Esme seduces Boz GH
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At the Quartermaine stables, Britt accuses Cody of saying whatever he thought she wanted to hear just to get her in bed. He swears that’s not the case and he was just trying to impress her. She says this so-called date is over and he’s a waste of her time. She tells him to get on his horse and ride out of her life. He snaps, “It’s funny you don’t like horses since you’re such a nag.” He immediately apologizes, but she dumps a drink on his head and walks out.

Cody ruins date GH

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At the Haunted Star, Linc asks Chase if he’s considered a career in music because he sees something in him. Chase asks what Linc wants. Linc wants a joint venture, and with the right management, he’ll be a star. BLQ steps in and says that is why Chase has her. Linc didn’t know Chase was signed, but Chase explains they have an informal agreement. Linc scoffs that’s not worth anything.

Linc butters up Chase GH

Linc sells himself as having an ear and a head for business. Chase vows he’d never sign with a parasite like Linc. Linc snarks, “Never say never.” Chase calls him an amoral sleaze, which Linc points out is a plus in this business. He suggests Chase give them both 30 days to show him what they can do for him. Chase agrees just to get Linc off his back. Linc departs, and BLQ and Chase smile at one another. BLQ knows there is nothing Linc won’t do until he gets him, and they make a good team.

BLQ managing Chase GH

At their table, Maxie tells Spinelli that Austin is a good man and he needs to be nice to him. She asks what is going on with him because he’s been acting squirrely for weeks. Spinelli finally admits he’s behind Society Setups. She wonders why he’s keeping this a secret, and if he’s afraid people wouldn’t use it knowing he was behind it. He admits he is awkward and nerdy. She praises him as a good guy and would trust him with her heart if she was single.

Maxie grills Spinelli GH

On the deck, the mystery man tells Austin he stopped responding to his messages so he forced his hand. He came to deliver a message that his time is up. He demands Austin return to Pautauk, but Austin says he doesn’t answer to him.

Austin mystery man GH

The man knows that, but he does answer to his boss. He says the boss, who is a woman, says Austin has failed and has to return to the fold. Britt arrives in the background and sees Austin meeting with the stranger. The man subtly drops the threat that he knows about his friend Maxie.

Man orders Austin home GH

After the man leaves, Britt vents to Austin about her lousy date. Austin thinks perhaps he was just terrified of her given she’s successful and accomplished, and maybe Cody does like her.

Britt Austin Chat GH

Austin and Britt head inside, and Austin asks Spinelli and Maxie what they are up to. Maxie explains they were talking about childcare, and she tells Britt she looks nice. Britt says she was on a date, which went terrible. Spinelli tries to convince Britt to give it another try, but she refuses and doesn’t understand why he keeps defending the app. She announces she’s going to do what she should have after the singles mixer and sue Society Setups and put them out of business forever. Maxie thinks she can’t be serious and advises she should stop dwelling on the negative and just give dating a rest for a while.

BRitt wants to sue Spinelli GH

Back at the stables, Cody calls Britt and leaves a message. He apologizes for screwing up and would like a chance to make it up to her.

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At Curtis and Portia’s place, they discuss the trial and the ADA’s case against Trina. Marshall arrives and can see by their faces that things didn’t do well today. Portia feels Diane did great, but they’ll need a miracle. She asks Curtis about the burner phone lead, and he fills her in that the bartender escaped the island, but they are still working to tail him. He hasn’t returned to his apartment and he has secured access to search it. Curtis asks Marshall to stay with Portia while he goes to Oz’s place to look for clues. Curtis exits and gets a message on his phone.

Curtis comforts Portia GH

Curtis meets with Ms. Wu in her car, which is parked down the street from his home. He asks why she’s here? She knows he has some issues with his family, and she is here to help. She reveals she owns the Highsider and she can give him the address where Boz is hiding out.

Wu offers Curtis a name GH ABC

Back at the house, Marshall tries to keep Portia focused on what Trina’s defense has and not what it lacks. Portia vents her concern about the emotional toll this is taking on Trina and if she’s equipped to handle the stress. He knows having schizophrenia doesn’t make him a medical expert, but he’s seen no signs in Trina of struggling with mental illness. Marshall knows Curtis is worried his illness could be hereditary, and this wasn’t the legacy he wanted to leave his family. Portia explains there is no one gene responsible for schizophrenia, but it does run in families. She also thinks they’d likely know by now if Curtis had it.

Marshall supports Portia GH

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Esme meets Oz at his hideout and tells him that she no longer has a boyfriend or access to his money. He notes then she can’t afford his silence. Oz is in hiding thanks to her and suggests he should cut a deal with the people trying to find him at this point. Esme apologizes for acting like a spoiled brat. She has been handed everything to her, while he put himself through law school. He can’t believe she investigated him. She asks for some time to get him cash, but he snaps that her time is up. He tells her who is looking for her, and she realizes it’s Curtis and Marshall.

Esme Boz clash GH

Esme says if they could both be arrested at any moment then they might as well enjoy themselves and suggests a drink. He pours them some drinks and asks if her boyfriend dumped her over the sex tape. She says Spencer is weak and she’s done with boys, and she leans in and kisses him. He returns the kiss and says his room is in the back. She asks him to top her off first. He leaves his glass behind as he goes to grab the bottle, and Esme smirks.

Esme Boz drink GH

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Oz returns with a full glass for Esme, and she pushes him to drink up. Oz begins to feel odd, his vision blurs, and he begins tugging at his clothes as if he’s burning up. He looks at her and asks what she did to him, and then passes out. Suddenly Curtis bangs on the door.

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