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Drew stops by Carly’s office at the Metro Court to find her packing it up. He’s ready to help, but she hired professional movers for the major things. Drew notes how much their lives have changed since she first gave him a job as a bartender, but it doesn’t mean change isn’t hard. Carly admits letting go is difficult as the Metro Court has been her constant no matter what else has gone on in her life.

In the lobby, Olivia offers to write Nina a check for her half of the hotel, but Nina says it’s not for sale. Sonny appears and asks why not? Nina explains she’s not selling her half to anyone and is Olivia’s new partner. Olivia exclaims, “Not on your life, lady!”

Olivia asks Sonny what he will do about this, but Nina says her business affairs are her own. Olivia plans to take this up with her lawyers and says it will be a cold day in hell before she fills Carly’s shoes professionally or personally. She storms off, and Sonny tells Nina, “You brought this on yourself.”

Sonny asks Nina why she doesn’t give her half to Olivia and walk away. Nina explains this will all be Wiley’s one day, so she has to think about that. Sonny asks if this really is a business decision or just a way to stick it to Carly. She reminds him that she bought it to give it back to Carly, so maybe he should lecture Carly for turning her down. Nina can’t believe he’s standing here still thinking about Carly and notes Carly was right when she said this was a relationship between three people.

Olivia drops by Carly’s office with flowers from the staff, who are going to miss her. Olivia breaks the news that Nina is determined to keep her half of the Metro Court, but she’ll never have her loyalty. Carly cries they’ll always be friends and they embrace.

Drew returns later to help Carly finish. Carly asks for a minute, so he takes her last box and flowers out. Carly looks around her office and takes her name off the door before departing.

Carly and Drew head down to the lobby where they see Sonny and Nina. Sonny asks Carly if she’s okay. Carly thinks about Harmony’s confession about Willow and tells Sonny, “I’m okay, I have my family.”

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At the launch, Curtis and Marshall ask for Ava’s help with Trina. Ava is all in, so they explain everything to her about the burner phone and bartender. Ava declares she has a witch to throw under a house.

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At Wyndemere, Esme tells the bartender Boz, who barges in, to get out before she calls security. He points out security will bring the cops, and he bets they’d like to hear what he has to say. He knows the phone he sold her was used to shoot her revenge porn, and he wants cash to stay silent.

Esme and Boz head into the living room as Ava enters the front door. Boz demands she meet him tonight at a location he’ll text her. Esme asks who followed him to his hotel and what they looked like? Back in the foyer, Ava’s phone rings, it’s Avery calling. Esme hears it, and when Ava bursts into the living room she only finds Esme painting her nails on the couch. Ava swore she heard voices, but Esme says she was listening to a podcast.

Ava confronts Esme about Trina. Esme can’t believe how many heads that girl lives in rent-free. Ava offers money in exchange for confessing she framed Trina and then she can get a ticket out of town. Esme thinks there must be a catch as she wouldn’t let her evade justice. Ava would for the greater good and asks what the magic number for her to talk is.

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At Portia and Curtis’ place, Joss tells Portia there is new evidence that could help Trina. Trina interjects and says it’s just about the phone the bartender sold Esme. Portia has faith everything will work out. Stella appears and agrees.

Trina and Joss go out to the porch, and Trina asks Joss not to say anything about Spencer just yet. Joss refuses. Trina points out this coming out could mean Spencer could go to prison, and it may not even help her.

Joss points out Spencer is staying silent, so where is his compassion for her. Trina begs her to keep this secret for now. Joss agrees, but if it looks like she will be convicted, she will stand up and tell the entire courtroom the truth.

In the living room, Stella says she’ll be supporting Trina from the stands today, but Portia doesn’t want her near the courtroom. She thinks the courtroom will be too much pressure for her with her medical history. She doesn’t want Stella to worry as Curtis, Marshall and Taggert have things under control. Stella reminds her that the truth is on Trina’s side. Portia says they both know the truth always isn’t enough.

Stella knows justice isn’t always fair to people who look like Trina, but she has to believe that in 2022 things will prevail for their girl. Portia hopes she’s right, and she can’t let go of the hatred she has for Esme. Portia can’t help but feel Trina being black is part of the reason Esme framed her, knowing she’d have a harder time with this in a court of law. Portia cries that she feels like she didn’t prepare Trina for this and that she failed her. Stella embraces Portia. Stella assures her that Trina is a fighter, and no matter what life throws at her, she’ll always get back up on her feet.

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At the hospital, Spencer finds Laura telling Nikolas, “How much can one family take?” He asks his grandmother what is wrong. Laura reveals the house her mother Lesley lives in over in Italy burned down, but nobody was hurt. Laura brings up what Nikolas wanted to talk to her about regarding Esme and Kevin. Kevin appears, so Laura and Kevin excuse themselves. Spencer asks his father what this is about Esme and Kevin. Nikolas tells him it’s about her application to PCU, which he gathers she didn’t tell him about. Spencer notes Esme doesn’t tell him a lot of things, and that ends today.

Laura confides in Kevin that even though the recall was defeated, she’s not sure if leaving now is the right thing to do. She points out there is Trina’s trial, Elizabeth’s state of mind, and of course Victor. Kevin feels she’s trying to talk herself out of leaving and lays out a plan for how they will manage everything and head to Italy to help Lesley. Laura is lucky to have his love and support, but she needs him to stay here to keep an eye on their family. He agrees to stay put, and they embrace.

Spencer and Nikolas tell Laura they are heading back to Wyndemere and give her hugs to send her off. After they leave, Laura gets the feeling she shouldn’t go. Kevin assures her that they will all still be here when she gets back.

Back at the docks, Curtis calls Ava to tell her that Spencer and Nikolas just got on the launch.

Back at Wyndemere, Esme calls Ava a hypocrite for trying to bribe her to admit to something she didn’t do. Esme tells Ava as someone who has lost her family, she has her condolences as she’s about to lose Trina for five to ten years. She states there is nothing Ava can offer her to give up the family she’s found here. Nikolas and Spencer enter, and Nikolas asks what Ava is offering?

Alone, Spencer asks Esme what he and his father walked in on. She tells him that Ava offered her money to claim she framed Trina. Spencer says unfortunately Ava doesn’t know what she wants most in the world, but he does and can give it to her.

In the foyer, Nikolas asks Ava to try not to get into it with Esme. Ava promises Esme will be out of their lives soon. Nikolas walks off, and Ava calls Curtis to tell him that she didn’t catch Esme with the bartender, and she must have told him how to get off the island without the launch.

On the next General Hospital: Spencer makes an offer to Emse that he thinks she can’t refuse. Trina’s trial begins and Carly vows Esme will regret messing with their kids. Sonny spars with Dante over Carly and Nina. Nina runs into Obrecht in the cemetery.

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