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At General Hospital, Brad brings Britt some croissants from Eckert’s. He asks if he’s forgiven even a little bit. She knows he didn’t intentionally set out to make an ass of her, so she forgives him. He promises to… then realizes that was too easy. She admits she has ulterior motives because she has a mystery to talk to someone about. She tells him about finding Cody in the alley beaten up. Brad stops her as he knows what happened.

BRad admits Cody Beatup GH

Brad and Britt go into her office so they can talk privately. Brad explains he only knows some of what happened. He explains Cody was at his aunt’s poker game and won big, and his aunt was furious. Britt asks if his aunt ordered Cody’s beating? And if so, what will she do to him when he screws up? Brad claims Selina only had Cody thrown out of the game.

Britt Brad talk Cody GH

Brad switches the topic to the look between her and Obrect during her intervention and asks if it has anything to do with what’s bothering her. She admits it does. Brad has been waiting for her to talk about this and asks what’s going on. As she’s about to tell him, they are interrupted when Britt gets a call that a patient needs her.

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At Kelly’s, Dante wants to know how Cody showed up on his doorstep with Britt last night. Cody relays he got involved in a poker game to make some fast money and it didn’t go so well. Dante asks if he could identify the people who did this to him, but Cody claims the alley was dark. The detective expected that answer and asks if they could still be after him? Cody thinks it’s possible, which is why he needs to get out of town. Dante still can’t believe Britt helped him because usually, Britt does what’s good for Britt.

Dante grills Cody GH

Cody asks if there is history there. Dante says there is, and it’s not good. Dante brings him up to speed on the Rocco fiasco and says Britt’s been involved in a lot of shady stuff. He tells her that Britt went on the run with her father Faison, a name Cody recognizes. Dante has to go, and Cody tries to get up but is in severe pain. Dante thinks they should go to the hospital, and Cody agrees.

Cody dodges questions GH

Outside of Kelly’s, Chase and BLQ kill time as Chase waits to meet with the commissioner. Brook Lynn asks if he’s going to be fired? He relays it could be a possibility. A look overcomes BLQ’s face, and Chase calls it her plotting face. She notes this is the face that will save everything.

Chase BLQ talk firing GH

Brook Lynn suggests she go to the PCPD and amend her statement and say he saved her from a violent criminal. Chase won’t let her lie for him. Brook Lynn explains she isn’t lying, it’s just that once the shock wore off, she realized she was in fear of being abducted by that predator. Chase thanks her for her offering to do this, but he got himself into this mess and he’ll get himself out of it. Chase gets a call from Jordan’s assistant asking him to come down to the station.

BLQ saves the day GH

Back at the hospital, Britt is shocked to find Dante has brought Cody in. Cody explains he’s more banged up than she thought and asks to be checked out. She points out she’s an OBGYN. Cody chuckles he’s heard, and she looks at Dante and imagines what he’s heard. Dante offers to foot the bill for Cody because he’s eager to leave town. Britt tells him, “Right this way!” and pulls him into an exam room.

Dante brings Cody hospital GH

Meanwhile, Dante speaks with Brad about working for his Aunt Selina and warns him that he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.

In the exam room, Britt examines a shirtless Cody, who explains it hurts to breathe. She decides to send him for an X-ray. Later she tapes him up, and Cody reveals he and Dante were talking about her. He thinks she got a raw deal in life with who her parents are and it’s hard to live up to her dad’s legacy. Britt immediately turns cold, shocking Cody. She tells him to use ice packs for two days and have a good trip.

Britt examines Cody GH

Britt runs into Brad in the hall. He tells her that he is here for her, and whatever is going on that she can count on him. They hug, and she says she knows. She tells Brad after thinking it over, that she is fine, and for now, he needs to focus on his new job.

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Elsewhere, Cody tells Dante that he’s going to be sticking around for a bit, and Dante is happy to hear that. Dante leaves, and Cody then informs Britt that he’s found a reason to stick around Port Charles so he’ll see her around.

In Jordan’s office, Jordan meets with Linc about wanting to press charges against Detective Chase. Jordan points out that a punch thrown in a club usually doesn’t condone charges, and the courts are cracking down on nuisance lawsuits. Linc asks if he drops the charges, then what are his options.

