Ava threatens to destroy Nikolas GH
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Mac and Dante hang out at the hatchet throwing bar. Mac thinks Dante would make a good future chief of detectives when it’s time for him to step down. Sam arrives and tells Mac that Felicia needs him for baby-sitting duty at home, so their double date is off.

Mac offers Dante promotion GH

Alone, Dante talks to Sam about their future and suggests moving in together. Sam responds, “Oh.” Dante asks, “Is that a good or bad oh?” She admits she hasn’t thought about it a lot. He points out they are always together, and their kids get along great.

Dante makes Sam proposal GH

Sam notes their life is great together, so why change it? They kiss and he thinks they can make it better. Dante must head out, and Sam agrees to give his idea some thought.

Sam surprised by Dante suggestion GH

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Sasha and Brando arrive at the hospital for her first therapy session. She tells him that he doesn’t need to wait around for her, but he doesn’t mind. She however does, because he’s been holed up with her all day. Michael and Willow enter, and they inquire how Sasha is feeling. She says he’s just mortified about her meltdown on live TV.

Michael Willow Sasha News GH

Michael and Willow have good news to share, but Sasha teases she already knows Willow’s pregnant. She hugs Willow, and Brando congratulates them. Willow excuses herself for a second, and Sasha pushes Brando to get out of here. He leaves, and Sasha tells Michael that Brando hasn’t left her side and it’s been a little overwhelming. Michael points out he’s just looking out for her.

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Willow approaches TJ and asks him not to mention the tests to Michael. Once she knows what she’s dealing with, then she’ll fill Michael in.

Willow begs TJ GH

Willow and Sasha get a moment alone, and Willow asks how she knew about the baby. Sasha admits she overheard the nurses talking the day she fainted. Willow realizes she knew before going on TV and embraces her. Suddenly Grant Smoltz arrives and asks Willow if she’s forgiven Sasha for running down her mother.

Grant taunts Sasha and Willow GH

At the gym, Dex and Sonny talk about what they did to Felty, and how it got Dex’s blood pumping. He tells Sonny if he needs something like that done in the future that he’s the guy. Sonny will keep it in mind.

Dex I'm your an GH

Later Brando arrives at the gym, and Sonny orders Dex to go. Brando tells Sonny that Sasha has her first therapy session, but he’s worried. He says Sasha keeps shutting him out. Sonny advises him to show Sasha that he’s not going anywhere no matter what.

Brando concerned about Sasha GH

Back at the hospital, Michael meets with Dex in the stairwell. Michael advises Dex to get Sonny’s trust to be what he lost, Jason. He says Jason knew where all the bodies were buried, and it’s time for Sonny to face the consequences. Later, Brando rushes up the stairs and catches Dex with Michael, and wonders what Dex is doing here.

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In the halls, Willow tells Grant that her mother’s accident was just that, and she goes off to get security. Sasha tells Grant he is a vulture and to go feed off of someone else’s unhappiness. Grant walks off, and a maintenance worker posts signs on the elevators about one being out of order and another for emergency use only. Willow returns to Sasha and promises they’ll sic Diane on Grant if he writes a story about her mother, but Sasha expresses that what he said wasn’t a lie. Willow knows it was an accident and hopes Sasha does too.

Felty has a story GH

Dante visits Felty in his room to ask about what happened to him. Felty claims he got mugged, but Dante points out he still has his money and phone. Dante asks if he can tell him who did this, but he refuses. Later Felty gets a visit from Grant. Felty has a story to pitch and teases what if Sasha was on drugs the night she ran over Harmony.

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In court, Taggert asks Diane how badly Spencer’s testimony hurt Trina’s case. She reveals she expected everything Spencer testified about, but he left them an opening.

Esme arrives outside the courtroom and the ADA wants to go over her testimony. Ava appears and laughs at her not to worry as Esme always makes sure her lies sound natural. The ADA excuses herself, and Esme snaps at Ava that she could destroy her world. Ava dares her to try it when Nikolas arrives and tells Esme to stop.

Ava Nikolas Esme argue GH ABC

Esme says, “Too late, I’m ending this right here, right now.” Nikolas tells her to be quiet, and she doesn’t want him as an enemy. Esme suggests he have a nice chat with his wife and walks off.

Esme taunts Ava GH

Ava realizes she’s in the dark about something and asks Nikolas what it is. Ava and Nikolas head into a private office, and Ava knows there is a secret. Nikolas loves her so much, but he made a huge mistake. Ava snaps, “What kind of mistake?” He cries he thought they were over, and he slept with Esme. He swears it was only one time.

Ava demands answers GH

Nikolas bathers he thought she left him, so he couldn’t believe she wanted to give them another chance. Ava remembers the day, and that Nikolas claimed he fell asleep in the sitting room and she thought someone was out on the terrace. He admits it was Esme. Nikolas again cries he thought he lost her and was devastated, and Esme saw her chance and took it.

Nikolas begs forgiveness GH

Ava chides, “Poor you, seduced by a high school graduate.” Nikolas reaches out to her, but she snaps, “Never again, you have touched me for the last time.” Nikolas swears Esme planned the whole thing, including convincing him to keep quiet. Ava says he’s always been a coward running away from his problems. She thought she married a man, but he’s a spineless weakling and she is going to burn him to the ground. Ava storms out. Nikolas looks at a photo of them on his phone and refuses to lose Ava without a fight.

Esme enters the courtroom, and Spencer again asks her if she’s going to exonerate Trina or spend her life alone and as an orphan. Esme tells him, “No deal, I’m not as alone as you think I am. I’ll find my birth mother a different way.”

Spencer wants an answer from Esme GH

Esme takes the stand, and recounts Trina drinking, becoming upset with Joss and Cam, and stumbling off to her room. Diane gets a chance to cross-examine and brings up Spencer testifying that she left the room which would give her time to plant the phone. Esme doesn’t deny it as a possibility.

Esme takes the stand GH

Diane asks whose idea was the trip, and Esme admits it was hers. Diane points out that the trip, the drinks, and the drinking game were all her ideas. She accuses her of being jealous of Spencer’s friends, especially of Trina. Diane questions how Spencer’s friends embraced her, and Esme admits they were hostile towards her and never gave her a chance.

Diane questions Esme GH

The judge calls a recess, and Diane reveals her plans to call Trina as a witness because they have to show who Trina is and who she isn’t. Trina wants to do it. Diane reminds her to just tell the truth about everything. Trina recalls admitting to Joss that Spencer was her alibi.

Joss confronts Spencer and asks where his girlfriend is. Spencer notes she’s not his girlfriend anymore, to which Joss assumes he must have finally realized she’s nuts. Spencer has known that for a while and steps out.

Spencer finds Diane in the hall outside of court and tells her that he can fix things for Trina. Court resumes, and Diane tells Trina there is a change in plans. Diane calls Spencer to the stand.

Diane's change of plans GH

At Wyndemere, Esme has her bags packed and retrieves an envelope from a book and puts in it her suitcase. Ava appears and calls her a conniving little whore.

On the next General Hospital: Brick talks with Dex. Willow asks TJ what he’s looking for. On the stand, Spencer says he knows for a fact that Trina didn’t distribute the video. Portia wonders, “What is happening here?” Ava and Esme’s confrontation continues. Brando yells at Sasha that maybe someone needs to control her.

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