Ned named Chairman of Board GH
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At the Quartermaine mansion, Valentin kills the Aurora and ELQ merger after retaining the CEO position. Drew and Michael are livid, so Lucy tries to calm everyone down and says this is just business. Michael asserts this is about blood. He accuses Valentin of turning a second family member against their own and the company and wonders what he offered Ned to betray them.

Michael fumes at Val and NEd GH

Valentin asserts killing the merger is an important and wise move, and then motions to nominate Ned as Chairman of the Board. Ned, Lucy, and Valentin vote in favor, and even Drew votes yes in the spirit of family unity.

Valentin promotes Ned GH

Valentin and Ned shake hands, and Lucy captures the moment on her phone. The Cassadine then adjourns the meeting. Willow thinks there is something they should be able to do, perhaps call Diane, but Ned insists she can’t help. Michael pushes Willow to go to the Metro Court pool and relax as there is bound to be more infighting.

Ned gets promotion GH

Willow departs, and Lucy follows along with Valentin. On his way out, Valentin calls Martin with the news and asks him to promote it in every financial paper from here to Hong Kong.

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Alone, Ned faces Michael and Drew. Ned won’t apologize for his move, because Valentin has done well while in charge, and it’s just business. He reminds Michael and Drew that’s how they pitched it about the merger when offering him the COO job. Michael thinks this was about his pride, but Ned rebuffs that the merger they planned was less about ELQ and more about their own selfish motives.

Drew Michael face off Ned GH

Ned asks them why he should have accepted their glorified figurehead position? Drew responds for the good of the family and claims all Ned cares about is being in control of ELQ. Ned reminds them he gave most of his life to ELQ, but Michael says so has he and it was while Ned was in control they lost ELQ to Valentin. Drew is sure Valentin will screw Ned over, and when that happens, he advises Ned not to come groveling to them for help.

At Kelly’s, BLQ tells Chase he hasn’t said a word since leaving Jordan’s office. Chase sits there stoic, and BLQ assures him that she’s here for him and to talk to her. Chase says he let Jordan down, again, and she is very disappointed in him. Chase explains Linc agreed not to press charges, so she thinks his problems are over. He reveals they are just beginning.

Chase is silent GH

Chase explains his suspension has been extended indefinitely and that he must face the civilian review board to determine if he keeps his job. Brook Lynn swears she’ll go to Linc and fix this, and she’ll sign a contract with him and give him all the songs he wants. He thanks her, but won’t let her do that. He reminds her she has a family meeting to go to, but she doesn’t want to leave him alone. He promises he’ll be okay. BLQ leaves, and outside calls someone for help.

BLQ supports Chase GH

Later, Gregory and Violet arrive and surprise Chase. Chase realizes Brook Lynn called his father. Gregory asks Chase what is going on, while Violet wonders why he’s sad. Chase explains he let people down, people depending on him. Gregory heard he was defending a friend. Violet thinks a donut will make him feel better and she runs off to get him some. Gregory assumes it must be bad if his son is indulging in donuts.

Greg Violet cheer up Chase GH

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Sonny stops by Brando’s garage and has brought in his vintage corvette for Brando to give some tender loving care. Brando points out vintage cars usually take some time, but he’ll do his best. Dex enters and Sonny says, “See Dex, my cousin will make my corvette purr.” Dex responds, “If you say so,” and Brando wonders what that is supposed to mean. Sonny knows they don’t like each other. However, he tells Dex that Brando is family, and informs Brando that Dex is doing a good job. Sonny can’t find his sunglasses, so he sends Dex to check his car for them.

Sonny Dex Brando garage GH

Alone, Brando asks Sonny if he really trusts Dex. Sonny knows that Dex going after Michael was wrong, but Dex is headstrong and he was once like that. Brando asks if things are any better between him and Michael. Sonny admits they are worse and he’s undermining his coffee business. Brando again wants to reach out to Michael for him, but Sonny says Michael made it clear he wants nothing to do with him.

Brando doesn't trust Dex GH

Dex returns with Sonny’s glasses. Sonny has a lunch date to go on, and Dex states he’ll call a rideshare to get home. After Sonny leaves, Dex wants to settle something between him and Brando. Dex knows they got off on the wrong foot and that is on him. He has learned his lesson, and Brando saved him from making a serious mistake with Michael. He asks to hit the reset button. They shake on doing what’s best for Sonny.

