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Ava meets with Scott at the Metro Court Gardens. Scott has the speedy divorce papers, and the 50/50 division of assets, which was a gesture from Nikolas to prove how much he trusts Ava. Nikolas soon joins them, and Esme spies on them from the background. As Scott hands them the divorce papers, Esme runs up and cries, “Divorce? I thought you weren’t going to tell her?”

Esme interrupts Ava Nik GH

Ava wonders what Nikolas hasn’t told her, and Nikolas tips her off on what’s going on. Esme claims she thought Nikolas was going to tell her that he was going to agree to a separation but still wanted to fight for their marriage. Nikolas asks Esme for some privacy, but she needs a moment of his time to discuss a surprise for Spence. Nikolas steps away with her.

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Alone, Esme needs Nikolas’ help to get her internship reinstated. Nikolas doesn’t think he can help her because it will get back to Kevin through his mother. Esme cries this is her punishment for sleeping with her boyfriend’s dad. He tells her that they should have never been together, but he will help her to prove this isn’t some cosmic payback. She leaps into his arms and thanks him.

Esme begs Nikolas for help GH

Meanwhile, Ava tells Scott that she’s concerned about Trina. She also can’t help but think that this divorce won’t be the fresh start Nikolas thinks it will be, but instead the end of them. Nikolas returns and looks over the papers. He wants to sign them right away to prove they’ll be together forever. Ava thinks there is no need to rush this. Scott must go to court, and asks if they’re signing them or not? Ava says, “Not!” and hands them back to Scott.

Scott gives Legal Advice GH

Gregory, Chase, and Finn meet at the pool. Chase reveals his suspension has been extended until a civilian review board is concluded and what occurred with Linc. He can’t believe he’s back where he was with Nelle and could lose everything. Gregory knows he’s always wanted to step up and protect the little guy.

Chase reveals suspension GH

Chase still wants to, but now he has to find a better way to do it. Finn doesn’t want to see him give up on the PCPD. For now, Chase needs to find a job and doesn’t know what will satisfy him as much as detective work. Gregory also wants him to fight for his job, and Finn adds, “And stay away from Linc.” Chase knows he must convince the board that he’s remorseful and won’t go near Linc.

Gregory gives advice GH

Trina meets up with Joss, and Joss spots her mom who appears distracted. Carly assures her concerned daughter it’s work matters. Olivia arrives and tells Carly she’s so sorry and had no idea this would happen. Carly and Olivia excuse themselves and go elsewhere.

Joss and Trina worry GH

Trina updates Joss that Curtis is taking over their investigation into Esme and the bartender. Trina changes the topic and explains what went down with Esme and Rory last night, and Esme knows Rory is onto her. Joss thinks Rory is really into her and knows Trina is into him. She smiles and says, “Maybe.”

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By the pool bar, Carly confirms to Olivia she may lose her half of the hotel, and she could be saddled with a new partner. Olivia only cares about them continuing to work together. Olivia declares she’s buying her half of the hotel, and Carly can pay her back over time. Carly asks where she’ll get the money? Olivia says Ned, and Carly blurts out, “Absolutely not.” She won’t take Ned’s money after he screwed Drew and Michael.

Carly won't take Olivia's offer GH

In the Deception offices, Lucy gets off the phone with the producer at the Home & Heart channel. The show host is going to wear their lipstick on camera, and they go live in two hours, but she wants changes made. Maxie calls Sasha up and tells her they have products to move and she has to get to the office.

Maxie calls Sasha GH

Sasha is at the coffee house and about to leave when the photographer shows up with the agreed-upon drugs. Sasha has changed her mind and doesn’t recognize the pills he dangles before her. He claims they are prescription and safe. He asks if they have a deal?

Sasha takes the drugs GH

Sasha later arrives at the office, and Maxie tells her that she and Lucy reworked the presentation based on the host’s new recommendations. Maxie and Lucy head out to find the script and Sasha peers at the drugs in her purse. The ladies return with the new script for Sasha, and tell her that she needs to be strong herself, but maintain an air of mystery.

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Sasha flips out and yells, “Just stop it!” She quickly apologizes for snapping and says the last-minute changes are just getting to her. They ask if she’s sure she’s okay, and Sasha reassures them. They share a group hug before heading out. Sasha stops and tells them she forgot something and will catch up. Alone, she pops the pills.

Group Deception hug GH

Spencer arrives at Kelly’s to give Cam important news. He’s found out who Esme’s biological mother is, but he won’t give her the information until she records a confession. Then he’ll allow her to skip town before turning it over to the cops. Cam asks how he found her, and Spencer reveals his Uncle Victor did. Cam doesn’t trust the guy, but asks what he learned? Victor convinced the nun at the church Esme was left at to give them a name and tracked the woman down to Portugal. Victor also got DNA to prove who she is. Cam thinks he found a way to save Trina. Spence hopes Esme falls for it as easily as he did because he made the whole story up.

Spencer has a plan

Cam calls him an ass, but Spencer had to test his story out. Cam admits it’s good. Spencer needs Cam’s help to pull this off, and wants him to get DNA samples from Joss and Carly. He’ll have them tested to show a mother-daughter relationship to Esme. Cam insists if he’s doing this then Spencer will help him, and he has an idea.

Cam has a new plan GH

Brook Lynn meets Sonny in the park, and he assumes she wants something. She asks him to take care of Linc for her and fills him in on Chase’s latest problem. Sonny refuses because if he helps Chase, people will suspect him of being a dirty cop. She never thought about that. Sonny thinks Chase is a smart guy and will find another job. However, he tells her, “I’m sorry I can’t make Linc sing like a canary at the review board.” BLQ’s face lights up and thanks him because he’s a genius.

Sonny can't help BLQ GH

Back at the pool, Finn and Gregory take off when BLQ arrives. She tells Chase that she was looking for him.

Meanwhile, Cam and Spencer arrive, and Cam reminds Spencer to create a diversion so he can find a way to get the samples. Cam approaches Joss and Trina, and Joss thinks he looks off. Elsewhere, before Spencer can create a diversion, Esme corners him.

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Sonny appears, and Olivia tells Carly if she won’t take her money, how about her ex-husband’s seeing he owes her.

Olivia has an idea GH

Next week on General Hospital: Carly asks Olivia not to say a word to Sonny. Brook Lynn tells Chase this is the day she changes his life. Sonny asks Spinelli what trouble he’s in with this Cody person. Nina tells Drew she thinks there is another angle involved.

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