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Nina asks a Metro Court pool bartender named Aaron to fill in as a server at the restaurant, but he refuses and begins badmouthing her. He even goes so far as to say he works for Carly, not Nina. Sonny enters and (rightly) says that the kid shouldn’t talk to his boss that way. Unexpectedly, Sonny says that the kid probably disrespected Nina because he has other stuff going on in his life. Aaron admits he has problems with his parents and apologizes to Nina, who forgives him.

Once Aaron exits, Nina and Sonny butt heads. He points out that her having bought half of the Metro Court is going to lead to conflicts with people, whether she likes it or not. Nina doesn’t necessarily want to hear what he’s saying. “I’m always going to be straight with you, even if you don’t like what I say,” he warns her. “If you can’t deal with that, this isn’t going to work!”

Sonny shocks Nina GH

Nina says that she doesn’t need to be coddled by him, adding that she’s pretty sure he never had to do that with Carly. He explains that their relationship was completely different in that they could say anything to each other. But if Sonny thinks a relationship means being able to be verbally abusive with one another, Nina’s definitely not looking for that. Eventually, they sit down and talk things out. She says he doesn’t need to support all of her decisions, but she does need to know he supports her. “Carly’s long shadow will always hang over us,” she says, admitting she’s afraid they’ll never escape it. Sonny can’t deny that Carly will always be there, because she’s the mother of his children. What Nina has to decide is if she can live with that.

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Trina fears that her case is going down the drain. Taggert offers her words of encouragement, as does Rory. He worries that his testimony did more harm than good, but Trina completely forgives him. In turn, he offers to make it up to her… if she’ll let him. The A.D.A. calls Rory out for appearing in court to support Trina, saying he needs to be aware of the message that sends. Watching from the sidelines, Trina wonders if Rory is about to get in trouble because of her. Ava arrives and asks if Rory and Trina are just friends. “Ask me again when the trial’s over,” the younger woman says. Rory sits next to Taggert, who says that he’s glad the young man is Trina’s friend. The concerned dad adds, however, that he and Rory aren’t friends yet. Rory indicates he’s heard the message, loud and clear.

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Carly asks Joss about her run-in with Sonny the day before. Joss rolls her eyes, saying that of course Sonny went running to her mom. Joss rehashes what went down, including that she recorded what Sonny and Dex were doing. “Why should Sonny get away with that?” asks Joss. “Sonny trashed our family, and I’m tired of looking the other way!” Carly points out that going after Sonny creates collateral damage, and Joss says that her stepdad made that point, too. But how long does he get to basically commit any crime he wants and then play the “family” card?

Carly gets that Josslyn is mad about what Sonny did to the family, but says she can’t move on if she has to worry about her daughter going after him. Joss says her mom can relax, because Dex (who she refers to as “the guy,” having never gotten his name) convinced her to delete the footage. She did so because “the guy” shouldn’t go to prison when Sonny wouldn’t be charged with anything despite having given the orders. Joss wonders if maybe Jason was an idiot, like Dex, for making “all of those sacrifices for Sonny. And no offense mom, but maybe you were an idiot for standing by him for so long.”

Joss says Michael was right: Sonny’s gotten away with so much for so long because they all made excuses for him. But in the end, he showed them what they meant to him… nothing. Carly still wants them all to co-exist, however. They then talk about the trial and how guilty Josslyn feels about the way her words were twisted. “You showed strength, courage and loyalty,” says Carly, and I am so proud of you!” They head for the courtroom.

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Portia and Jordan ask Curtis for details about Oz and how he wound up in the hospital. Before they get far, Jordan is apologizing for her testimony. Curtis and Portia thank her for doing what she could to help Trina on the stand. Jordan is glad for their thanks, but circles back to how Curtis wound up being the one to find Oz. “What do you know that I should know?” she asks. Curtis catches Jordan up on the whole story, from Trina and Joss tracking down Oz to how the guy wound up in the hospital and his suspicion that Esme is somehow responsible. They realize that if she is, it would be attempted murder.

Spencer demands Esme free Trina GH

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“Time’s up, Esme,” says Spencer, demanding she clear Trina’s name. “I don’t think it’s even possible for me to get Trina off the hook without going to jail myself,” she lamentsf. He, however, points out that she’s an ace manipulator and can figure something out. Spencer again pushes her to decide, but Esme says it’s not worth it given that Trina’s the reason she lost him. Spencer says what they had was never love. “Take the energy you spend on your lies and put it to use,” he adds. “Figure out how to set Trina free before it’s too late.”

Nikolas surprises Ava GH

Ava and Nikolas start the day on very good terms, sharing a smooch before she heads to the courtroom. But before she can leave Wyndemere, an envelope arrives containing what she describes as “our future.” It’s actually their divorce papers. Despite the divorce having been his idea, Nikolas says they need to call it off. Hearing about his grandmother’s house burning down made him realize that life is too short to be playing games. “Being your husband is all that matters to me,” he says, and she agrees. They agree to find a way to symbolically destroy the papers that evening.

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Nikolas interrupts Spencer and Esme’s fight to tell her that her internship at Springridge has been reinstated. Esme rushes to hug him, saying she’s going to go make arrangements for her next shift. Nikolas pointedly says it’s too bad she can’t do it today. Once Esme leaves, Nikolas says he only helped Esme because she’s important to Spencer. “Are you happy?” Nikolas asks his son. “I’m trying to be,” Spence admits honestly.

Nikolas apologizes for all the mistakes he’s made with Spencer in the past. “Just know that I love you, son. I’m a flawed man. Moving forward, I never want to hurt you again.” Spencer says he, too, is flawed. At that moment, Esme enters and Spencer says they need to head to the courthouse. She says she’ll meet him there, then, once he’s gone, promises Nikolas that she won’t tell Ava or Spencer about their tryst. Nikolas points out it sure seemed like she wanted to, and Esme responds that thankfully, “It didn’t come to that.”

At the courtroom, Ava and Carly have a tense discussion. Ava offers to let Carly spend more time with Avery. In return, Carly bitterly points out that Ava and Spencer are dealing with big issues because Nikolas “can’t man up” and kick out Esme, the person who framed Trina. Joss and Trina discuss the fact that Rory and Taggert are sitting next to each other. Carly has to leave when she gets a call saying that Donna was injured at the playground. It’s not serious, but she has to go. Portia calls Taggert, upset that she can’t be there because she has a patient being rushed into surgery.

GH Esme spencerIn the final moments, Spencer arrives at the courtroom. On Spoon Island, Jordan tells Nikolas she needs to speak to him about his “recent visitor.” As for Esme, she makes a call to Springridge saying that it’s urgent she be allowed to see Ryan immediately!

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