Drew makes Nina offer GH
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Sasha, Lucy, and Maxie arrive at the Home & Heart set. Sasha glances over and sees Felty the paparazzi photographer got in and he gives her a look. She tries to ignore him, as Haven de Havilland (played by Morgan Fairchild) enters the room. Lucy and Maxie fawn all over her, and the photographer takes photos of them together. Later, Lucy tells Maxie that something is a little off with Sasha.

Sasha Maxie and Lucy on TV GH

Haven gives Sasha pointers to keep things warm on camera, give the viewers something to aspire to, and remember to have fun. Lucy and Haven depart to talk, and Maxie runs off to get Sasha some water after she claims her throat is a bit dry. Sasha looks at the pills in her purse when Brando shows up and says, “Need a boost?” Sasha is surprised as she thought he was at work, but he didn’t want to miss her big day.

Haven and the deception girls GH

The show begins, and Haven interviews Sasha, who freezes. Glady’s phones in to save the day. She gets Sasha talking and selling the products like a natural.

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Haven surprises Sasha by bringing up one of the channel’s top sellers Flora Gardens (played by Susan Batten). Sasha offers her a make-over to sell more products. Flora is the next segment coming, and an assistant brings her products over. Maxie checks them out and then warns Lucy they have a problem. Meanwhile, Haven gives a sneak peek of what is coming up and Flora’s latest product, a baby papoose for those expecting.

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At the Metro Court pool, Brook Lynn tells Chase this is the day she changes his life. He doesn’t want his life to change, he just wants his badge back. She thinks that will happen, but until then he could use a career change.

BLQ tries to sway Chase GH

Sonny arrives and spots Olivia and Carly chatting. Olivia suggests to Carly that Sonny owes her and that his money could save her share of the hotel. Carly doesn’t want Sonny to know and won’t take his money. Sonny approaches them to say hello, and Olivia takes off. Sonny assumes Carly has bad news to give, but she blows him off and reminds him they have no connection other than Donna.

Carly gives Sonny the cold shoulder GH

By the pool, Trina and Joss ask what is going on with Cam as his face seems different than his usual trustworthy one. Cam claims he’s trying to keep everything together for his family, but knows others have bigger problems. Trina doesn’t want him to put on a strong face for her.

Joss worried about Cam GH

Later, Spencer and Esme approach Cam, Trina, and Joss, and Esme blurts out, “One last reunion before the trial of the century.” Cam says he’ll go get them drinks and tells Spencer not to cause a commotion, his signal to cause a distraction.

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Cam heads to the bar and runs into Carly, who is drinking a glass of wine. He tells her that she has lipstick on her teeth, so she wipes them with a napkin. Meanwhile, Joss and Spencer take jabs at one another, and Spencer calls her the porno queen of Port Charles. She pushes him into the pool, Esme pushes Joss in, and Trina pushes Esme in. As Carly marches over, Cam eyes the napkin.

Major pool fight GH

After climbing out of the pool, Joss yells at Esme for tearing her hair out. Carly immediately bans Spencer and his girlfriend from the pool and orders them out. Joss wonders why her mom seems so stressed lately and then wonders where Cam went to.

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Cam and Spencer meet up outside the pool. Spencer got the hair from Esme, and Cam got Carly’s napkin. Spencer says this plan needs to work to convince Esme he found her mother.

Down in the restaurant, Britt sits at the bar and stares over at Dante and Cody, who are hanging spoons on their noses along with Rocco (now played by Finn Carr). Spinelli joins her and wants to talk about her experience with Society Setups. She calls the set-ups duds and no-shows, and if he’s thinking of joining then not to. Spinelli says it’s too late and he’s about to go on his third date.

Britt Spinelli talk Society Setups GH

At their table, Cody tells Rocco that his dad used to be one heck of a hell-raiser. Olivia arrives, and she is thrilled to meet the famous Cody Bell. They hug, and Dante assures his mom that Cody’s turning over a new leaf and looking to open up his own stables. As Olivia tells him about a job opening at their stables, Cody spots Britt and Spinelli at the bar and appears concerned. Cody excuses himself to check on something.

