Laura troubling call mom GH
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Laura arrives at Portia’s place. She has brought a statement to attest to Trina’s character for the trial that Scott asked for. Laura asks where Scott is, and Trina explains he’s not coming. Joss and Diane arrive, and Diane explains Serena got arrested in the Pharoah Islands protesting animal hunting, so Scott had to fly there. Diane assures Portia and everyone that Scott has done a masterful job in prepping the case, and she can argue it.

Diane takes over Trina case GH

Diane says she believes she can cast doubt on some of the evidence. She touts Trina as their star witness as she is a good person and the jury will believe her. Diane also notes Laura’s testimony and her friends and family standing behind her will also have a lot of sway with the jury. Diane asks where Taggert is, and Portia explains he and Curtis are following up on some leads. Laura has meetings and must depart, but tells Trina she will do great and encourages Diane to give them hell.

Diane advises Trina GH

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Curtis and Marshall have been canvasing doors all night looking for the bartender, while Taggert and TJ are elsewhere doing the same. They knock on a door, and the bartender answers. Marshall explains his friend Jack told him that he could help them procure certain goods. He asks what if they are cops. Curtis responds, “What if we are?”

Marshall feels lucky GH

Curtis and Marshall waltz into the apartment, and Curtis assures him they aren’t cops. Curtis tells the bartender that he’s a tough man to track down. The bartender explains he has to lay low for a while. Curtis assumes that’s because of the Trina Robinson trial. Curtis notes he’d be worried about testifying too if he was him. The bartender says he knows nothing about this Trina Robinson. Curtis explains an unregistered phone factors in this case. The bartender, who notes they aren’t the first to ask about that phone, says he’s out of inventory, so nice not knowing them.

High Side bartender GH

Curtis and Marshall see themselves out, and in the hall, Marshall asks what that was about? Curtis explains everything went according to his plan. He explains if the bartender is feeling the heat, he’ll likely question his last buyer and will lead them straight to him or her.

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Curtis and Marshall follow the bartender to the Wyndemere launch dock.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas embraces Ava and tries to convince her to go to the bedroom. She explains she can’t because Trina’s trial is today, but she’ll take a raincheck.

Nikolas embraces Ava GH

Elsewhere, Esme confronts Spencer and knows he’s been keeping his distance from her, and wonders why. He recalls seeing Rory with Trina last night but claims Trina’s trial is on his mind and they both may be called to testify, dragging their names into the mud. She suggests they go away for the week, but he blurts out that they can’t. She asks why not? He explains he has a surprise for her. He gets a text message and says he must pick something up related to her surprise. He promises this will rock her world.

spencer will rock Esme GH

Later, Nikolas finds Esme sulking. She cries that Spencer claims to be working on a surprise for her, but she thinks he’s still dealing with his feelings for Trina. In spite of that, she still loves him. Nikolas implores that’s why it’s best they do not tell anyone what happened between them. She turns the subject to her seeing Ryan. Nikolas says Spring Ridge didn’t care about him flaunting his name, but he may have sway at General Hospital to override Kevin. Esme leaps into his arms and thanks him.

Esme questions Nikolas about Ryan GH

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On the deck of the Metro Court, Valentin and Victor meet. Valentin has something in the works to get the heat off both of them with no blood spilled. Victor tells him it’s a waste of time as he’s had to take matters into his own hands. He doesn’t understand why Valentin has a sudden need to protect Laura given she has no love for him.

Victor takes charge GH

Valentin explains he had to abort the plan for Laura because if she were to get dizzy and collapse then all eyes would have been on him. Valentin suggests his father tell him what is going on. Victor refuses and states he will keep Charlotte until Valentin urns his trust. Valentin suggests for the good of his long-term plan to let him deal with Laura. Valentin walks off, and Victor says, “Unfortunately I can’t allow that.”

Valentin has a plan GH

Later Laura runs into Valentin. She is supposed to be meeting her deputy mayor, which he finds suspicious. She asks about his spilling the drink on her the other day, as he is not a clumsy person. Valentin claims his reflexes have not been the same since he got out of the hospital. She says the only time she’s ever seen him rattled is when it comes to Charlotte and asks if something is going on. He reassures her Charlotte is fine.

Laura angry at Valentin GH

As they talk, a gunman takes aim at Laura from a nearby building. Eventually, Valentin notices the gunman, grabs Laura, and rushes her out of the line of fire. She yells, “Stop it! What is wrong with you?” He apologizes and didn’t mean to manhandle her. She warns him if he’s keeping something from her and it involves Charlotte… Suddenly she gets a message and her deputy mayor is waiting for her. She leaves, and Valentin looks up at the gunman and gives him a signal to halt.

Gunman takes aim GH

Valentin calls Victor to scold him, pointing out that if Laura dies then Anna and the PCPD will suspect him. Valentin also saw through his trying to lure her out in the open with a fake message from the deputy mayor. He says there are other ways to deal with Laura, and he’s already put a plan into play.

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Laura arrives at General Hospital and receives a phone call. The person on the other end has news about her mother that leaves Laura worried.

Elsewhere, Spencer picks up the faked DNA test from the nurses’ station. Rory bumps into him, and Spencer drops the papers. Rory bends down to get them, but Spencer quickly grabs them. The two end up quarreling over Trina, and Rory kissing her in the park. Rory points out Spencer has a girlfriend, so why does he care who Trina spends time with. Spencer explains that Trina was a good friend to him once, and if he hurts her, then Rory will answer to him. Rory feels he wasn’t the one who hurt Trina.

CLumsy Spencer and Rory GH

Back at Portia’s place, Portia gets a call from the hospital and excuses herself. Diane also excuses herself to check in with her office. Alone, Joss asks for details about Trina’s night with Rory. She admits they kissed, but she doesn’t know what they are to each other with the trial about to start.

By the patio, Portia speaks with Diane about how to best support Trina. Diane explains the pressures of a trial like this could bring psychological issues to the surface. Portia asks if it could bring previously undiagnosed issues to light? Diane feels she need not worry as Trina has a great support system, and there aren’t any family issues to worry about, correct?

Ava arrives and learns Diane is taking over the defense. Diane states the evidence is circumstantial as nobody saw Trina make or post the tape. Diane needs to go speak to the judge about her substituting for Scott, so Portia walks her out.

Ava reveals to Joss that Trina has evidence that can prove her innocence, and it’s time she tells them what it is, consequences be damned. Trina realizes she left the necklace that her father gave her at the gallery and she wanted to wear it today. Ava has it at Wyndemere and leaves to retrieve it for her.

Ava pushes Trina to come clean

Alone, Joss questions Trina about this evidence but Trina explains it won’t conclusively prove she’s innocent. Joss thinks if it can help her then she needs to reveal it. Trina says she was with Spencer when the sex tape was posted.

Trina comes clean GH

Joss is confused and thinks if she was visiting Spencer at Spring Ridge then that is on record. She quickly realizes Spencer snuck out and wasn’t at Spring Ridge. Joss pushes her to use this as this could be a game changer. Portia returns and asks, “What’s the game changer?”

Back on the docks, Curtis tells Marshall they need someone to get them over to Spoon Island. Ava appears and asks what she can do for the fine gentlemen.

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