esme is alive or dead, her DNA is all over her and she could be implicated in her fall.

Ava questions Nikolas about Esme GH

Nikolas informs Ava that he hid the suitcase and thinks nobody needs to know what happened, and they can tell everyone Esme left town. Ava asks, what if Esme turns up alive? Nikolas feels they can handle this, and he swears he won’t let anything happen to her.

Nikolas cows protect Ava GH

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At General Hospital, Willow paces around Terry’s office and thinks about TJ telling her that she may have leukemia.

In the halls, Michael spots TJ and asks where Willow is. Remembering her asking him not to tell Michael anything, TJ simply says she should be back soon because they were running more tests on her.

Michael questions TJ about Willow GH

Back in Terry’s office, Terry and Britt meet with Willow. Terry says Liz should be here with her results soon. If she has leukemia, it may be genetic. Willow asks what this means for her baby. Terry feels first they need to confirm a diagnosis, and she wants to perform a bone marrow biopsy. Willow asks if they can do it now because she doesn’t want to wait. Terry has the time. Britt asks if Willow wants her to call anyone to be here with her, but Willow wants to do it by herself.

Willow questions Terry and Britt GH

Willow is taken into the OR where Terry and Britt perform the biopsy. After the procedure, Terry tells her to rest until a nurse comes to take her back to her room, and she is going to personally walk this sample to the lab. Britt tells Willow how brave she is, however, she shouldn’t underestimate Michael.

Willow in the OR GH

Later, Willow catches up with Michael in the hall and assures him everything is fine. Michael doesn’t remember Nelle having so many tests when she was pregnant, but then again, she wasn’t honest with him. He notices she seems off and asks if she’s okay. She assures him that she is.

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At the nurses’ station, Curtis swipes Oz’s folder and takes some photos of his chart. Jordan catches him and asks, “Do I want to know?” He tells her she doesn’t. They discuss Oz, and Jordan has forensics going over his place. Unfortunately with the amount of DNA they’ve recovered it could take months to match a sample to Esme.

Curtis and Jordan talk OZ GH

Jordan brings up her conversation with Britt, who confirmed Oz overdosed on an opioid. She also explained that Spencer came to Britt with the same type of pill, claiming it was Esme’s. He also questioned her about how it might interact with alcohol. Curtis begins to suspect Esme spiked Trina’s drink at the cabin, which would have explained Trina’s odd reaction. Jordan thinks they need to talk to Esme. They’re interrupted when Jordan gets a call and tells Curtis a situation that requires her attention has come up and it could have implications for Trina.

Jordan needs to question Esme GH

Later Curtis talks to TJ and asks if they can bring Oz out of his induced coma, because he may be Trina’s last hope. TJ isn’t authorized to do that, and doing so could kill him.

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Liz freaks out in the stairwell after having a flashback of finding Peter after Finn had pushed him down the steps. Suddenly she hears a young girl calling out, “Daddy!” Finn eventually finds her in a fugue state and asks if she’s okay. Liz snaps out of it and is afraid as she doesn’t know what happened. Finn guides her in taking a deep breath and then helps to get her out of there. They leave the files behind.

Liz stairwell freakout GH

Finn takes Liz to his office and asks what happened. Liz remembers the reports, which Finn says Epiphany has taken care of. Liz claims she just lost her balance, but he notes she was very out of it. He thinks she should be checked out, and Liz assumes he thinks she needs her head examined.

Finn worried about Liz GH

Finn is concerned and asks her if she won’t do it for herself, then do it for her kids. She snaps that she’s fine and just overdid it on her first day. She storms out and right past Terry, ignoring her friend. Terry asks what happened. Finn believes something is very wrong with Liz.

Liz unhappy with Finn GH

In court, Diane asks Trina if Spencer returned her feelings, but Trina doesn’t know and says he already had a girlfriend. Diane asks if Esme was aware she had feelings for Spencer. Trina admits Esme knew she liked Spencer and was jealous of her relationship with him. Diane questions her about her relationship with Esme. Trina explains she and Esme weren’t friends, as Esme helped Spencer stalk Ava Jerome. Diane finally asks if she’s ever wanted to harm a friend for any reason. Trina asserts never, and she’d never harm Joss or Cam.

Trina testifies she had feelings for Spencer GH

The ADA gets a chance to question Trina about the events of the night. Trina maintains she was in her room the entire evening after becoming sick during the drinking game. She asserts that Esme framed her, and believes she slipped the burner phone in her bag the day she visited Spencer in Spring Ridge. The ADA states the facts only show that the phone was found in her bag, with her credit card information on it, and nothing backs up her fanciful story about being framed.

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Diane gets a chance to redirect and asks if Trina and Esme were friends. Trina firmly states, “No!” Diane asks about Esme and Joss’ relationship, and Trina testifies that Joss hated Esme and called her a liar and a manipulator. They had verbal altercations for months before and after the cabin trip. Trina recounts that Esme once told Joss she was spoiled and entitled and she’d be sorry for how she treated her. Diane again asks if she loves her friends and if she would ever hurt them, to which Trina answers she does and would not.

The ADA makes her closing argument stating all the facts point to Trina. Diane argues that nobody saw Trina set up the phone, or send the email, and the evidence is circumstantial. She presents the idea that Esme, jealous of Trina and Joss, did this to hurt them. She tells the jury that they must find Trina not guilty.

As they wait, Rory tells Trina that her testimony was strong and passionate, and the jury will believe her. Meanwhile, Joss tells Spencer he did a nice thing for Trina, but he should leave it at that.

Joss tells Spencer he did a nice thing GH

Trina approaches Spencer and thanks him for what he said. She asks when he figured out Esme made the tape? Before he can answer, Jordan enters and places Spencer under arrest for breaking out of Spring Ridge.

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