Curtis saves Boz's life
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Sonny and Dex deal with Felty in a stairwell. Sonny knows he’s been exploiting Sasha and pushing drugs on her. Dex dangles Felty from the top of the staircase, pushes him to the ground, and begins to kick him in the gut. Sonny taunts him that they are going to bury his body where nobody will find it. Suddenly Joss blurts out, “You are so busted! I just recorded the whole thing, and you are going down.” Sonny looks up to see her holding her phone.

Sonny and Dex deal with Felty GH

Sonny asks what Joss is doing there. She explains she was out for a run and saw him go down a sketchy alley, so she decided to follow him. What she recorded is enough to send him to prison for life. She walks off and Sonny chases after her. He knows she’s angry at him, but if she has him arrested it will hurt Donna and Avery. He points out that when they grow up, they’ll know she sent their father to prison.

Joss tapes Sonny GH

Joss refuses to take the blame for what Sonny did. Sonny tells her that punishing him, and punishing her siblings, are two different things. He walks off, and Dex explains to Joss that this guy was pushing drugs on Brando’s wife. He swears he thought they were just going to rough him up a little. He fears if she turns the recording over to the cops that Sonny’s lawyer will get him off the hook, but he’ll likely go to jail. Joss deletes the video because Sonny has ruined enough lives already.

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At Oz’s place, Curtis breaks down the door to find Oz slumped over on the couch, while Esme hides in the other room.

Esme hides from Curtis GH

Curtis asks Oz what he took, and he can only say, “She gave me something.” Oz passes out and Curtis calls for an ambulance. Later the cops arrive, and Esme is able to sneak out as Curtis is told this is officially a crime scene and therefore he can’t search the place.

Boz overdoses drugged GH

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At the Metro Court pool, Valentin surprises Anna with a private romantic dinner. However, she says she can’t put up with the dishonesty anymore and tries to walk off. He asks her not to end the evening before it’s started and admits he’s been keeping things from her. She knows he left the clinic weeks ago and asks where he was. He claims he developed a staph infection in his spine and had to be moved to another clinic to treat it and undergo extensive therapy. He explains that’s also why he had to send Charlotte to boarding school, to protect her from his enemies while he was flat on his back. Anna asks why he didn’t tell her what was going on?

Anna doesn't trust Valentin GH

Valentin felt like he did when they first met, and Anna used to look at him with pity. She feels they’ve moved passed all that. Anna hopes she didn’t break their trust by looking into him. He asks why she did it? She says ever since he came back that he’s been different and she wanted to know why. He admits he has something troubling him, which is his fear of losing her as they grow closer. They share a passionate kiss.

Valentin lies to Anna's face GH

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In the lobby of the hotel, Spencer interrupts his father and Ava to ask if he can join them. Ava wonders if Esme will be accompanying them, but Spencer says she doesn’t know he’s here. Ava gleefully invites him to take a seat. Spencer asks Ava what happened at Trina’s trial. She thinks he’ll be happy to know it didn’t go well. Spencer assures her he wishes no ill will on Trina. As Ava fills him in, Esme appears outside and texts Nikolas to come out and meet her.

Ava updates Spencer on trial GH

Nikolas steps out to meet Esme, and she says their secret is weighing on her and she wants to tell Ava and Spence they slept together. Nikolas implores to her that it was a moment of vulnerability and best put behind them. Esme feels like her life is going nowhere since losing her internship, and this could mean a fresh start. He promises to get her internship back and asks to give him until to tomorrow to do so. She hugs him and smiles.

Esme plays Nikolas GH

Nikolas returns to Ava and Spencer. Spencer hopes things go better for Trina tomorrow. Ava fears unless a miracle witness appears, Trina may go to jail.

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At the hospital, Molly stops by with a smoothie for TJ. She updates him on Trina’s trial, vents how the system is broken and she is starting to think she can’t change it from the inside.

Molly unhappy at work GH

Later, Oz is brought in and TJ attends to him. Molly finds Curtis in the hall and asks if everything is okay. He tells her about Oz, who could clear Trina.

Boz in coma GH

After Oz codes, TJ is forced to put him into a medically induced coma to save his life. Curtis suspects Oz was drugged by Esme to shut him up. Unfortunately, there is no way to prove it until Oz regains consciousness, and Trina is running out of time.

Curtis learns Boz's fate GH

At the nurses’ station, Dione gets a call from Esme, who claims to be Oz’s daughter. Esme learns Oz is in a coma and smiles.

At Carly’s place, Michael and Willow reveal to Drew that they are pregnant. He’s thrilled for them and they toast to family.

Michael and Willow tell Drew they're pregnant GH

After Michael and Willow depart, Drew guesses he should get going too. Carly tells him he doesn’t have to. Carly pours more champagne and they toast to the new baby. As they celebrate they eventually lean in for a kiss. However, they’re interrupted when Sonny bursts in and tells Carly to get her daughter under control.

Carly and Drew celebrate

Sonny fills Carly in on what happened with Joss. Carly notes Joss is an adult and if she wants to report a crime then that is her business. Sonny puts this on Carly for egging her on against him. Sonny warns Carly to pull back because she already lost her hotel and there is still more she could lose. Sonny leaves, and Carly smiles that she has Sonny right where she wants him.

Sonny wants Carly to stop Joss GH

Michael and Willow stop by the Quartermaine stables, and Willow notes his mom seems good. He agrees this is the strongest she’s seemed in a long time. Willow asks if this means he might drop his vendetta against Sonny. She thinks this anger and hate aren’t good for him and she doesn’t want to see him do something he regrets. Michael insists this isn’t about revenge, it’s about doing what’s right. He doesn’t want Sonny in his life anymore. He tells her that she makes him happy, and they have a lifetime of happiness ahead of them. Willow’s mind wanders to TJ’s news regarding her health.

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