Spencer asks Britt Help GH
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At Curtis and Portia’s place, Trina tells Curtis that she needs to do something and needs to do it now. She hands him an envelope and says her court date has been set for two weeks. Curtis agrees they need to do something fast. Marshall enters and thinks they could use help.

Marshall wants to help GH


Sam and Dante meet with Cody at the Metro Court Gardens. His ribs are still bothering him, and Sam asks if he is sure he doesn’t want to see another doctor? He jokes there is one doc he might not mind seeing. Spinelli interrupts, and Sam introduces Spinelli to Cody. Cody knows who Spinelli is and asks if Spinelli should tell them how they know each other or should he?

Sam, Dante and Cody Metre Court GH

Spinelli clenches his hands, and Cody explains Spinelli helped him out after he parachuted into the pool. Cody reveals Spinelli told him that he could help him with the calculations on his next jump to make it safer. Spinelli claims that is correct and says he should be going, but Sam stops him. She asks what the big rush is? Spinelli says he has business to attend to and runs off.

Sam stops Spinelli GH

Cody thinks Spinelli is a nice guy, but a bit skittish. Cody gets a text and finds out he just lost the gig he lined up. Dante tells him he should stick around a little longer, and his couch is always Cody’s to crash on. Cody reflects on their earlier conversation about Britt and Faison, and he thinks perhaps he should stick around and even try and find a job. Cody admits he’d love to sit in the sun and rest his ribs, but he doesn’t have a pool pass. Sam tells him to inform them he’s her guest. He thanks her and departs to check the pool out.

Cody ponders staying in town GH

Alone, Sam talks to Dante about why Cody might want to stick around. Dante thinks at some point he’s got to stop drifting. Sam suggests maybe he’ll find a partner as great as she did. Dante doubts that’s possible. Dante remembers how he used to envy Cody as a kid, but today he doesn’t envy him at all. They kiss.

Sam Dante talk Cody GH

Elsewhere, Spinelli calls Zelda and says Cody is causing trouble and they need to find a way to get rid of him. Cody confronts him and notes there is a way. Spinelli won’t be shaken down for more money, but Cody has an investment opportunity. Spinelli rejects what Cody asks off-camera because he doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt and calls his plan deceptive. Cody swears when this is done and his ship comes in, everyone will come out ahead.

Cody deal with Spinelli GH

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In the Metro Court bar, Britt meets with Brad when Spencer arrives. Britt doesn’t want to see him, so Brad heads over to ask him not to bother Britt. Spencer assures Brad that he’s not there to see Britt, and that he actually needs Brad’s help with his girlfriend. More specifically, Spencer needs his lab expertise.

Spencer needs Brad's help GH

Britt approaches Spencer and Brad and wonders what Spencer is up to. Spencer admits he could use her help too. Britt warns him if he doesn’t leave then she’ll throw him out. Spencer states she should know he doesn’t respond to threats, and he was offering Brad a business proposition. Britt fills Brad in about how after she helped Spencer with his girlfriend before, she got a slap in the face for being a pathetic single.

Britt throws Spencer out GH

Brad gives them space, and Spencer apologizes for being thoughtless and cruel to her as he always considered her a friend. He was way out of line. Britt thought they always had a connection, so why was he so brutal to her. He jokes it led her to a singles mixer that got her knocked into a pool. He swears there is more to the story, and he knows there is no such thing as a do-over as an adult. Britt says he is right, and as long as he’s mixed up with Esme she can’t help him. Spencer again apologizes and feels if he can confide in anyone it’s her. She agrees to listen but wants Brad left out of it. She asks what he needs.

Spencer apologizes to Britt

Britt and Spencer grab a table, and Spencer explains Esme is adopted and he’s trying to find her parents. He wonders if there is a DNA test that could be used to find them, and asks if she will help him. Later Britt returns to Brad at the bar. She reveals that she offered to help Spencer with what he wanted against her better judgment.

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At the pool, Esme spots Rory sunbathing and says if she were a cop that she’d pull him over as he’s looking so hot he’s on fire. She takes the chair next to him and orders them some lemonades. He thinks she wants something, and she admits there is something she needs help with. She tells him about her desire to graduate from PCU with a degree in psychology, and about her work with Ryan. She goes on to explain the snag she’s hit, that Ryan’s brother Kevin has barred her from Spring Ridge because he has it out for her. She was hoping Rory could find a workaround for her.