BRando Dex call Truce GH

Later, Dex gets call from Michael. Michael explains there has been a setback, so now Dex has his full attention.

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At the Metro Court pool, Nina is shown to a lounge chair by a waiter. Olivia confronts Nina and suggests she get lost because she’s only there to rub things in Carly’s face. Nina reminds her that she spends loads of money entertaining business contacts at the restaurant, and insists she’s having a business meeting today.

Olivia blasts Nina GH

Sasha arrives and explains to Olivia that she invited Nina. Nina thanks Sasha for interjecting, but assures Olivia that she’s not here to make trouble. Sasha asks Olivia to have someone send them ice teas so they can talk. Olivia will but warns Sasha she’d hate to see her become the next person that Nina makes trouble for.

Olivia faces Nina, Sasha pool GH

Nina and Sasha chat. Nina brings Sasha up to speed about almost leaving town, but Sonny convinced her to stay if she hoped to ever be in Wiley’s life.

Willow appears, and Olivia asks her how the meeting went. She suggests Olivia ask Ned about it. Olivia rushes out, and Willow asks the waiter for a lounge chair. Unfortunately, the only one left she’s shown to is next to Sasha and Nina.

Sasha notices Willow looks pale, and she has dark circles under her eyes. Sasha wants her to sit, and Nina offers Willow her chair and to leave. Willow lashes out that she doesn’t want Nina’s pity, and that she’s fine. She explains things didn’t go as planned for Michael today involving ELQ, which is news she’s sure made Nina’s day.

Willow looks sickly GH

Nina questions what happened, and Willow suggests she ask her friend Valentin. Sonny arrives and says, “Ask Valentin what?” Willow doesn’t want to be a go-between for him and Michael, and if Michael doesn’t want to talk to him then it’s not her place to say anything. She becomes irate as everyone tries to calm her down. Suddenly Willow faints, and Sonny manages to catch her.

sonny catches sickly willow GH

At the Metro Court Gardens, Carly meets with Bobbie and Joss and informs them their family’s future is about to be brighter than ever. She reveals the news on the upcoming merger, which will send her stocks skyrocketing. She’s also happy that Drew and Michael will be working together. As they talk, Carly gets a call from her broker but ignores it. She doesn’t want to interrupt their family time and thinks the good news can always wait.

Carly Bobbie Joss news GH

BLQ and Olivia arrive at the Quartermaine mansion and ask what happened and if Valentin got kicked to the curb. Ned reveals he is the new chairman of the board, and Olivia congratulates him. Drew quickly adds, “And Valentin’s righthand man.” Olivia and BLQ are confused, so Michael explains Ned sided to keep Valentin as CEO. BLQ asks about the merger, and Drew informs her that Valentin killed it. Drew gets a message that the word has hit the street and Aurora stocks are tumbling. He rushes out to do damage control.

Michael and Ned argue GH

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Brook Lynn asks her dad how he could do this after blasting her for what she did with her stock, and everything she did to get them back. Olivia says they need to get all the facts before judging Ned. BLQ knows enough to expect Valentin will come out smelling like roses and she storms off. Alone, Olivia asks what in the hell Ned has done.

Back at the Metro Court Gardens, Bobbie heads off, and Carly and Joss continue to talk. Valentin interrupts to comment on their charming mother-daughter moment. Carly thought he’d be off sulking, but Valentin gloats he is planning a huge celebration for his closest friends tonight. Valentin waltzes off, and Carly thinks he seems awfully cheerful for someone who lost their job.

Carly is all smiles GH

Drew later arrives and sees Carly and Joss together. Joss gets a message from Trina to meet, so Carly tells her to go have fun. After Joss takes off, Drew approaches Carly, and she asks how things went. Drew reveals he doesn’t have good news.

Drew has bad news for Carly GH

On the next General Hospital: Drew warns Carly she likely took a hit. Valentin tells someone, “Long time no see.” Olivia thinks Ned is not fully comprehending the consequences of his actions. Anna explains to Felicia something else besides ELQ is going on. Nina smiles at Obrecht and notes it appears her aunt approves of her and Sonny. Michael instructs Dex that it’s time to get creative.

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