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At the Metro Court pool, Felicia overhears two ladies fawning over Mac. She lets them know that silver fox has a wife. Felicia waltzes over and kisses her husband. He gets a laugh when she informs him about the two ladies who were checking him out.

Hot Daddy Mac GH

Mac and Felicia chat about their careers and what’s to come. While Mac isn’t looking to retire from the PCPD anytime soon, he admits hosting open mic night on The Haunted Star reminded him how much he enjoyed running The Floating Rib. Felicia knows what he means, and she’s been filling the void of the restaurant loss by playing PI with Anna and Sam. Mac thinks she should step in and help Sam with her caseload. Felicia tells him how she just helped Sam, who is trying to find someone’s biological parents to help Trina with her case. She thinks perhaps she’ll talk to Sam and ask if she can take over that case for her since she has no connection to anyone involved.

Felicia returns to being a PI GH

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Outside of Kelly’s, Sam finds Michael on the phone ordering someone to get it done today. She assumes he must be dealing with Aurora business. Michael claims, “You got me.” He says the stocks went into a freefall, and he feels like he let her down. Sam says she and Drew started the company five lifetimes ago, and they did it for Scout’s future. She knows he’ll work to get it back for Scout, and Wiley too.

Michael reveals Wiley is about to have a new sibling, so it will be for them as well. Sam is happy for him and Willow. Michael feels this time around, unlike with Nelle, that he has nothing but hope for the future. Talk turns to Sam and Dante’s relationship, and she admits right now they are both so busy with work. However thanks to a tip from Felicia, she may be close to cracking open a lead to help Trina.

Sam has her own news GH

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At the hospital, Willow tells TJ she doesn’t want Michael to know anything until the test results come back. She explains Michael is going through a lot right now, and he finally got good news regarding this baby. She doesn’t want to take that happiness away from him. TJ gets a notification on his phone and tells Willow he has to check in on a patient but will be right back.

Willow and TJ talk test restults

TJ goes to the administrative station and asks for the oncologist on duty to be paged as he needs a consult on some lab results that just came in. Later, the oncologist looks over the results and tells TJ he thinks his diagnosis is spot on.

Elsewhere, Finn speaks with Liz, who is back for her first day of work. Finn advises her there is no shame if she needs more time before coming back. Liz appreciates his concern but getting back to work is what she needs. She feels the worst is behind her. Finn apologizes again if he caused her any problems, and rambles about how lies and secrets screwed up his last relationship and he doesn’t want that to happen again with someone he loves… He pauses, as Liz appears stunned by his admission.

Finn and Liz discuss her return to work

Liz asks what he just said. Finn says he cares about her and laughs there is no getting out of this. Finn knows they’ve been taking things slow, but he also knows how he feels about her and he loves her. He tells her that she doesn’t have to say anything back. Liz gets paged and says TJ needs her help with something. She heads off.

Liz meets with TJ, and he asks her to take a copy of a patient’s lab results to his office and file them. Meanwhile, Willow comes out of the exam room and sees TJ consulting with the oncologist. She returns to the room, as does TJ. Willow knows who Dr. Sing is and asks TJ if he thinks she has cancer. TJ admits he is worried she has leukemia.

TJ consults an oncologist GH

Liz returns to Finn and pulls him into a kiss. She tells him that she loves him too. She has to get back to work but asks if she’ll see him after her shift. He responds, “Absolutely!” When she walks off, he jumps into the air in joy.

Liz heads down the steps, only to go into shock and recalls finding Peter in the same stairwell. She drops her files and has a panic attack.

Liz gets dizzy on the steps GH

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In court, Trina tells her parents if push came to shove then she would have ratted Spencer out, but she never expected him to do it on his own. Portia is at least glad Spencer testified he didn’t think Trina was guilty. However, Diane feels Trina has more work to do.

Diane talks to Trina and her parents GH

Diane pulls Trina aside and says she’ll be putting her on the stand next, and she may have to pursue a line of questioning that’s a little more personal than they planned. Trina tells her not to worry and that she knows what she needs to do. Diane tells her that she is a strong and confident woman, and now she needs to be the heroine in her own story.

Diane is putting Trina on the stand GH

Outside court, Nikolas tells Spencer that he may have just thrown his freedom away. Spencer explains he couldn’t let Trina take the fall for this, which confuses Nikolas and he’s been defending Esme. Spencer explains it was an act to try and get Esme to trip herself up.

Spencer has to get back to court GH

Nikolas wishes Spencer would have told him about this plan because it would have changed so many things. Spencer explains Esme is smart and the fewer people that knew the better. Spencer has to get back to court, but Nikolas has something to tell him and he has to hear it from him. Spencer tells him later and rushes back inside. Nikolas then receives a call from the house staff about a commotion going on at home.

Nikolas has something to confess GH

Court resumes, and Diane calls Trina to the stand. Trina testifies that Spencer told the truth and was with her at the cemetery when the video was leaked. She admits she tried to protect Spencer and had hoped there was enough other evidence that could prove she wasn’t guilty. Diane is trying to understand her motivation in protecting Spencer and can only guess it was an act of love. Diane asks her if the night of the trip if she had feelings for Cameron Webber. Trina states she didn’t. Diane asks if that was because she had feelings for someone else. Trina admits she had feelings for Spencer at the time.

Trina testifies she had feelings for Spencer GH

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At Wyndemere, Ava orders Esme to confess to framing Trina, or she’ll make sure nobody finds her while she’s still breathing. Esme isn’t afraid of her threats. Ava asserts she won’t let Trina go to prison, which is where a psychopath like Esme belongs. Esme asks where this motherly devotion was regarding Kiki, and if this commitment to Trina is because she knows she drove Kiki away and right to her death. Ava backhands Esme across the face, causing her to drop her envelope containing the letter to Maggie.

Esme brings up Kiki GH

Esme asks if that’s all she has. Ava warns her that the walls are closing in on her, and she is someone who will never be loved. Esme screams she’s so done with her and this family. She goes to grab her suitcase, and Ava picks up the envelope and points out she’s forgetting something. She wonders what evidence is inside the envelope. Esme remembers writing the letter to Maggie about her plans going swimmingly and then having to hide it in the bookcase when she heard someone coming. Esme demands it back. Ava wonders why she’s so desperate to have it. She thinks whatever is in it must be juicy.

Ava has the envelope GH

Esme tries to snatch the envelope, but Ava keeps it from her and gloats there is something in it she doesn’t want her to know. Esme proceeds to tackle Ava, and they begin throwing each other around. Esme grabs the envelope and heads out to the parapet to try and throw it over. Ava follows, and as she grabs at Esme and the envelope, they struggle, and Esme tumbles over the ledge and falls screaming to the ocean below.

Esme goes over the parapet GH

On the next General Hospital: Ava asks Nikolas if he found Esme. Joss tells Spencer that was a nice thing he did for Trina. Trina knows her fate is now out of her hands. Liz accuses Finn of thinking she needs her head examined. Willow asks Terry to be frank about what she and her child are dealing with.

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