Valentin fails his mission GH
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At Shady Brook, Kevin tells Finn that Elizabeth signed herself out. Finn thinks this is a mistake but will continue to give her space and time. He wonders if he’s giving her the space to heal or relapse. Kevin notes there is no way to know.

Finn learns Liz left GH

Brook Lynn arrives at the Metro Court pool to see Chase just as he calls her to talk. She swears when she offered to manage his singing career she was being genuine, and she hates that he’s out of work because of her. She insists the revenge part slipped in there at some point, and she didn’t want him to think she was just using him. He asks if she was? BLQ jokes as a Quartermaine that self-interest is in her DNA but insists nothing is more important to her than helping him.

Chase contacts BLQ GH

Chase tells Brook Lynn that his father and brother feel her plan isn’t as crazy as he does. Brook Lynn thinks the plan is a go then, but he tells her to slow down. He thinks it’s risky, and she may not even accomplish either of her goals. She counters that the rewards could be greater than either of them dreamed of.

Chase agrees to plan GH

Brook Lynn and Chase come close to kissing, but BLQ pulls away. She tells him he has that “it” factor and shows him the video of him singing that’s gone viral. She tells him there is an audience who wants him. He asks where and how they start. Britt tells him to trust her to make him a household name.

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Alexis tells Gregory that his op-ed is more of a hit piece, and reads some quotes attacking her paper’s objectivity. Gregory asks if she can set her ego aside and accept his challenge to focus on more objectivity at the paper. Alexis explains they are a newspaper, and they have to have a point of view, unlike a news wire service. They bicker back and forth, and Alexis agrees to print his piece but is sure the readers will respond and disagree with him.

Alexis and Gregory argue paper GH

Gregory is sure they’ll embrace his suggestions for the paper and suggests they make a bet on it. Alexis is in and states if the readers support him then she’ll entertain his notions of changing things up. However, if the readers agree with her, he will pipe down with his opinions.

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Valentin joins Laura at her table at the Metro Court Gardens, and she wonders to what she owes this pleasure. He simply wanted to join her for some drinks celebrating her fighting the recall. Valentin orders a bloody mary, but Laura orders an iced tea as the mayor can’t be seem day drinking.

Valentin talks to Laura GH

Laura gets a phone call and excuses herself. A waiter brings the drinks, and Valentin spikes Laura’s with a drug. Laura returns and explains that was Kevin, who will be joining her soon. They chit-chat about how Charlotte is doing, and his interest in Anna. Laura hopes Anna’s faith in him isn’t misplaced. As Laura goes to drink her iced tea, Valentin clumsily knocks it out of her hand and spills it, leaving Laura stunned. Kevin approaches, and Valentin apologizes for his clumsiness and quickly exits.

Laura concerned about Anna GH

Kevin asks Laura what that was about. She’s as confused as he is and asks how things are going with him. He reveals Liz left Shady Brook. Laura asks if she should be concerned, and he wishes he could say no.

Kevin meets Laura for lunch GH

At the hospital, Terry reveals to Britt that signed up for Society Setups. Britt hopes she has better luck than her. Talk returns to them being a bit short-staffed when Liz enters in her scrubs and reveals she’s back and ready to work.

Britt wishes Terry Luck GH

Britt tells Liz that HR has to clear her first as there is a protocol to be followed. Liz knows and reminds her she’s worked here longer than Britt. Liz thinks Britt probably hoped she had gotten rid of her and scoffs that the Britch is back and Britchier than ever. Terry is stunned, and Britt tells Liz that she is clearly still under duress and she should go home. Liz asks Terry if she will let Britt threaten her like this? Terry agrees with Britt that she’s out of line.

Liz returns to work GH

Terry takes Liz aside and says she would have told her exactly what Britt did and asks if her doctor has given her the okay to return to work. Liz reveals she signed herself out and feels she shouldn’t have to justify her actions to anyone. Suddenly Finn appears and is stunned to see Liz.

Terry scolds Liz GH

Terry rejoins Britt, and Britt thanks her for the backup. However, she has to wonder what is going on with her friend. Terry explains Liz’s been through a lot, but Britt feels she hasn’t changed and can’t bring her problems to work.

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Elsewhere, Liz reassures Finn that she doesn’t feel she’s a danger to herself or her boys. She thanks Finn for giving her space because it did help her. The most important thing she realized is that her life is better with him in it. Finn is happy to hear that, and they kiss. She apologizes for what she put him through and promises it’s behind them. They embrace and Finn appears worried.

Liz reassures Finn GH

Cody works on cleaning up the Quartermaine stables when Olivia enters. She tells him how impressed her son is with cowboy Cody. Ned soon appears and needs to talk to Cody about his employment history.

Ned curious about Cody GH

Ned’s noticed Cody doesn’t seem to stay in one place for long. He wonders if he should be looking for a replacement for him. Cody assures them he is not going anywhere. Ned says they’ll let him get back to work.

Cody going nowhere GH

Alone, Olivia thinks he could have been a little more tactful, but Ned was just looking out for Leo. He admits he should have looped her in on his thinking process about ELQ and apologizes. She thanks him. He picks up that something else is bothering her. Olivia fills him in on what happened with Carly, and he suggests they buy the hotel and give it back to her. Olivia already tried and she rejected her.

Olivia Ned talk hotel GH

Meanwhile, Cody continues working on the stables when he gets a text. He’s made a match on Society Setups and clicks it as he smiles.

Back at the hospital, Britt’s phone buzzes and she has a match as well and is shocked when she sees it’s Cody.

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In the park, Victor listens in as Anna uses her WSB credentials to request access to Valentin’s patient files at the clinic he claimed to be at. After the call, Victor confronts Anna about her investigation into his son. The two argue about the nature of each other’s relationship with Valentin. She feels Victor is using him but doesn’t know to what end.

Victor and Anna argue GH

Victor says unlike her, he trusts Valentin. Anna trusts him as well, just not those around him. Victor agrees with her there. Anna receives a call back from the clinic, and the doctor in charge confirms Valentin was there, but he checked himself out weeks earlier than the date range she asked about. Anna thanks him for the help. Victor asks Anna if there is a problem. Anna simply walks away.

Anna heads to the Metro Gardens trying to find Valentin. Laura and Kevin relay that he was just here, and Laura asks if everything is okay. Anna isn’t sure, but she intends to find out.

Victor and Valentin meet back up in the park, and Valentin tells his father that Laura is still in fine health because he failed. Victor tells him failure is not an option

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