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Chase exits the Metro Court pool after a swim and a woman offers him a towel and notes he looks like he could use a little help. He thanks her but says he has a towel. She responds that if he needs a fresh one she’ll be over there, and points to her chair. Finn and Gregory show up and tease him that he must have it bad for BLQ given he didn’t give that woman a second look. Chase vents he and BLQ are a non-starter since she decided to make him into a pop star.

Chase got flirted with GH

The men grab a table, and Chase tells them about Brook Lynn’s idea to make him a singer and be his manager. He rants she’s only doing it to help herself get her songs back from Linc. Gregory points out part of him has to enjoy performing given his success at the Nurses’ Ball.

Family talks over table drinks GH

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At the Metro Court gardens, Anna and Alexis toast Laura for fighting the recall. Laura’s first order of business to make Port Charles a safer place is by eliminating a threat. Alexis asks if she can elaborate, but she’s not ready to yet.

Alexis and Anna toast to Laura GH

Alexis excuses herself to go read her book by the pool, and Laura asks Anna how things are going between her and Valentin. Anna admits that since he returned from the clinic that he’s changed somewhat. Laura can’t believe there isn’t an alarm going off in her head. Anna knows Laura’s right to be concerned but knowing Valentin as she does makes her feel comfortable with him.

Anna's asked about Valentin GH

Laura thinks things are worse than she thought. Anna appreciates her concern but assures her that she has her eyes wide open. Laura brings up what Anna said about Valentin being different since he returned, but she didn’t say if it was for better or worse. Anna admits it’s a bit of both. Laura tells Anna not to let love blind her to her better senses, and to trust, but verify. Anna heads out.

Laura cautions Anna GH

Alexis heads to the pool, where Gregory spots her. He tells Finn to talk some sense into his brother and heads to speak with Alexis. Alexis expresses her disappointment that he didn’t rise to her challenge to write an op-ed for The Invader. Before he can answer, Alexis gets a text from her op-ed editor. She looks at him and smiles, “Just in time.”

Gregory talks to Alexis GH

Meanwhile, Finn suggests Chase stop worrying about what Brook Lynn wants and think about what he wants.

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BLQ returns from a run to find Ned working at the Quartermaine kitchen table. Ned senses something is upsetting her and assumes it involves Chase. She fumes that Chase accused her of using him to stick it to Linc because she didn’t discuss her plans with him first. Ned thinks it runs in the family, and Olivia read him the riot act for not telling her what he was planning with the vote. He thinks Chase was hurt for the same reason that Olivia was.

BLQ fills Ned in on Chase GH

BLQ explains her plan, to bring out Chase’s talent and get Linc out of the picture in one swoop. She saw it as a win-win, but Chase said something unthinkable to her. Ned assumes Chase said the same thing Olivia said to him, that this is all about her. Brook Lynn sees his point, and she should have talked to Chase first. She wrote so many songs under contract with Linc, and she can’t give up on them.

Ned advises BLQ GH

Ned doesn’t want her to and shows her a video on social media that someone took of Chase singing her song at Leo’s birthday party. Leo reposted it, and it has over 50,000 likes and reposts. BLQ exclaims, “Damn I’m talented…” She quickly notes, “What I meant to say is Chase and I are talented.” Ned thinks she has some fences to mend.

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Kevin arrives at Spring Ridge to find Liz working on a puzzle. The doctor tells her that she has a visitor. Jake enters, and she rushes over to hug him. Jake wants his mom to come home to them right away, but Liz explains she’s here to get better. Liz just is happy to know he, Aiden, and Cam are sticking together with Laura and Kevin because they are all family. Jake asks about her parents, and perhaps they could pitch in since they are family. Liz assumes her parents have been in contact with him again and becomes irate, but he insists they haven’t. Kevin decides to take Jake to the car but says he’ll be back to talk to Liz in private.

Kevin brings Jake to see Liz GH

Kevin returns and couldn’t help but recognize Liz’s reaction to Jake bringing up her parents, and they are a trigger for her. Liz vents that her parents have been absent for most of her life. Kevin asks what she wants from them? She wants them to respect her wishes and stay away from her kids. Kevin pushes the subject and Liz screams, “Forget my parents, they are nothing to me!” She scatters the puzzle pieces towards Kevin.

Kevin Liz questions and answers GH

Liz quickly apologizes and picks up the pieces. Kevin wants to continue to explore her relationship with her parents, but Liz says she has none. They handed her and her sister over to her grandmother and washed their hands of her. Kevin suspects that abandonment still haunts her, and it could be leading to something much darker in her. Kevin wants to help her, so she tells him there is something he can do for her.

Liz is upset about her parents GH

Later, Finn shows up and begs Kevin to let him see Liz. Kevin reveals, “I can’t, Elizabeth is gone.”

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Victor and Valentin meet in the park. Valentin reveals to his father that Laura’s trying to have him deported, which he found out from Martin. Valentin suggests he find a new base of operations, but Victor can’t and thinks it sounds like Valentin wants him gone too. Victor reminds him that he can’t leave because of the obstacles that need to be removed, such as the one he helped with posing as that dashing naval captain.

Val and Victor enjoy a bench GH

Valentin seethes that at the time he had to comply with Victor’s request, but things have changed. Victor wonders what has changed, causing Valentin to think about his date with Anna. Valentin curtly tells his father that he’s done all he can for him and that is the end of it. Victor comments, “That’s a pity and your daughter will be very disappointed.” Valentin fumes that he’s holding Charlotte hostage, that it was Victor who put her in that boarding school, and only he can take her out. He has done everything to keep his daughter safe, but if Victor threatens her again then he will cut his throat!

Valentin threatens cut Victor throat GH ABC

Victor applauds his son for speaking like a true Cassadine. He assures him Charlotte’s life is just as precious to him as it is to Valentin. Victor says now that he knows what Laura is up to, they must force her to leave office. If Valentin wants to be the son he can trust and a father to Charlotte, then he’ll do exactly what he says.

Victor grills Valentin GH

Back at the Metro Court pool, Chase looks over at the woman flirting with him earlier. He then calls BLQ and wants to talk. She enters and responds, “No time like the present.” He looks over and smiles at her.

Meanwhile, Alexis reads the latest submission to the op-ed page and realizes Gregory accepted her challenge after all.

Alexis challenges Gregory GH

In the park, Victor stumbles upon Anna on the phone calling the clinic where Valentin was supposedly a patient.

Back at the Metro Court Gardens, Valentin approaches Laura with urgent business.

On the next General Hospital: Britt hopes Terry has better luck than her. In the stables, Ned asks Cody if they should be looking for a replacement. Victor wonders exactly what Anna’s relationship with his son is. Laura questions why Valentin is speaking of her tenure as if was in the past. Brook Lynn blurts out to Chase, “It’s settled and we’ll move forward with my plan!”

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