Trina's trial begins GH
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TJ takes Brando to the steam room so he can relax. Brando paces the room and vents about his wife lying to him for months just when he thought they were getting back on track. He loves Sasha and wants her to be okay, but she’s in denial. TJ notes he can’t help Sasha unless she helps herself, and he believes it will all work out.

BRando and TJ have a steam GH

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In court, Joss and Carly arrive for the trial, and neither understands how this is happening. Diane assures them Scott did an amazing job with the prep work and she will bring it home.

Diane Carly talk Trina's trial GH

Trina, Taggert, and Portia arrive as a family outside of the courtroom. Her parents tell her she can do this, but Trina knows there is still a possibility she’ll be found guilty. Curtis appears and says the lead hasn’t panned out yet, but they are still working on it. Trina feels they are out of time. Trina and Taggert head into the courtroom, and Portia thanks Curtis for trying.

Trina and parents arrive to court GH

In court, Ava arrives to support Trina, and she brought Trina’s necklace. Later Cam finally enters and apologizes for being late as he was dealing with Aiden, who has been sick. Cam., Joss and Trina embrace one another.

Cam and Joss support Trina GH

The trial begins, and the ADA makes her opening statement that Trina had means, motives, and ample opportunity to pull this crime off.

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The ADA calls Cam to the stand and questions him about his history with Trina and Joss. She brings to light through that Cam and Trina briefly had feelings for one another, and now he’s dating her best friend Joss. She also has Cam admit that only Trina was in the cabin when he and Joss were intimate.

Cam is called to the stand GH

Diane cross-examines Cam about his relationship with Trina. Cam explains they never dated, only kissed. He states Trina is one of his closest friends and he believes in her. Cam steps down and the ADA calls Joss to the stand.

The ADA asks Joss about the events that led up to her and Cam being intimate, and Joss recounts the drinking games they played. Joss is forced to admit Trina drank, but all the questions were designed to make Trina drink and she was set up. When Joss refuses to answer just yes or no to the questions, the ADA asks the judge for permission to treat Joss as a hostile witness, and it’s granted.

Joss is a hostile witness GH

The ADA asks if Trina voiced being upset that Joss was dating Cam and she felt left out. Joss admits she did but wasn’t herself. Joss recounts Trina then went to her room, she called Esme out as the snake she was, and Esme and Spencer left. As the questioning goes on, the ADA asks if she can account for Trina’s whereabouts the entire time that evening.

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At Wyndemere, Spencer reveals to Esme that he’s found her birth mother. A shocked Esme asks how. He explains it was his Uncle Victor who used his WSB connections. He tells her the story he concocted that her mother lives in Portugal. Esme asks if Victor found her father? He claims Victor didn’t find out anything about her father. Esme inquires why Spencer did this for her. Spencer wanted to make things up to her for all the rough patches they’ve gone through.

Spencer surprises Esme GH

Esme admits knowing who she is and where she came from, it’s everything she’s wanted, but how does she know it’s real? Spencer explains he had a DNA test done and shows her the results, which are actually from Joss and Carly. Esme reads them and notes there are no names on the paperwork. He explains he did it to keep it confidential. She can’t believe he did this for her. Spencer explains she’s the last person he did this for.

Esme doubts Spencer GH

Esme is confused and wonders what is going on. Spencer explains the only way she’ll learn the identity of her birth mother is to give him what he wants, and that is Trina’s freedom.

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At the gym, Dante and Sonny spar, and Dante calls a time-out. He asks why Sonny’s so worked up. Sonny admits he got into it with Nina over Carly losing her half of the Metro Court. Sonny just wants to move forward, but Carly and Michael believe he’s siding with Nina against them. Dante explains he didn’t choose what happened to him, but he can choose what happens moving forward. Dante admires his dad for not letting his hatred over what happened to him overtake him. He knows his dad is trying to move on and denying his feelings for Nina would be a lie and a crappy foundation on which to build a new life. Sonny explains it gets more complicated and fills him in on Nina purchasing Carly’s half of the Metro Court.

Sonny Dante box GH

Michael arrives to see Dante, and Sonny decides to give them space. Michael stops Sonny and tells him that Willow is pregnant, but he will not have a part in this child’s life. He warns Sonny to stay out of his life and Carly’s. Dex appears and asks if there is trouble. He and Michael argue, and Sonny orders Dex to stand down. As things escalate, Brando arrives to break up the fight. He warns Dex to listen to Sonny’s orders or he’ll deal with him.

Michael tells Sonny about Willow GH

Sonny tells Bando everything is fine, and he and Michael are finished. Dante takes Michael aside to talk. On some level, Dante wonders if Michael chose to meet him here of all places to tell him this news knowing Sonny could be here. Michael dismisses the notion and asks Dante what he thinks about the news. Dante congratulates him and is excited to be an uncle again.

Meanwhile, Brando again offers to talk to Michael for Sonny. Sonny tells Brando he’s done talking and now is the time for action. Brando is here for him, but Sonny asks him to stop worrying about him and take care of his family. He tells Brando to let him deal with what he has to.

Nina visits Nathan’s grave at the cemetery. She gets a call from Olivia about an important staff meeting in an hour. Irritated, Nina thanks her for the ample notice and will be there. Obrecht appears, having overheard Nina’s end of the call, and asks if she has made a career change. Nina explains what happened with Carly and the Metro Court, and how she fears her attempt to help Carly could cost her Sonny.

Nina Obrecht talk about Metro COurt

Nina explains she’s decided to keep the Metro Court, but Sonny feels it makes her look spiteful. However Nina notes it’s an amazingly profitable business, and Obrecht points out it also safeguards the Crimson offices. Still, Nina knows this hotel stuff doesn’t sit well with Sonny, and she worries this choice will bring her nothing but misery.

Elsewhere, Willow visits Jonah’s grave to tell him the news that she’s having another baby. Nina and Obrecht walk by and overhear. Nina asks, “Are you pregnant?” Willow says she is, but it’s none of her concern. They begin to bicker when Willow gets a call and tells the person on the other end that she’ll be right there. She then rushes off. Nina vents to Obrecht that this is another win for Carly.

Willow visits Jonah's grave GH

Willow meets with TJ at the hospital, and he takes her into an exam room to talk. She didn’t know he was on OB rounds today, but he’s not. TJ reminds her that he ran a series of tests on her the other day, and they have to discuss the rest of her results.

TJ has news for Willow GH

On the next General Hospital: Cody vents to someone in the sauna. On the stand, Joss states one person did this and she knows who it was. Esme tells Spencer there is no way to get around this. Britt says to Brad, “This is a disaster waiting to happen.” TJ explains to Willow the results are not related to her pregnancy.

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