Willow learns she's pregnant GH
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Felicia and Anna have lunch at Kelly’s, and Felicia wants all the details on her date with Valentin. Suddenly, Victor enters and asks Anna and his son Outside, Valentin sees his father inside with Anna and seems upset. He heads in and suggests to his father they grab a table outside, but Victor suggests they join Anna and Felicia. Felicia says, “You know what they say, three is a crowd, four is a nightmare.” Victor says he has somewhere else to be, so Valentin should join Anna and they’ll deal with their business later.

Victor and Valentin crash Anna and Felicia lunch GH

Victor departs, and Anna inquires about Valentin’s business with his father. He says it’s just the same old same old, Victor’s trying to keep all the Cassadines close. Felicia excuses herself to get a refill, and Valentin and Anna chat. Felicia returns as Valentin is asking Anna on a second date, and she quickly wonders what she missed. Anna explains Valentin was just about to tell her about ELQ. Valentin reveals he is still CEO, but no matter how busy he gets, he’ll always make time for her. He gets a text and tells Anna that he’ll have to call her as this is business he can’t ignore.

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Felicia blurts out, “What the hell was that about?” Anna doesn’t know. Felicia asks about the details of their date, so Anna fills her in. Anna says they haven’t ironed out the details of their second date, but she just can’t ignore that something else is going on with Valentin other than ELQ. Anna notes Valentin brings complications with him, namely Victor. She is sure Victor murdered Luke. Felicia agrees but notes Valentin isn’t his father.

Anna knows something is up GH

At the Metro Court Gardens, Drew reveals to Carly that Ned sided with Valentin who is still CEO. Carly asks about the merger, and Drew explains it’s dead. She asks what it means for Aurora? He tells her the stockholders left in droves, and she likely took a big hit.

Drew and Carly talk stocks GH

Drew promises to help Carly and won’t let her lose her house. Carly admits it’s bigger than that and tells him she sold her half of the Metro Court. Drew promises they’ll figure this out, but Carly fears, “What if there is nothing you can do?” Drew says if there is anything he can do to ask, even if it’s to be someone to lean on. She agrees to let him do that as he touches her shoulder.

Carly wiped out GH

Carly’s accountant Reggie soon arrives and meets with her and Drew. Reggie explains she doesn’t have enough capital to buy back her shares of the hotel, and the Stillwater Ventura Group is already looking to sell her half to a buyer. He gives her the bad news that if she can’t show solvency to them, which she can’t, they can sell before the agreed-upon 30 days. Carly realizes she’s going to lose the Metro Court.

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At the pool, Willow faints in Sonny’s arms, and Obrecht springs into action. They lay her down on a lounge chair and elevate her legs. Obrecht notes Willow’s pulse is steady and asks if she hit her head. Sasha reveals she didn’t. Nina gets a glass of juice for Willow as Willow comes to. She doesn’t remember what happened. Obrecht wants her taken to GH to be examined. Willow agrees to go, so Sonny helps her walk out. Sasha leaves with them.

Willow faints at pool GH

Alone, Nina and Obrecht discuss love. Obrecht approves of Nina finding happiness with Sonny and doesn’t understand why she’s not moving ahead. Nina brings up Obrecht turning down Scott’s proposal. Obrecht explains Scott proposed on a whim to apologize for upsetting her, and she deserves better. Nina asks if Scott proposed again under the right circumstances, would she say yes? Obrecht admits Scott is different than Faison and Victor and knows if she runs from her feelings for Scott then she might end up with a narcissistic megalomaniac. Suddenly Victor appears.

Obrecht Nina talk love GH

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia questions Ned as to what caused him to throw away his family’s legacy and side with Valentin. Ned says Drew and Michael asked him to do all the sacrificing when they got everything they wanted. She thinks he should look at the bigger picture and asks if this is worth alienating his family. He has to think about his family, which also includes her, Brook Lynn and Leo.

NEd and Olivia argue GH

Olivia doesn’t care about the company, but she cares about their marriage and he left her out of this decision. She feels that he didn’t trust her. Ned assures her it wasn’t about trust. She asks what it was about then? She thought he had changed for the better, yet he didn’t even think to talk to her about this decision.

Olivia unhappy Ned GH

Out on the porch, Michael speaks with Dex over the phone and asks to meet. He says, “We have to get creative, and Sonny won’t see this coming.” Leo appears and asks, “What is happening with Uncle Sonny?” Michael ends the call and tells the boy that he’s just organizing a surprise for Uncle Sonny. Leo sees his parents inside fighting, and wonders why the family is always fighting. Michael explains their family fights, but they get over it. Michael takes Leo off to help cut some apples for his horse.

Leo overhears Michael GH

Later, Michael gets a call from Sasha, who explains Willow fainted and they are taking her to GH.

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Leo heads into the living room and interrupts Ned and Olivia’s quarrel. They are concerned about him when they see his arm is hurt, and he admits he messed up. He explains he tried to feed Comet but fell off the stool. He didn’t want to bother them to help him because they seemed mad at each other. Ned and Olivia promise him that they will always put him first and that Quartermaines always stick together no matter what.

Olivia and Ned reassure Leo GH

Sonny and Sasha bring Willow into General Hospital, and Epiphany and TJ rush her to an examination room. Sonny tries to keep Sasha calm, but she worries bad things happen here.  Sonny advises her to forget the past and concentrate on helping Willow. Michael arrives and asks where Willow is. He sees his dad and wonders why he’s involved, and if he upset Willow. He declares he doesn’t need this and leaves to find Willow.

In the exam room, TJ questions Willow about any other fainting spells, weakness, or dizziness she’s experienced. She admits she’s been dizzy four times in the past three months, and she thought it was just stress. TJ believes stress could be the trigger, but not the cause, so he’s going to run some tests. Michael arrives, and TJ updates him, then TJ and Epiphany leave them to talk. Willow insists to Michael she is fine, and they embrace. Later Michael leaves to get a blanket for Willow as she looks cold. TJ returns with news on at least one of her tests, which could explain the dizziness. He tells her that she’s pregnant.

TJ Willow hospital GH

Back in the hall, Sonny decides he should leave as Michael has enough to worry about. Sasha assures him that Michael knows Willow was in good hands with him, no matter their troubles. Later, Michael runs into Sasha, and he thanks her for looking after Willow. Sasha explains it was Sonny who caught her, and he was the one who looked after her. Michael is worried that something could be wrong with Willow.

Back at the pool, Obrecht asks Victor what he’s doing here as she thought vampires burst into flames in daylight. Victor has a business meeting that he’s early for and decided to relax. Sonny arrives, and Obrecht suggests Nina go to him.

Victor surprises Nina Obrecht GH

Alone, Victor tells Obrecht that he heard she turned down a proposal from Scott and feels that means there is still hope for them. She assures him there is no chance in the universe they’ll get back together. Victor knows Scott can’t make her happy, insists they belong together and says she’ll always carry a torch for him.

Meanwhile, Sonny fills Nina in on what he knows about Willow, who is resting comfortably. Nina thinks Michael should be grateful to him, but he doesn’t want to talk about Michael. He wants to talk about them, but quickly notes perhaps talk is not the right word. He leans in and they kiss.

In the hotel, Victor arrives at Valentin’s room. Valentin invites him in, saying they couldn’t talk in front of Anna as they can’t let her know about their plans.

Victor meets with Valentin GH

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