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At the Metro Court pool, Drew explains to Carly his idea to sell Crimson to Nina and use the money to help her keep her half of the hotel. Carly isn’t happy, but Drew says Nina said no, anyway. Carly points out that Crimson is his best financial asset right now. Drew feels he got Carly into this, so he should get her out of it.

Drew and Carly talk Nina GH

Carly tells Drew that she didn’t ask him to come to her rescue, and she doesn’t want him to take ownership of her mistakes. She reminds him he discouraged her from buying the stock, and she didn’t listen and went all in.

Carly gets news from Drew G

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In the Crimson office, Sonny asks Nina what is happening with Carly, and Nina assumed he knew. She tells him that Carly bet on the merger and lost big, including her half of the Metro Court. She tells him about Drew’s plan to sell Crimson to raise the money to help Carly. However, she turned him down for several business-related reasons, not to stick it to Carly. Sonny thinks she has a head for business, and Carly used to, but her judgment has been clouded. Sonny feels that Carly’s been drawn into Michael’s vendetta and was trying to give him a win. However, she’s still the mother of his children, and he has to help her.

Nina tells Sonny about Carly GH

Sonny arrives at the pool to find Carly with Drew. Sonny asks to speak to Carly, so Drew gives them a moment. He knows she could lose her half of the hotel and wants to help her. She refuses and asserts she’ll find a way out of this on her own. Drew listens in from around the corner. Sonny asks her to think about the fact that soon she’ll have to pay to sit at the pool she used to own and remember she turned him down.

Sonny offers his help GH

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At the hospital, Britt fills Kevin in on the disaster that was the Society Setups event. Kevin asks if she’s cut ties with the service. Britt admits she should, but she’s giving them one more try. A nurse interrupts and says a patient left this behind in the room and she was listed as a contact on the paperwork. She sees a cowboy belt and knows it’s Cody’s.

Britt's last resort GH

In the Quartermaine stables, Willow tells Michael how she loves horses and adored the one they had on the commune when she was a kid. Cody interrupts and introduces himself as the new stable hand. Michael explains that his room is above the stables, and there is a boathouse and pool he can use.

Michael and Willow talk horses GH

Willow introduces Cody to Comet, and then she and Michael leave him. Cody tells Comet how he’s looking for a place of his own someday where nobody can steal what he loves. That’s assuming he allows himself to love someone again. Britt shows up with the belt and asks if he lost something.

Cody thanks her for bringing it back as it’s a prize possession he got at a rodeo in Cheyenne. He owes her big time and thinks he has the perfect way to repay her. He asks if she likes to ride, but she doesn’t after falling off a horse as a kid. He offers to teach her to ride and change her world, but she refuses. He thinks she’s afraid, and he can help her to conquer those fears. She still refuses and heads out, but glances back at him before she goes. Cody tells Comet that he thinks she likes him.

Cody wants to repay Britt

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Willow and Michael head back to the house and chat about the coming baby. Willow feels this time it’s so different for her. She knew she had to give up Jonah to protect him, but this time she knows she’ll get to be a part of this baby’s future. She thinks they are so lucky to have each other, Wiley and this baby.

Michael and Willow talk horses GH

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At the Home & Heart studio, Flora asks Sasha if she can help demonstrate the baby papoose she designed. Brando thinks he should stop this, but Maxie points out it’s live TV. Sasha plays along as Flora puts the papoose on her. Once she gets it on her, Maxie realizes she has to do something and runs off.

Brando tries to stop taping GH

Flora brings out a baby doll to show how securely the papoose holds a little one. Maxie tries to rush the stage as the baby is put in the papoose but is stopped by a stagehand. Flora and Haven ask Sasha to move around to show how secure it is, and Sasha begins to go into shock. She imagines the doll is real and becomes overjoyed. She cries, “You are alive!”

Sasha shocked on show GH

Back at Crimson, Nina turns on the show to see Sasha, only to watch her breaking down and calling the doll Liam. Over at Heart & Home, Brando races to the stage to help Sasha, and Lucy chases Felty off when he starts snapping photos. When Sasha realizes Liam isn’t alive, she begins to break down.

Later, Flora apologizes to Lucy as she had no idea Sasha lost a baby. Haven doesn’t blame Flora and instead lashes out at Lucy for saying Sasha was dependable and over her issues. Lucy explains they never were told Sasha would be required to sell baby products. Haven complains for the first time that they’ve had to put on reruns and are losing money selling products they don’t have. She tells Lucy that Home & Heart is going to sue!

Suddenly, Ms. Wu appears and advises Haven against that move. An upset Flora insists she had no idea about Sasha and declares she needs a break from Home & Heart. Haven asks Wu who she is and why she’s even here. Wu reveals she’s a shareholder in Deception and she saw how poorly Haven managed the entire broadcast. Wu offers Haven two choices, Home & Heart to publicly apologize to Sasha for the situation they put her in, or Deception sues them for the bad publicity. Haven grumbles, “Please give Sasha our best wishes on a speedy recovery.” She storms off, and Wu warns Lucy to keep better control of her talent in the future, or there will be consequences.

Ms Wu stops HAven GH

Brando and Maxie bring Sasha to the hospital, where they meet with Kevin. Brando explains what has been going on, and Maxie hands Kevin Sasha’s purse. Sasha begs him not to open it, but Brando gives his permission. Kevin finds the bag of pills inside, and she sobs.

Sasha found with Pills GH

Sasha is put into a wheelchair, and Brando asks how long she has been taking the pills. She insists it was just a few to make it through today. Sasha asks if she can go home, but Kevin wants to keep her for 72 hours under observation. Brando authorizes the hold to help Sasha start to heal. Kevin wheels Sasha off as she screams, “Brando please, I don’t want to be here!”

Sonny returns to Crimson and finds Nina in tears. He asks what happened, and she tells him about Sasha’s breakdown on TV. Nina remembers the grief of losing her child twice and feels for Sasha. Sonny tells Nina she doesn’t have to go through this alone, that he’ll be here for her.

Nina breaks down GH

Back at the pool, Carly dips her feet in the water and begins to sob. Drew approaches her, offers her a beer and puts his feet in the water with her. He admits he heard her turn down Sonny, but she defends her decision. She doesn’t want to be indebted to the man Sonny’s become. They toast to one another and both of them rising again.

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