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In the park, after their kiss, Rory tells Trina he’s wanted to do that for a long time. Trina is glad he finally did unless that was just the distraction she asked for. He doesn’t know and suggests they kiss again to check. They lean in for another kiss, and they agree they both enjoyed it. However, Trina says it can’t happen again. He asks why? She explains it’s complicated, and he’s so great to her and her friends, aside from when he arrested Spencer and Cam. He asks if she’s backing off because she’s still hung up on Spencer?

Rory and Trina kiss GH

Trina assures Rory that she and Spencer were never an item. She rations that her trial starts tomorrow, and if she’s convicted, what future do they have? Rory has faith that everything will work out and she will be exonerated.

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At the Metro Court pool, Sonny and Olivia ponder who may have bought the other half of the hotel. Sonny notices Drew on the phone in the background and wonders if Carly may have a guardian angel. Drew approaches them looking for Carly. Sonny reveals they just found out someone who bought Carly’s share of the Metro Court. Drew explains it wasn’t him. Dex appears and tells Sonny the car is ready. Sonny has to go check on Sasha and Brando and tells Olivia that he’s here if Carly needs anything.

Sonny and Olivia discuss Carly

On his way out, Sonny receives a call from Brick. Sonny asks Brick to investigate something for him right away.

Sonny gets a call

Drew apologizes for costing Olivia her partner. Olivia knows Michael trying to ice Ned out of the company is also partly to blame. Drew thinks she can’t be okay with what Ned did, but she stands by her husband. However, she wishes this family weren’t constantly at odds with one another. Drew says that is the Quartermaine way. He feels what Ned did was selfish and burned a lot of people. Olivia says it won’t be the last time a family member burns him, so welcome to the family.

Drew apologizes Olivia GH

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In Carly’s office, Nina tells Carly that she bought her half of the Metro Court. Carly assumes she did this to stick it to her, but Nina explains she bought the hotel for her. Nina wants to give it back with no strings attached, and she doesn’t think it’s fair that she lost her half of the hotel trying to help her son. Carly knows there has to be something in it for Nina and asks if she expects this to make up for everything. Nina knows nothing she can do will repair the damage she caused her, and Carly agrees. Nina begs Carly to let her do this for her because she owes her. Nina knows there is nothing she can do to balance out the scales, but maybe this can tip them more towards the middle and that is all she wants.

Nina shocks Carly GH

Carly lashes out at her for how she had her attorney portray Michael in court, as a threat to women, and she’ll never forgive her for that. That is why she won’t accept her offer. Carly tells Nina that she’ll be out by the end of the week now that this place is hers.

Nina begs to help

Carly heads to the pool and embraces Olivia. She tells Olivia and Drew that Nina bought the hotel to give back to her, and she told her, “Hell no!” Olivia figured but wished she would have taken Nina up on the offer. Olivia can’t imagine running this place with her. Olivia heads out to get home and tuck Leo in.

Carly's surreal moment GH

Drew notes Carly is committed and turned down offer number three. Carly says she could be starving and destitute and still wouldn’t accept a dime from Nina. Drew asks what her plan is now. She doesn’t have one and admits she feels lost, and that scares her because it’s not her. Drew embraces her.

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At the hospital,  Brando sits by Sasha’s bed. She wakes up and wants him to be honest with her and asks how bad is the fallout. He wants her to focus on resting and recovering, which makes her realize it’s that bad.

Brando tries to reason with Sasha

Gladys arrives and asks Sasha how she’s feeling. Brando explains she’s stressed over what happened. Gladys assures her it’s all being handled, and everyone is worried about her. Sasha states tomorrow she goes home and can get back to business. She then notices a look between Brando and Gladys and asks what they aren’t telling her. Brando says they need to get her treatment for the pills. Sasha swears the pills were a one-time thing for the show, but Gladys admits she told Brando she used them before to get through the IPO. Gladys leaves them to talk.

Alone, Sasha swears to Brando that she doesn’t need any more treatment and she’s done with the pills. Brando wants to believe her, but he can’t. He points out she lied to him. He reminds her that he’s an addict too, and she needs to go to rehab to get back on track and learn to deal with her triggers.

Sasha refuses help

Sonny arrives at the hospital and Gladys admits to him that she blames herself for this. She should have told someone earlier about Sasha and the pills. Sonny assures her she didn’t fail anyone, and Mike would be proud of her. Gladys thanks him and they hug.

Sonny and Gladys discuss Sasha

Gladys returns to Sasha’s room and states Sonny is here, but Sasha doesn’t want visitors. Brando tells Sasha to think about what he said. He leaves and thanks Sonny for stopping by, but he doesn’t know how to get through to Sasha. Sonny advises him to keep pushing and eventually she will start listening.

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Sonny must go, and on the way out runs into Nina. Nina explains she’s there to check on Sasha, but Sonny must talk to her. He leads her off for some privacy. Sonny knows she bought Carly’s half of the hotel. Nina admits it and insists she tried to give it back to Carly, but she accused her of being self-serving. Sonny responds, “Can you blame her?” Nina expects Carly to think the worst of her, but not him.

Sonny was simply pointing out that Nina and Carly have history. Nina admits she was in part trying to repair some of the damage she caused and to make it easier for them to move forward. She thinks it would be nice for this pain to be behind both of them. Sonny notes that they can’t undo the past, only make peace with it. Nina asks if he has? Sonny wants to be with her, wherever that leads them, and he’s all in. They share a kiss.

Gladys returns to see Sasha. Sasha asks Gladys to have her back, and that she’s learned her lesson and that she can’t push herself as she has been. Gladys implores she can’t go through her life being triggered by infants, and it’s clear she hasn’t processed losing Liam. She asks her to get the help she needs. Sasha feels she doesn’t need to be shipped off to rehab, and in 24 hours it won’t be anyone’s decision but her own.

Portia calls to try and again get an appointment with a genetic specialist because the matter is urgent. Curtis and Marshall approach and Curtis asks, “What is urgent?” Portia explains she was trying to get a consult for a patient and asks what brings them to the hospital.

Portia makes a call

Curtis informs Portia they have a lead thanks to Marshall. They found out who sold Esme the burner phone, but he’s been laying low since the raid on the bar. Curtis is working on getting the names of the bartender’s friends and associates, which is where he might be hiding out. Curtis gets a call and excuses himself. Portia thanks Marshall for what he’s doing to help Trina.

Curtis and Marshall news

Marshall thanks Portia for allowing him to stay with her and Curtis. She praises the courage it took for him to open up about his mental illness to Curtis. She knows symptoms usually emerge in the early 20s and asks about his symptoms. He explains he was paranoid that the government was after him. Curtis returns, and Portia asks if his contact found something. Curtis has a list of addresses, and Taggert will help him check them out. Marshall insists he helps Curtis as well.

Curtis and Portia are family

On the next General Hospital: Marshall tells Curtis that he’s feeling lucky. Ava, with Joss by her side, asks Trina to tell them what this evidence is that could clear her. Victor informs Valentin that since he failed he’s taken matters into his own hands. Spencer tells Esme he’s about to rock her world.

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