Ryan doesn't know who Esme's mother is GH
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Jordan stops by Wyndemere to question Nikolas about Oz’s visit to his home yesterday. He reveals he wasn’t present, so she asks who was? He admits Esme was, and the staff. Jordan explains Oz arrived on the launch but got off the island somehow else. Nikolas questions what this is about.

Jordan grills Nikolas about Esme GH

Jordan informs him that shortly after leaving the island, Oz overdosed. She also believes Oz may have sold the phone used to make the sex tape that Trina’s accused of making. Now he’s in a coma and can’t testify, which is very convenient. Nikolas says he’ll speak with the staff and Esme. After Jordan leaves, Nikolas begins to run down Esme’s various manipulations of him.

Nikolas doesn't know anything GH

Nikolas is about to run out to find Ava when Victor arrives. He asks why Nikolas is in a rush, so Nikolas explains his marriage is in danger thanks to what Esme may tell Ava. Victor realizes Nikolas slept with Esme and can’t believe him.

Victor makes a decision GH

Victor decides that it’s time to evict Esme from their family for good. Nikolas refuses to let his uncle kill Esme because Spencer would never forgive him if he found out, and neither would his mother. He wants to make his mother proud and show Spencer and Ava that he can face up to his failings. Victor at least offers to drive him to the courthouse to get to Ava first.

Victor wants to kill Esme GH

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At Spring Ridge, Esme tells Ryan that she needs his help. He questions where she’s been, and she updates him about Kevin taking away her internship. She suspects Felicia was the one who ratted her out to Kevin, and she used Nikolas to get the internship back. He promises Felicia will be dealt with, but it’s time she puts distance between herself and the Cassadines.

Esme questions Ryan mother GH

Esme explains she can’t yet and fills him in on Spencer’s offer to tell her who her mother is in exchange for her freeing Trina. Ryan becomes concerned that Spencer’s digging could reveal he’s her father. Esme asks if that is all he’s worried about? She recalls Kevin saying Ryan could never care about another person and she’s beginning to think he’s right. Esme cries she needs to know who her mother is. Ryan wonders how a boy like Spencer found her, so she explains it was his uncle Victor. Ryan says if he couldn’t track her mother down then he doubts Victor could. She says there is a DNA test and demands he gives her a name if he doesn’t want her to take Spencer’s deal.

Ryan unhappy Esme GH

Ryan explains his courtship with her mother was mysterious and exciting. He says he never met her family or friends, and he didn’t even know her real name. When she disappeared, he looked, but never found her. That is why he doubts Victor could have found her. Ryan embraces Esme and says Kevin is wrong and he’s not an unfeeling monster. He swears that her mother meant everything to him, and so does their daughter. He explains that time in his life was painful, and her mother was the only person he could be himself with. He promises one day they’ll be reunited with her mother, but for now, they have more immediate concerns.

Esme wants her mommy GH

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In court, Trina approaches Spencer and asks why he’s here. He explains he’s here for her. Trina assumes he’s a witness for the prosecution because Diane didn’t call him, but he promises he’ll tell the truth. The ADA approaches and asks Trina for privacy with Spencer. Alone, she asks Spencer where Esme is. He swears she’ll be here.

Trina questions Spencer GH

Ava and Taggert glare at Spencer, and Ava admits Spencer was asking her about the trial. However, she had no idea he was going to be here today.

Ava and Taggert don't trust Spencer GH

Trina tells Joss that she was a fool to think things would work out for her. She admits for a split second she thought Spencer came to help her.

Trina vents to Joss GH

Court resumes, and Spencer takes the stand. The ADA questions him about the events of the night and the party. Spencer admits he can’t verify Trina’s whereabouts at all times after their party broke up and she went to her room sick. He continues to explain Joss blamed Esme for the drinking game and accused her of setting Trina up, which was unfair of Joss. The ADA asks if that is when they left the cabin. He explains Esme left the room to gather herself before they left for the night.

Spencer takes the stand GH

The judge calls a recess before Diane gets her chance to cross-examine. Trina approaches Spencer and rants at him for trashing her on the stand and helping Esme. Spencer tells her that she’s wrong. Rory heads to Trina and escorts her away from Spencer as Ava looks at Spencer with suspicion in her eyes.

Diane tells Trina that Spencer gave them an opening when he admitted Esme briefly left the room. She says when Esme gets on the stand it’s open season.

Meanwhile, Ava tells Spencer that she’s onto him. He could have given Esme an iron-clad alibi but didn’t. He jokes “What can I say, I am an idiot.” She knows he’s anything but an idiot and wonders whose side he’s really on.

Elsewhere, the ADA calls Esme and tells her if she does not appear in court then she’ll be held in contempt. Back in Spring Ridge, Ryan swears to Esme that if she doesn’t take Spencer’s offer, then he promises they’ll find her mother together when he gets out. (Read our theory about her true identity here.)

Cody arrives at the Metro Court Pool and thanks Aaron the waiter for calling to tell him that Britt was there and pays him a tip. He approaches Britt, who is with Maxie, and feels like she’s been blowing his texts and voicemails off. Maxie asks what she’s missing, and Britt reveals he was her terrible date. Cody takes full responsibility and would like to make it up to her. Maxie suggests he starts with some beverages, so he excuses himself to get them some drinks. Maxie notes Cody really gets to Britt, and it seems like Society Setups got this match right.

Cody drinks at the pool GH

Cody returns with drinks, and Maxie excuses herself to powder her nose. Cody apologizes to Britt and admits he was trying to be someone he thought she wanted instead of getting to know her. He asks if she can forgive or forget? Britt says he’s forgiven, but she doesn’t forget. She suggests they move on, so he asks, “To another date?” She laughs in his face, and he asks why she won’t let anyone get close to her. Maxie returns as Cody tells Britt he saw her drunken TED talk video on love and she has some harsh views. Britt storms off.

Britt not impressed with Cody GH

Maxie informs Cody that he blew it. He doesn’t know how he always lets Britt bait him. Maxie calls it chemistry and says Britt’s bark is worse than her bite. Cody asks Maxie for help, and she advises him that Britt just wants someone with whom she can be herself.

Maxie tries to help Cody GH

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Laer, Jordan stops by the hospital and asks Britt for an update on Oz, and questions what types of drugs he had in his system. Britt confirms they were opioids and thought this crisis was over once Cyrus was busted. Jordan doesn’t think she needs to worry, but Britt already had someone else inquire about the same drugs.

Jordan questions Britt about drugs GH

Jordan asks about the person who questioned her because Oz is a potential witness in Trina’s trial. Britt recalls it was Spencer who brought the pills to her and said they were Esme’s. Britt claims to Jordan that she can’t say who it was, and Jordan realizes she’s protecting someone. Jordan reminds her a young woman’s freedom could be on the line.

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