Esme flirts with Rory GH

Rory suggests she is better off seeing a lawyer. He reminds her that he’s a rookie with zero power, but then recalls Trina telling him about needing evidence on Esme. Rory claims he can’t help her, but he knows someone who can. He asks for her phone to give her their number. Esme would rather put the name and number in herself, and Rory asks if she doesn’t trust him? Trina appears and asks what is going on? Esme has the same question.

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Rory explains to Trina that Esme asked for help continuing her work at Spring Ridge, and he offered to give her someone’s number. However, she doesn’t seem to trust him with her phone. Esme decides she’s had enough sun and heads off. Trina asks what’s going on, and Rory says he was trying to put Esme on notice. She thanks him but warns him that Esme is wickedly smart. She doesn’t want him involved, but he says it’s too late.

Trina warns Rory about Esme GH

Spencer arrives at the pool, and Esme runs into his arms. Spencer notes Trina sitting with Rory, and Esme asks Spence what’s wrong? She looks over and sees Trina with Rory and snarks that Trina’s finally moved on from obsessing over Spence.

Spencer annoyed Trina and Rory GH

At the hospital, Michael vents to Sasha that he is to blame if anything is wrong with Willow. Sasha is unclear how it’s his fault. He thinks between the hearing, ELQ, and their postponed trip to Paris that he put her through too much stress.

Michael blames himself GH

In Willow’s exam room, TJ tells Willow that she’s pregnant, which leaves her stunned. He asks, “This is good news, isn’t it?” Willow wasn’t expecting this and asks how far along she is. He tells her about three weeks. She notes she first fainted three months ago, which is why TJ is still waiting on the other tests.

TJ tells Willow she is pregnant GH

TJ finds Michael with Sasha and tells him that Willow needs to see him. Sasha asks TJ if she should stick around. He thinks Willow would enjoy her company a little later. Later, Sasha overhears Dione ordering a pregnancy consult for the patient in Willow’s room. Sasha becomes upset and rushes out in a panic.

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Michael heads in to see Willow. He immediately assumes it’s bad news and swears they’ll get through this together. Willow hopes so because she’s pregnant. Michael is shocked because they’ve been careful, but she says birth control is not foolproof. Michael hugs her, and she asks if this is something he wants. She reminds him the plan was for her to graduate first, and work for a few years, so does he want this baby? Michael is still processing it, but he wants this baby.

Willow tells Michael she's pregnant GH

Michael and Willow embrace, but he pulls away and asks if she wants this baby? Willow does and is already in love with this baby. Michael says he is too. Willow can’t ask for anything more.

Michael questions Willow GH

TJ arrives at Curtis’ place and learns Curtis and Marshall want him to team up with them to help Trina. Marshall makes a call to a musician acquaintance and gets the name and address of someone who can get them a black-market phone. Curtis is impressed and asks for the name, but Marshall says there is no way he’s going without him. TJ says he is in too, and they agree to do this together.

Curtis helps Trina GH

Gladys visits Brando at his garage. She wishes her son would think about moving up in the world, but Brando says he is happy working on cars. Gladys is pondering a change herself and is thinking of quitting her job because BLQ gives her so much grief.

Gladys wants to quit GH

Brando feels quitting her job is a bad idea, and Gladys living with them is a temporary situation. He informs his mom that he and Sasha need space and time alone to grieve and heal. She reminds him Sasha’s way of healing is pills, but he points out Sasha swears she is not back on them. He wonders if this is about his mother wanting to feel needed.

Brando Gladys Mistake

Sasha arrives and outside and overhears Gladys and Brando arguing. Gladys tells Brando maybe it’s time she moves out. Sasha enters and says nobody wants her to move out. Brando asks Sasha about Willow, and if she’s sick. Sasha claims she doesn’t know, but TJ said it wasn’t serious. Gladys decides to head home to heat up a lasagna she made. Sasha gets a call and says she needs to take this, so she suggests they both head home and she’ll meet them there.

Alone, Sasha asks the photo paparazzi why he’s calling her. He wants to cover Sasha’s appearance on the Home & Heart channel, but can’t get clearance. She recalls him offering to get her drugs once, as well as having to say goodbye to Liam. Sasha tells him that she’ll help him if he helps her in return.

Sasha reporter call GH

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