Things going bad for Trina GH
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In an exam room at the hospital, TJ tells Willow her test results revealed she has an elevated white blood cell count. Willow knows that’s normal during pregnancy. TJ explains he doesn’t feel this is related to her pregnancy.

TJ concerned Willow sick GH

Willow asks what he’s not telling her. TJ believes her issue pre-dates the pregnancy, and this isn’t related to the baby. He promises they will deal with this. He knows she has an appointment with Britt and to keep it.

Willow gets bad news GH

Brad meets up with Britt before their outing later at The Haunted Star, but she says she still has one more patient. She also explains something has come up and can’t go. He realizes she has a date and grills her. Britt tells him the guy is hot in a rugged way, but they are nothing alike, Brad exclaims, “Oh my god, it’s parachute guy!”

brad and britt talk dating gh

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Michael and Dante spar at the gym when Cody arrives. Michael has to depart to meet Willow at the hospital and tells Cody that Willow is pregnant. He doesn’t want to be late because her OB Britt is scary. Cody jokes, “Really, small world.” Michael asks if he knows Britt, and Dante explains Cody parachuted into Britt and knocked her into the Metro Court pool. Michael knows the video, laughs about it, and then heads out.

Michael and Dante spar GH

Dante and Cody head to the sauna, and Dante asks about him being all over Britt on the Fourth of July. Cody knows how he feels about Britt, so he might not like that he’s going on a date with her. Dante should have known when he warned him to stay away from Britt that it would be like catnip to him.

Dante and Cody in steam room GH

Cody says Britt is beautiful and successful, so why can’t Dante be happy for him. Dante is, but he’s just looking out for him. Dante says the minute he saw him fall out of the sky he realized Cody hadn’t changed a bit. Cody notes he has, maybe it’s the badge or being a dad. Dante explains he grew up and maybe Cody should try it. He also gloats not to say he told him so if this date becomes a dumpster fire.

Cody steam room Dante GH

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Back at the hospital, Britt asks Brad if he thinks she’s an idiot for going on this date. He thinks if she wants to give Cody another chance then okay, but she admits they both know this will end in disaster.

Britt thinks it will be a disaster

Michael arrives and runs into Willow, who he notes seems off. They meet with Britt and she performs an ultrasound on the baby. They are elated to hear the baby’s heartbeat. After the appointment, Michael asks Willow if she’s okay. She assures him she has never been better.

Michael Willow OB appointment

Britt meets with TJ and informs him Willow’s pregnancy is progressing well. TJ has something to discuss concerning Willow, so they head to her office.

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At Wyndemere, Spencer tells Esme if she wants to know who her birth mother is then she’ll make sure the judge knows Trina is innocent. He says they both know she recorded and distributed that revenge porn.

Spencer confronts Esme tape GH

Spencer notes her torching Ava’s car, and leaving Kiki’s badge at the scene, showed him how cruel she is. He also recalls how she couldn’t wait to show the video of Joss and Cam to him and insisted it was Trina who made it. He realized everything Cam and Joss warned him about her was true.

Esme can’t believe after all she’s done for him that this is how he repays her. She reminds him that they left that cabin together, so she couldn’t have planted that phone. Spencer recalls the events of that night and how she insisted Cam and Spencer take the master bedroom, and when they returned from skiing she was nowhere to be found. He guesses that’s when she set up the phone in the bedroom.

Esme denies accusations GH

Spencer continues that when they got back to town he forgot something at the cabin, and she went back to get it for him. That’s when she likely retrieved the phone. She asks him how she could have predicted Trina wouldn’t handle her booze, is she psychic? He responds, “Not psychic, psycho.” He accuses her of spiking Trina’s hot toddy with the pills he found in the closet, which Britt identified for him.

Spencer is certain that if Esme could frame Trina without implicating herself, she can free Trina without incriminating herself as well. He informs her this is a limited-time offer, so she has a decision to make. Esme snarks if it comes to choosing her mother over hurting him, don’t be so sure what she’ll choose. Esme storms out.

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In the foyer, Esme paces and appears to be falling apart.

On the stand, the ADA asks Joss if she won’t concede that Trina could have set up the phone in her bedroom. Diane objects on grounds of conjecture, so the ADA has no more questions.

Joss takes the stand GH

Diane cross-examines Joss and asks how she knows Trina couldn’t do this. Joss cries she’s known Trina since middle school and she is her best friend in the world. Joss knows Trina could never do this to her, and wouldn’t even know how to get a black-market phone. Diane asks how she knows it was a black-market phone? Joss doesn’t but explains the second phone that was found in Trina’s bag that was identical to Trina’s. She believes she knows who did this, and names, Esme Prince.

Diane questions Joss GH

Joss details to the court Esme and Spencer’s stalking of Ava, and that she has the demented type of mind that could make revenge porn. The ADA objects on grounds of speculation. Diane asks Joss about her GPA at college, and Joss answers she has a 4.0. Diane asks who her dormmate was for her first year, and Joss says it was Trina. Diane asks if she’ll be her dormmate next year? Joss states, “Absolutely.”

The ADA calls Jordan to the stand, and the commissioner explains they got an anonymous tip that Trina had recorded the revenge porn. She points out that Trina fully cooperated with them, and when she came in to be questioned, that’s when they found the second phone in her bag. The ADA submits the forensic report that ties Trina to the phone and no one else.

Jordan is questioned at trial GH

Diane cross-examines and asks Jordan about questioning Trina. Jordan explains she came in voluntarily and didn’t ask for council. She says Trina cooperated and wanted to help in any way she could. Diane asks about the other phone, and Jordan explains it was Trina who found the second phone in the bag and seemed confused about it. Diane asks if that is how a guilty person behaves? Jordan insists Trina did not act as a guilty person, and she only wanted to be helpful.

The ADA calls Rory to the stand and questions him about his investigation of a bar fight at the Highsider. She brings up a report that two underage girls were caught up in the brawl and asks if the women are in this courtroom. Rory is forced to admit it was Trina and Joss. She then asks why they were in the bar. He doesn’t know what she means. The ADA produces the bartender’s rap sheet, a man who traffics in stolen cellphones. The ADA points out the same kind Joss claimed Trina would never know how to buy.

Rory testifies at Trina's trial GH

Diane cross-examines and asks if Joss and Trina told Rory why they were there. He says they were looking for the man who sold Esme the phone. Diane asks if they were there to purchase a phone, and he states they wanted the bartender to ID Esme. The judge calls for an adjournment.

Everyone exits, and Curtis feels there is room for reasonable doubt. Jordan walks by and nods at Curtis, and Rory smiles at Trina. Portia tells her daughter to hang in there

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