Chase sings at Haunted Star GH
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At the Quartermaine mansion, BLQ leaves a voicemail for Chase who she expects to see at the Haunted Star in an hour. Willow and Michael enter the kitchen, and BLQ asks if they are coming to open mic night. They forgot, and she reminds them this is Chase’s big break. They surprise her with the news that they are having a baby, and she congratulates them. BLQ encourages them to come out and celebrate, and they agree to be there.

BLQ happy for Willow and Michael

Brook Lynn takes off, and Michael asks Willow when her next OB appointment is. She informs him that he doesn’t have to come with her to every appointment, but he wants to be involved given what happened with Jonah and Wiley’s births. He can’t believe this time there are no cult leaders or crazies out there poised to ruin everything. They embrace, and Willow looks concerned.

Willow keeps secret from Michael GH

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At the stables, Cody calls up Spinelli to ask him for information on Britt to secure a second date. Spinelli refuses to help him and hangs up. Britt arrives, and she asks where they are going for dinner. He planned a dinner underneath the stars and ordered from Metro Court. He tries to convince her to meet Comet, but she refuses and reminds him that she doesn’t like horses. Cody rants that if she’s so opposed to new experiences then she might as well be dead. Britt admits maybe he is not wrong, and she has been a little stubborn. She approaches Comet but freaks out.

Cody introduces Comet GH

Britt thinks this is a bad idea and she should go, but he asks her not to. He says underneath her front he sees a whip-smart woman who is passionate about life and he wants to get to know her better.

Cody Britt Argue GH

They sit down at a table outside and begin asking each other questions. She wonders what he wants out of life, and he answers a partner and maybe a couple of kids. Britt freaks out and thinks this match was a total mistake. Cody isn’t sure what he missed. She thought he was exciting and dangerous, and hopes that he finds a nice boring wife to give him lots of kids. He screams, “I don’t even want kids!” She asks him what game he’s playing? Britt accuses him of telling her what he thinks she wants to hear, so what does he want from her?

Cody Britt Drinks GH

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At the gym, Chase beats the bag as Finn holds it, and Finn calls a time-out. Finn is guessing given how long he’s been punching the bag that he’s avoiding something that has to do with Brook Lynn. Chase admits it’s open mic night, but he can’t go.

Chase and Finn box GH

Later, Chase notices all the missed calls, texts, and voicemails on his phone from Brook Lynn. Chase admits to Finn that he’s afraid the audience may not like him. Finn thinks he’ll be terrific, and asks what the real problem is. Chase explains Brook Lynn’s plan to have Linc agree to manage him just so he can learn his dirty secrets. Finn advises him to tell Brook Lynn if he doesn’t want to sing.

Chase and BLQ issues GH

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On the Haunted Star, Maxie hopes Mac is looking forward to MCing tonight. Austin arrives, and he and Maxie grab a table. They lean in for a kiss when Spinelli shows up. Austin invites him to join them, and Maxie sends Austin to get drinks.

Austin Maxie Date GH

Alone, Maxie asks why Spinelli is stalking her. He swears he’s not but she knows he’s hiding something. He admits he doesn’t think Austin is her perfect match. She doesn’t want his advice. Austin returns with the alcohol, and BLQ enters searching for Chase.

Spinelli is coy GH

Epiphany and Marshall arrive, and Epiphany thinks she should be studying for the MCATs. He jokes that music isn’t just good for the soul, but the mind as well. She agrees to one drink, and Marshall adds, “And a song.”

MArshall has a request of Epiphany GH

Mac begins the festivities, and Epiphany is first up to sing.

Epiphany sings GH

Finn and Chase arrive. However before Chase says anything to Brook Lynn, Linc approaches claiming he’s concerned about Brook Lynn being here since she can’t sing anymore. BLQ claims she’s found something she wants more than fame, and Linc assumes that’s Chase. He asks Chase if he’s going to sing, and Chase confirms he is. Linc says he hopes he breaks a leg as this crowd can be harsh. Linc walks away, and BLQ swore Chase was going to turn her down. He states Linc is the most disgusting person he’s ever met. She drags him off to find him something more suitable to perform in.

Linc Chase and Brook Lynn GH

Willow and Michael arrive, while Austin gets another troubling text message. Chase finally takes the stage, and eventually loosens up and the crowd claps along as he sings. Linc takes notice of Chase, which BLQ spots.

Chase performs GH

After his performance, Michael and Willow tell Chase how great he was, as does Finn. Once alone, Chase asks BLQ if Linc took the bait. She says they’ll see and makes herself scarce. Linc begins to slither Chase’s way and finally asks the detective if he’s considered a music career.

On the deck, Austin tells someone he can’t be seen with him, which he said to him that night in the woods. He asks what the hell he’s doing here?

Austin and the mystery man GH

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At the hospital, Nina arrives to see Sasha and Brando. Sasha is being discharged, so Nina brought her a change of clothes. Brando excuses himself to check on the discharge papers. Nina tries to talk to Sasha, but she won’t be talked into going to rehab. She swears she’s not addicted to the pills, but Nina knows the pain of losing a child. Sasha knows she needs help, which is why she agreed to outpatient therapy.

Sasha insists she's fine GH

Sasha gathers Nina saw her breakdown on TV. She knows it was the pills, but in that brief moment, she saw Liam in her arms and was so happy. Sasha cries part of her wishes she could live in that fantasy, and she could feel him in her arms again. She breaks down sobbing as Nina embraces her.

nina is concerned for Sasha GH

Out in the hallway, Sonny arrives with Dex and runs into Brando. Sonny sends Dex off and then asks Brando how Sasha is doing. Brando says Sasha is refusing to go to rehab, and he wishes he knew how Sasha got to this point to begin with.

Brando and Sonny talk Felty GH

Sonny asks Brando for the name of the scum who gave Sasha the drugs. Brando tells Sonny his name is Felty. Sonny plans to make sure he never gives anyone drugs again. Brando wants in on that talk.

Sonny handles things GH

Sonny orders Dex to locate Felty and let him know when he finds him, and notes this is his chance to impress him by following orders. Brando realizes Sonny is going after Felty now but he can’t leave Sasha. He trusts Sonny to take care of things. Sonny assures him that he will.

Brando heads back into Sasha’s room. Nina leaves them, and Brando tells his wife the discharge paperwork is on its way up. Sasha knows he thinks it’s too soon for her to come home. He is concerned they are jumping the gun, but it’s her call. She can’t wait to get home with him, and he promises to always be there for her. They kiss.

Later, Dex calls Sonny and tells him that he found Felty. Sonny tells him he knows what to do, and he’ll be right there.

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