Jordan disagrees pressing charges GH

Later at Kelly’s, Linc runs into Brook Lynn. He reveals he sold one of her songs to a paper towel company. He thinks she could come up with some catchy jingles and they could make money together. Brook Lynn offers to do it if he drops his accusations against Chase. Linc says no deal, and all he cares about is that detective friend of hers losing his job for good.

Linc refuses proposal GH

Chase arrives at Jordan’s office. Jordan is disappointed to find him in this position again. He apologizes for acting in haste, even though he was provoked. Jordan tells Chase that Linc will drop the criminal charges, however, he still wants Chase to lose his job. She notes he can’t seem to keep control of himself, especially when BLQ is involved. Jordan asks why she shouldn’t fire him right now?

Chase meets with Jordan GH

An upset Chase exits Jordan’s office and finds Brook Lynn waiting for him.

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At the Metro Court pool, Olivia and Carly are working on the books. Olivia brings up the ELQ vote today, and she can’t wait until it’s over. Carly is excited about the vote and has a personal stake in it.

Carly hopeful ELQ vote GH

Martin finds Valentin relaxing in a lounge chair and asks if they are here for a business meeting, or poolside R&R. Valentin notes perhaps a bit of both. Valentin thinks a reckoning is coming, and it won’t take long. Martin asks if he got through to Ned?

Valentin Marty talk GH

Meanwhile, Olivia wonders what is going on with Valentin as he looks cocky. Carly thinks he’s bluffing, and not to worry. Carly reveals she is a major shareholder in Aurora and this merger will make her a lot of money. Olivia admits Drew’s plan to merge the company is brilliant. Carly reveals that’s why she sold her half of the Metro Court, to raise the funds to buy the stocks. However, she has 30 days to buy it back from the Stillwater Venture Group, and she will make more than enough after the merger.

Olivia suspicious GH

Valentin admits to Martin that hasn’t spoken to Ned, but he’s not worried as he made it clear Ned is out unless he votes with him. Martin has other news for him and informs Valentin that Laura is determined to have Victor deported on the bases of moral turpitude. Valentin’s phone buzzes and he has to get to the mansion.

Martin victor problems GH

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael talks to Willow about today’s vote as Drew enters. Drew and Michael toast to today, the day everything changes. Drew goes on and on about all the stocks soaring. Ned and Lucy arrive, and Lucy notes Drew, Michael, and Ned standing together must mean times have changed.

The Quartermaine men merger GH

Ned speaks with Lucy, who asks if Valentin is really out. He says if the vote goes that way. Lucy feels the Quartermaines owe Valentin a debt of gratitude, causing Ned to spit out his coffee. He asks what she is thinking? Lucy points out that Valentin got the family united against a common foe, so think about what it would mean if they worked together. However, that won’t happen and once Valentin is out, the infighting that Edward cultivated will begin again amongst the Qs. Lucy gets a call and excuses herself to take it.

Ned Lucy talk Valentin GH

Willow also excuses herself to check on Wiley, only to collapse on the stairs in a dizzy spell. Lucy spots Willow on the steps, but Willow gets up and heads upstairs. Lucy talks to Martin on the phone, and vents that she’s wasting time here because she doesn’t get to vote unless there is a tie.

Willow is Dizy GH

Valentin eventually arrives and suggests they begin this meeting as it won’t take too long. Drew calls to remove Valentin as CEO, and Michael seconds the motion. Valentin states as CEO he has made this company profitable, but this merger with Aurora is dangerous and is only to put Drew Cain in charge.

The vote gets underway, and Drew has the proxies from family members not present to vote yes to removing Valentin. Drew and Michael also vote yes to remove Valentin, and then the vote moves to Ned. Ned votes no, which means between Ned and Valentin who also voted no, Lucy is called in to break the tie. Michael shouts at Ned, “What the hell, this was your idea to force Valentin out!” Lucy votes to keep Valentin, and Valentin remains CEO of ELQ. Valentin announces the next order of business, and that the merger will not happen.

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