Cody being Silly GH

Back at the bar, Spinelli shows Britt the photo of his latest match, Brandi, who he knows is probably too good to be true. Cody walks up and tells Spinelli not to give up as there is a match for everyone. Cody asks Spinelli if he wants to talk about riding lessons. Spinelli explains to Britt that Brandi suggested it for their date. Britt thought Cody was leaving town, but he explains plans changed.

Cody intrudes on Britt and Spin GH

After Britt excuses herself, Cody asks Spinelli if it’s done. Spinelli says it is, and their business is now concluded. Spinelli accuses Cody of extorting him, but Cody reminds him he’s not exactly innocent.

Sonny arrives and greats Rocco, Dante, and Olivia. He asks Olivia what is going on with her business partner, and she tells him it’s none of his concern anymore. Dante asks him to join him, but Sonny has a business meeting to make.

Sonny approaches Spinelli and apologizes for being late and asks who his friend is. Spinelli introduces Cody to his dear friend Sonny Corinthos, who he may have heard of. Cody reveals he’s old friends with his son Dante, so Sonny looks forward to getting to know him better. Cody hugs Spinelli to say goodbye and whispers, “Well played, you got game kid.” Cody takes off, and Sonny asks what trouble he is in with this Cody Bell. Spinelli claims he’s not in trouble, but Sonny tells him to cut to the chase and asks why he dropped his name. Spinelli swears it’s being handled. Sonny tells Spinelli to think things over and come to him when he’s ready.

Britt returns only to receive a call from Zelda at Society Setups. She agrees to look over the profiles she sends over, but makes no promises. Britt then informs Spinelli she’s giving this one more chance. Spinelli is certain this one will work.

Cody heads back to see Dante and asks if the job his mom mentioned at the Quartermaine stables comes with room and board.

BLQ and Chase continue their talk in the restaurant’s alcove. She wants him to go into singing and offers to be his manager. She has it all planned, and he’ll never even have to step on stage. She plans to present him as a mystery that no manager will be able to resist, including Linc. She then says they can blackmail him into giving her back her songs. Chase is furious because her plan is all about helping herself and storms off.

Chase furious with BLQ again GH

Nina finds Drew waiting for her in her office. He has a business proposition for her. She has heard he’s not doing so well after the merger fell through. He is sure Aurora will recover. To reassure investors he’s decided to offload Crimson and asks if she will buy the magazine. He’s drawn up a contract and asks her to have her lawyers take a look at it, but this needs to move quickly.

Drew makes Nina an offer GH

Drew heads out and runs into Olivia in the hall. She knows about Carly’s problems and asks if he has any ideas he can share. He has one, but it may not be a sure thing so he’s not ready to share it yet. Nina exits her office, overhears enough of Olivia and Drew’s conversation, and tells Drew that he forgot his briefcase. Olivia informs Nina she was just coming to see her to let her know in the future all rent, and arrangement of business lunches will go through her. Olivia leaves, and Nina accuses Drew of selling Crimson to cover Carly’s half of the Metro Court. He admits he didn’t tell her because he thought she’d reject him unless saving Carly is an opportunity she can’t pass up.

Olivia returns to the restaurant and gives Cody the job and tells him he’ll love the stables. Britt overhears.

Sonny drops by Nina’s office and apologizes for being late. He explains he was supposed to see Spinelli but ran into Carly. Nina comments that Carly did it this time. Sonny wonders what she knows.

Back at the pool, Drew runs into Carly and says he did something and she might not like it.

On the next General Hospital: Britt accuses someone of holding out. At the stables, Cody exclaims he has the perfect way to repay them. Nina explains to Sonny her reasons for saying no. Brando realizes he needs to stop Flora’s segment. Flora asks Sasha, “Are you ready for the baby?”

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